Etiquette for holiday remodeling

December 04, 2012

The holidays are a time for many to have loved one visiting our homes. And nothing can be more mortifying than having an ugly bathroom, or outdated kitchen when people come into your house to stay. Better Business Bureau offers advice on how to avoid some costly mistakes when doing a holiday renovation.

“Yes, the dreaded house guest can actually have an impact on when you do a major remodel on your home,” says Danielle Primrose, BBB president and CEO for Mainland British Columbia. “The holiday season is a popular time to get things like kitchens and baths done, but we just want consumers to be reasonable with their expectations.”

BBB sees a spike in inquiry activity for kitchens and bath remodeling from November to December each year, with nearly 5,000 inquiries last year at this time. While some homeowners are preparing for guests coming over during the holidays, other couples like to pool their money into one big gift for the home like a new kitchen or bath.

BBB would like to offer the following advice if you considering a holiday remodel:

Find a reliable contractor that can get the work done on time. Check with to look the contractor’s track record or to get an estimate.

Figure out how you and your family can stay out of their way to get the job done. You can always periodically check on the contractor’s progress, but try to keep kids and pets out of the way. Also, clean out the area before the contractor works to help out.

Plan small, not big renos. Consider getting bathtub refinishing, rather than gutting your whole bathroom for a new tub. As long as everything is in good condition, maybe refinishing is all that is needed to clean up a yellow tub. You probably can’t get a whole kitchen done in four weeks, but think of doing smaller jobs, like countertop replacements, or figure out creative ways to dress up existing cabinets.

If you are planning for new floors get a commitment in writing. Think about how extensive the job will be. If the contractor has to tear up existing flooring it may take weeks to get it all done. Laminate flooring can be done over a short time, but always ask the contractor the time frame, and get a firm commitment in writing.

Manage your own expectations Just be reasonable with your contractor during a busy season, and don’t try to accomplish too much just to impress your guests.

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