Acne product’s “free” trial causes another rash of complaints
August 24, 2009

For a second consecutive summer consumers are filing complaints against Striaex, a BC-based online acne product that has a free trial promotion that has some consumers having challenges cancelling the product.

“Striaex has a history of using the ‘free’ trial offer to entice consumers, but in the end, consumers have difficulty cancelling the trial because they either haven’t received the product on time, or have not had enough time to try the product out.” said Lynda Pasacreta, BBB President and CEO. “This is the second go-around with this company, and we are seeing the same pattern of non-response.”

Striaex is based in Vancouver, but largely markets to US citizens. The company has an “F” rating with the BBB, the lowest grade issued. Over the past three years the company received 117 complaints filed against business with the overwhelming majority of the complaints going unresolved.

Several consumers reported collection agencies making contact with them for money owed to Striaex, which totaled in some cases to nearly $300.

The company’s website offers a “free” trial for its Striaex Acne Scar Ointment. On the same website, it states that there is a 30-day, money back guarantee. However, if you click in the guarantee in the fine print it states that it does not apply to the “free” trials.

The “free” trial Striaex is offering is 25-days (including delivery time), however consumers who filed complaints allege the company that the product delivery can take upward of 1-3 weeks, which would make it difficult to receive, try the product and return it within the 25-day timeframe.

Other consumer complaints include the Striaex “Healthy Skin Club.” Consumers allege they were enrolled in the club and charged as part of the initial “free” trial.

Consumers considering trial offers are urged to determine whether they are enrolling in a membership, subscription or service contract that allows the company to charge fees to credit cards.