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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (8)
05/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am the President of Strata Corporation **************************. Although we have paid our management fees without fail for the past few years, the services rendered in the past two years in particular have been very poor to the point of costing financial loss.
We detailed our contentious issues in several email messages to both our property managers (three in the last year) as well as to *************************************************************************************************************** of Pacific Quorum Properties. We did not receive any response.
The issues range from lack of follow up on service requests and constantly having to review financials finding errors and pushing for corrections to those, to a more serious situation involving proper follow up on delinquent maintenance fees over two years. Upon making a change to another Property Management Company towards the end of 2014, we respectfully asked that PQ refund our last two months of management fees. This request has never been acknowledge along with our original correspondence.

Desired Settlement
We are looking for a refund of $1500 representing our last two months of management fees.

Business Response
We regret that the Strata Corporation was dissatisfied with our services. We experienced personnel issues and difficulty retaining property managers primarily due to circumstances well beyond our control (retirement, sickness, moving to another company etc.). We did not institute any unnecessary property manager change for the strata. We appreciate that services provided could have been more efficient; however, we provided the majority of required services (fee collection and deposits, bill payments, financial reports, emergency response as required, communications with owners and trades etc.) through to our final termination date. In addition when we performed above and beyond our contract we did not seek additional compensation. The Strata Council's expectations, in some instances, may have been over-reaching and beyond our scope of work. We reject the claim for management fee reimbursement. If the Strata has out of pocket expenses then we will consider a review and discussion of those expenses, if any. Thank you

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We are disappointed in Pacific Quorum's response to our request for reimbursement of the last two months of property management fees.

After providing the business with a list of deficiencies in service we were surprised to read: "we provided the majority of required services (fee collection and deposits, bill payments, financial reports, emergency response as required, communications with owners and trades etc.) through to our final termination date"

At the very least, the company admits that they did not provide the full services that were expected .. should we have to pay the full management fee for services that were not provided and for those that may have been provided but with serious errors and delays? As far as "communications with owners" I believe that our owners with issues and questions would definitely not agree that their calls or emails were returned in a timely fashion IF at all. This response is not acceptable to us.

Something that stood out about the response received was: "when we performed above and beyond our contract we did not seek additional compensation." We would be interested in knowing what is meant by the statement. When did that happen? As a matter of fact, our contract allowed for property management attendance at a specific number of council meetings and the manager did not show up nor did he or anyone else at the company return our phone calls or written requests in this regard.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************* We do not accept the reasons stated in the response for staff problems - "sickness, moving to another company etc." - again, we paid full fees for poor and incomplete services. Staffing should not be our problem.

We are still looking for a refund of property management fees. As noted in the additional information added to our complaint (discovered very recently) we are out of pocket $675 for the cost of a Lien that was not required. We would like to be reimbursed for this cost.

Thank you.

Final Consumer Response

We were pleased to close our complaint against Pacific Quorum Properties after receiving their final response almost 3 weeks ago. We have, however, not received the monies promised by the business.

Thank you,

Final Business Response
Cheque # **** dated May 21, 2015 and received by your new property management company on May 26, 2015. We are confident that they will confirm same. Thank you

12/16/2014Billing / Collection Issues
03/04/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I recently purchased a property at the *************. Before purchasing, my notary public had asked pacific quorum for estrata. *********** informed my notary public that there may be a elevator levy and asked to hold $1053.46, as well as move in fee and last months strata from seller.

A couple of days later, *********** informs my notary that the elevator levy did not pass and it was ok to return funds. My notary public asked for confirmation and ****** sends an email back that its ok to release the funds. After a month or so, I receive a request by strata that I am owing money for elevator levy. *********** from Pacific quorum promised to look into it and she said she would correct this as it clearly was the seller who was responsible to pay for the levy.

Fast forward 6 months and now I find out that Pacific quorum is no longer working for my strata, and another strata by the name of Quay Pacific property is in charge. They are chasing after me for the elevator upgrade levy of $*******. *********** also informed me that Pacific Quorum also forgot to bill the previous owner for 5 outstanding monthly strata fees.

************ sent a demand letter demanding the following.

5 outstanding monthly strat fees.
5 outstanding late fines for late payment of strata fees. Total amount is $*******
Elevator levy $*******

So in total the amount that ************ is seeking is $*******. *********** has been avoiding me, Her boss never return my calls. I will have to pay the bill and take Pacific Quorum to court.

Desired Settlement
$*******. I can submit the bill and all proof if Pacific Quorum wish to review it.

