February 20, 2013

1. When you're ready to go shopping for a new bed, make sure you're rested and unhurried so you'll really concentrate on what feels best.
2. Shop at stores you know you can trust, such as reputable furniture and department stores or specialty shops known for reliability and service.

3. If possible, take a partner, so you can try out beds together.

4. Wear comfortable clothes you can lie down in without embarrassment and shoes you can remove with ease.

5. Lie down on the bed and stay there for a while.

6. Ask for a pillow and get into your usual sleep position.

7. Roll to the centre and to the edges to see if the support is the same at all points.

8. Stretch out to see if the bed is wide enough and long enough.

9. Set aside any self-consciousness and take plenty of time.

10. Remember, almost any bed will feel comfortable to you for a minute or so, but you have to decide if it will stay that way.

11. Read the literature and display materials.

12. Ask questions. The salesperson should be prepared to help you differentiate between high and low quality construction.

13. What you don't see in a mattress and foundation - the inner construction - determines how long your sleep set will provide optimum support and comfort.

14. Ask the salesperson for a complete description of the materials and workmanship on every bed you try. The best guarantee of good performance for many years is to invest in the highest quality sleep set you can afford.