What do customers think about your business?

December 23, 2010

Do you know what your customers think about your business?

Of the many invigorating conversations I have with our BBB Accredited Businesses, the topic of understanding the stereotypes of what people think about your business—positive or negative—regularly comes up .

I can quickly identify some of the stereotypes about BBB.

Some of the positive stereotypes are “trusted organization”, “information consultant”, “fraud/scam experts”, “recognition of good businesses”.

On the negative side, “government watchdog”, “consumer activist”, “no fun”, “barrier” —you get the picture!  

Once you have determined what your stereotypes are, you then need to develop value propositions around both the positive and negative perceptions.

Disney is the master of defining their stereotypes and then creating value propositions around them.  For example, a stereotype of Disney is that they have long line ups.  How they add value to their customer’s experience dealing with long lineups is to create winding paths that offer constant entertainment.  The pathways are set up and managed so that their customers keep moving and are entertained as the move.  The paths are so windy that people cannot see how long the line is!  Brilliant!

So how does the BBB define some of the value propositions around some of the negative stereotypes?

The most common one is likely “government watchdog”. We continue to educate the general public about the fact that we are not government, but are self-regulated.  Our core mission is to promote ethical businesses in the marketplace to give consumers the ability to choose the right business the first time! 

Consumers who use the BBB to choose the right business save money, save time and save themselves from heartache!  Huge value proposition!

So ask your customers and ask your staff: What are the stereotypes for your type of business and your company in particular. 

Design and implement added value around those perceptions.  You will knock the socks off of your competition!