Be cautious of online penny auction sites, warns BBB
The discounts offered on penny auction sites are tempting, but the Better Business Bureau warns bargain hunters that they should stop and do their research before making their first bid.
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BBB Advises Students to Secure their Electronics
As students prepare to go back to school, BBB reminds parents to talk to their children about ways to keep their many electronic devices and personal information out of the wrong hands.
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BBB advises to do your homework when back-to-school shopping
Whether shopping for new clothes, pens and pencils, or electronic items it’s important to be prepared and have a plan. It will keep you on budget, save you money, and avoid getting stuck with an item yo..
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Why do I Choose Bright Colours?
At the Better Business Bureau, every day we talk to business owners that are struggling on a daily basis. They are either dealing with a difficult customer, or employee. Or they are feeling the impact
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Gold soars but be careful when selling your jewellery, warns BBB
Options to sell gold online, at in-home ‘gold parties’, or through local jewelers continue to gain in popularity, but the BBB would like consumers to think before they try to cash in on the gold rush.
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Growing your business through relationship selling
Networking and relationship selling is the best way to grow your business.
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Take time before hiring a contractor in wake of flood damage, advises BBB
Flooding in Prince George has caused extensive damage. Once it subsides, victims must begin the task of cleaning up. BBB advises homeowners to do their due diligence before hiring a contractor.
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Become a part of the “buzz” at this year’s Better Business Bureau Torch Awards
The Better Business Bureau is calling for applications from ethical businesses, social media entrepreneurs, and green enterprises for its 2011 Torch Awards.
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What to do during the postal stoppage
Whether you’re a business or a consumer, here are some things to be aware of during a postal strike and some actions you can take to protect yourself
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Find a roofer you can trust
The summer season can lead to unscrupulous and unqualified contractors peddling dubious deals. BBB recommends doing your research to avoid getting ripped off by an untrustworthy roofer.
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