Don’t promote your business by slamming your competitors
Back in December 2010, there was increase in telephone calls to me from businesses complaining about their competitors and wanting the BBB to do something about it. It’s happening again!
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BBB Elects New Chairperson and Appoints New Board Members
Better Business Bureau serving mainland BC announces its newest Board of Directors and appoints a new Chairperson.
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Check out debt settlement companies before you pay, warns BBB
With so many Canadians struggling to keep their credit in check, many are turning to debt settlement services for help―without taking steps to check out the company they’re dealing with first.
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BBB Reinvents the Reliability Report
BBB has redeveloped its business reports to provide more information to consumers as well as help Accredited Businesses highlight their products and services.
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Beware of phony invoices, warns BBB
Unauthorized invoices and unordered merchandise continue to show up at places of business across British Columbia due to some misleading telemarketing tactics.
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Fraudulent locksmiths make consumers insecure, warns BBB
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns that some locksmiths advertising online may not be local at all and may not even have professional training.
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Creating Lifelong Customers
Prince George is a tight-knit community. It’s a marketplace where word-of-mouth is critical when it comes to running a successful business. So it was surprising to hear that many people harboured ill-
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Bloom or bust? BBB helps you choose the right florist this Mother’s Day
Flowers are a wonderful way to show your mother how much you care this Mother’s Day, and a florist is just a phone call or click away. But BBB warns that not all florists are created equal.
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Why we Start with Trust
We at the BBB have a project: We need to expand our workspace area and our current lease is expiring this year. The first decision we made was to choose to work with BBB Accredited Businesses. These a
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Creating a marketplace built on trust
A complaint is often the result of a misunderstanding, one that oftentimes becomes emotionally charged. We see this as an opportunity for a business to turn a dissatisfied customer into a lifelong cus
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