Back to Basics in 2011

December 16, 2010

As we all wind down to spend a few days with our family and friends over the holidays, many of us are already looking ahead and getting excited about opportunities in 2011.

All of us should be thinking about our customers – how can we keep our great customers we have now and how can we attract good quality customers tomorrow? How do we compete? How do we stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace?

I am going back to basics.

In January 2011, I am going to view our business from the inside out. I need to ensure that I have the right team in place to move forward and ensure that I have the right people in the right positions utilizing their talents effectively.

I am starting with the leaders, which includes me. I have arranged a 360 interview through one of our Accredited Businesses, Max Impact, for our senior management team – a process that engages all of our staff and potentially our Board of Directors in ensuring that we are customer focused, operationally sound and moving in the right direction.

We will be putting our whole team through a model of Disney quality customer service training to sharpen our skills on customer centric planning. And we will be wrapping up a well-thought out strategic plan developed by our BBB Board of Directors, team members and our facilitator, Jouta Performance Group, another of our Accredited Businesses.

With a well-trained team, inspirational and motivated leadership, proactive Board of Directors and engaged customers, 2011 promises to be an exciting and fun year.

January will be a busy month for our team as we focus the microscope on ourselves!

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and fantastic success in finding new opportunities in all aspects of your business!