It was luck that got me here!
Are you a victim of the impostor syndrome?
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Tell a friend, who will tell a friend
An age old challenge for all businesses is to keep what they have, attract who they want to attract and do it all without losing the farm.
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Get Ripped, Not Ripped Off
Each year, thousands of consumers across B.C. follow through with their New Year’s resolution to get fit by joining a fitness or health club.
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Dealing with negativity in the workplace
One unhappy person in a work environment can create a low performing, highly stressed negative team environment. It does not work in the reverse – one happy person in the workplace does not create a
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What do customers think about your business?
Define the stereotypes about your business and your industry, then design and implement value propositions around them.
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Back to Basics in 2011
All of us should be thinking about our customers – how can we keep our great customers we have now and how can we attract good quality customers tomorrow? How do we compete? How do we stay relevant
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Protect yourself and your debit card from fraud
More and more, Canadians are pulling out their debit cards to make purchases. But even if you’re choosy about which ATMs you use, you can still become a victim of identity thieves who place seamless dev..
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Sell Yourself
Don’t promote your business by slamming your competitors
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BBB warns of phone calls claiming to fix fake computer problem
A phone scam that has plagued the UK and Australia the past couple of years is now making an appearance here in B.C., and the scam artists are using a well-known name to attack vulnerable consumers. Cal..
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Explaining BBB Ratings and Accreditation
The Better Business Bureau often receives inquiries about our ratings system and our accreditation process, both from consumers and businesses. So how does it work?
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