Does your employee need Internet access? BBB says it could lead to online threats

May 26, 2009
A business owner clicked on a link in a message in her email and three days later, her credit card is maxed-out. Getting to her office, she finds her IT manager waiting for her, pulling his hair out in frustration. The company has been hacked, and it’s got consequences for the owner, her company and anyone who has ever done business with them.

Better Business Bureau would like to warn businesses about web threats and is offering a seminar to give advice on how to prevent it from happening to your business.

“Cyber Security and Your Business: How to Protect Your Customers from Online Threats”, is a BBB presentation by security expert Vaclav Vincalek happening on May 28 in downtown Vancouver. The multimedia presentation will include live blogging.

“Business owners often know that they should build security for online transactions and strengthen their networks, but the reality is that we may be too casual with our staff and their browsing habits,” says Lynda Pasacreta, BBB President and CEO. “We encourage businesses to come out and learn how you can train your staff to reduce online risks.”

Some of the advice for owners covered in the presentation may seem unorthodox and extreme, but an evolving threat demands strong counter-measures. “Why give your employees Internet access?” asks Vaclav Vincalek, President of Pacific Coast Information Systems. “Does it meet your business needs? We need to start challenging assumptions that are endangering our companies and provide solutions that businesses can use right now.”

The presentation will include an overview of the following issues:

* How and why cyber criminals target your business
* The consequences of a web security breach
* How effective network security, web security and identity management tools and practices can protect your business assets and your customers' privacy

The Cyber Security and Your Business presentation happens at 150-900 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, on Thursday, May 28 at 8 am and includes a seminar and Q&A.

To register, call 604.685.7226, Fax 604.681.1544 or Email