Inquiries & Complaints
Ever wonder how many people check out business reviews with BBB? Or which industries receive the most complaints from consumers? Check out the top-10 inquiry and complaints.
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BBB Announces New Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
The Better Business Bureau serving Mainland British Columbia has announced Bob Vincent of Brighter Mechanical as the new Chairperson for its Board of Directors. Mr. Vincent holds the role as General Man..
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BBB offers advice to find safe child care
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises parents to take plenty of time to find safe, reliable child care that suits their child and schedule
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BBB Announces 2011 Torch Awards Recipients
The Better Business Bureau announced the recipients of the 4th annual Torch Awards, which celebrates the achievements of businesses and individuals accomplishing great things in our community.
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BBB advises business owners to secure their online banking
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Better Business Bureau is advising business owners to protect their identity when using online banking.
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Beware of heating contractors offering fake furnace fixes
Better Business Bureau warns of misleading heating contractors using scare tactics to convince homeowners to buy a new furnace or authorize expensive, but unneeded, repairs to their heating system.
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BBB announces 2011 Torch Award finalists
Better Business Bureau serving Mainland BC announced 2011 Torch Award finalists today.
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Be cautious of online penny auction sites, warns BBB
The discounts offered on penny auction sites are tempting, but the Better Business Bureau warns bargain hunters that they should stop and do their research before making their first bid.
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BBB Advises Students to Secure their Electronics
As students prepare to go back to school, BBB reminds parents to talk to their children about ways to keep their many electronic devices and personal information out of the wrong hands.
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BBB advises to do your homework when back-to-school shopping
Whether shopping for new clothes, pens and pencils, or electronic items it’s important to be prepared and have a plan. It will keep you on budget, save you money, and avoid getting stuck with an item yo..
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