BBB brings local businesses to Food Bank for AGM

May 25, 2009

bbb_agm1_182.jpg by  : 2009-05-21Over 50 business leaders gathered at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society on May 13 to go over the financial health of your Better Business Bureau and to contribute to the social well-being of the Greater Vancouver Community.


As part of an event dubbed, “Not Your Typical Annual General Meeting,” the BBB challenged member companies to donate food and monetary donations to the Food Bank in lieu of ticket prices for the AGM.


“We were delighted to see that our companies share in promoting community well-being,” said Lynda Pasacreta, BBB President and CEO. “Economic times are tough for business, but that doesn’t mean we stop caring about those that are less fortunate than us.”


Companies attending the one-day Annual General Meeting donated nearly $2,800 and 25 bags of non-perishable items. This contribution equates to $8,400 to the Food Bank in value.


“We had never held an AGM at our warehouse before, but we thought that this idea could spark greater public awareness to those in need,” said Doug Aason, Director of Community Investment for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. “We are excited about the BBB being the organization to use our space to give businesses an idea of the work we do in their backyard.”


The largest donation came from local shredding company, Silver Bullet Shredding. Bailey Jung, President of Silver Bullet Shredding brought in over $1,100. Jung was elected to be on the BBB Board of Directors on May 13. 
bailey_jung_silver_bullet_shredding_186.jpg by  : 2009-05-21 
Way to go Bailey!
Special thanks goes out to Warren Baxter and Drew Geldart from the Karo Group, (BBB Accredited Business since 1993) who delivered a timely and intelligent presentation on marketing during tough economic times. Check out more AGM event photos here.

National Hunger Awareness Day is on June 2, 2009. To learn more please contact the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society at

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