March is Fraud Prevention Month: Recognize it, Report it, Stop it!

March 01, 2013

March is Fraud Prevention Month and this year, March 12 marks “2 Good 2 B True Day” across Canada. This day-long event was created by the Competition Bureau, as chair of the Fraud Prevention Forum, to shed light on fraud and deceptive marketing. As a partner in the Fraud Prevention Forum, Better Business Bureau is pleased to be taking part in “2 Good 2 B True Day”.

As part of 2 Good 2 B True Day, the Competition Bureau has announced its “Top 2 ‘2 Good 2 B True’ Scams”: false online testimonials and “subscription traps” on mobile devices.

False online testimonials are often online comments submitted to a “ratings” website when a business owner or an employee pretends to be an ordinary consumer and contributes a review in support of his or her own business, or unfavourably toward a competing business. False testimonials also include celebrity endorsements which have not been made by the person and contain inaccurate information.

“Subscription traps” on mobile electronic devices happen when mobile device users are tricked into subscribing for a service, unaware that there are recurring fees.

Better Business Bureau endorses the Bureau’s choices for its Top 2 and hopes Canadians become more aware of and report false online testimonials and subscription traps.

The Competition Bureau has a handy reference guide for consumers. The Canadian Edition of the Little Black Book of Scams was launched in 2012, and its online version has now been optimized for a variety of electronic platforms. Best of all, you can downloaded it for free.

More about 2 Good 2 B True Day and Fraud Prevention Month is available on the Competition Bureau’s website, at

E-Data Destruction Day takes-on ID theft issue in BC

To celebrate national Fraud Prevention month, Better Business Bureau will be partnering with Silver Bullet Shredding, the Electronic Recycling Association and RONA to hold a free community event, E-Data Destruction Day on March 16.

Bring your old documents, hard drives, laptop, desktop, disks, CD’s, printers, faxes, telecommunication equipment, cell phones, routers, servers, switches and any other electronic material to our designated drop-off for one-day data wipe or secure destruction.

With identity fraud on the rise according to Javelin Strategy & Research used smart phones, tablets and computers are providing thieves easy access to personal information. In Canada, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reports over $13 million in financial losses to Canadians.

If you are bringing paper to shred, the limit is 4 standard bankers’ boxes or 100 lbs per person. Please note that this event is not intended for businesses to bring their documents for shredding.

WHERE: RONA - 1150 East 3rd St., North Vancouver

WHEN: Saturday March 16th from 10am to 1pm.


Although this community shredding event is free to the public, a barbeque will be held and a portion of food-related proceeds will go to support the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS).

Look out for the BBB Public Service Announcements

Thanks to Community Service partners like the Vehicle Sales Authority, Fix Auto, and Black Brothers Painting & Restorations Ltd, BBB will be getting the message out to stop fraud in the marketplace during this spring. Look for the BBB announcements on Shaw TV and other networks like CNN, A&E and Fox News. We will have information on home improvement fraud, private vehicle selling and online advertising scams.