Business Response
When we turned the strata over to the new management company there was not 5 months strata fees owing by the previous owner - they were current on their strata fees - this is an error on somebody's part - perhaps the complainant has not paid fees since the management transition and owes for that. We will be pleased to provide confirmation upon request.
Regarding the elevator levy the Strata Property Act confirms that an instalment levy is the responsibility of the purchaser - i.e. levy monies due after the sale date are the responsibility of the purchaser. If the complainant had negotiated with the vendor for the vendor to pay the levy then the complainant should be pursuing the vendor.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My notary public inquired if there were any pending levies. ***********, an employee of Pacific Quorum informed my notary public that there may be a pending elevator fee. $*******. This fee was dependant on whether or not the elevator levy passed or not. A couple of days later. *********** informed my notary public that the elevator levy didn't pass. ******, my notary public asked her to confirm via ESTRATA document. Coleen send back an ESTRATA document confirming that it was OK to return funds to seller. *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

I would like to send pdf proof, conversations between my notary public and ***********

Final Business Response
Thank you ********

Our responses to the consumer have been very detailed.

1. There were no arrears when he purchased the unit - if he has some statements

from the new management company that he would like to share with us then we

will be pleased to reconcile them against our records and advise accordingly

2. As the purchaser he is responsible for the payment of the special assessment amount.

We had originally asked for a holdback for the special assessment amount from the sale
proceeds but had no authority to do so which is why we released the holdback. If the consumer
did not negotiate with the seller regarding who was responsible for the payment of the special
assessment amount then the law says that the purchaser (i.e. the consumer) is responsible.

We also have requests to file ongoing responses re this complaint on ***************************************************

Thank you for your assistance.
Vice President - Operations

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Pacific quorum hired ***********, *********** informed there may be an elevator levy. *********** screwed up and said the elevator levy did not pass, when in fact it did. If an employee of pacific quorum released the funds by accident, it is the employers responsibility. It is not buyers responsiblity.

I have complained to the real estate board and they are investigating. I will see how this goes and if it isn't resolved, I will go to small claims court.

11/16/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

*********** works for Pacific Quorum Properties Inc. I talked to him sometimes in ***********. I made arrangements for me to have him meet my *** at ******. My ****** was showing him the property so he could come up with an amount for the rent. My *** also wanted to review the contract for me. Mr. ******* told my *** that he had two individuals that were interested in the property. He asked my ****** if he would sign the agreement I guess to have some indication that he had made contact with my ***. He told my ****** that he would have me sign the agreement the following day. This was on or about ***************.

I had given me my wish list prior to him meeting my ***. No dog due to the strata bylaws, no smoking, professional couple and a few other things.

The ONE year lease was to start ****************. I left for *************! My ****** visited the property on or about ****************** and the tenants belongings were there. The property manager did phone my ****** on or about ****************** asking if the tenant he had found could move in a couple of days early. My *** was surprised because I had mentioned that I was going to move into the unit. He told me that he thought that I had changed my mind.

I had never signed the contract with the rental agency. I considered the issue of the rental agency to be dead in the water and planned to move into my unit. *** knew that!! Mr, ****** had not come to see me so we could finalize the contract. In other words there was/is no contract verbal or written. Things were hectic for me because of ************************************.

So when I returned home I found that the unit had been rented MONTH to MONTH . The alleged tenant had a dog and it was not a professional couple. I'm pointing out how I found the situation when I returned from ********.

I consulted with my lawyer and the *********** because the position that I took was that someone was occupying my unit without a contract. The ****** told me that they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. The ******************* branch told me to start a file. They are backed up to ********** to hear cases, as far as I know. I was backed into a corner. You tell me what I should have done when I returned home and found the unit occupied.

*********** OFFER

Hi ******,
Met with the tenant and explained things to her.
She is proposing to pay a full month's rent for ********* due to her misunderstanding of moving some things in opposed to moving in.
On ***** you would receive $**** rent and $*** security deposit for a total of $****. One year lease signed.
She has confirmed that they no longer have any pets whatsoever. She wants you to know that she has money and she will be taking very good care of the property.
What I can do: I can turn over the tenancy to you and make sure that all of the proper documentation is completed. There will be no charges from Pacific Quorum.
Please let me know if this is acceptable. You have an excellent tenant in place and I believe you will be very happy with her.
*** ******

*** apologized and told me that he had messed up and asked me what he could to to fix this situation. It went beyond messing up in my opinion. I talked to ***'s supervisor she blamed my *** for giving *** the key. Bear in mind that was in late *********** and he knew it was my unit. Mr. ****** was going to see me the day after he talked to my *** and sign papers. ***************************************************************************************************************

Consider the my situation I couldn't move into my unit on October 01, 2015, even though I had given notice.. I had to let the landlady know that I could move out of my unit. She was angry and yelling at me. I did NOT want to accept his offer but there really wasn't another option/

Now they refused to give me the full amount of the offer. This is not a situation where they can pick or choose. It's the whole contract or nothing, as far as I'm concerned.

I now take the position that the deal that was made is null and void and I want PQPI to take steps to have the woman vacate my property, immediately.

Desired Settlement
I want $****** plus the ***** living there should vacate right away.

Business Response
The tenant is moving **************** and has authorized the owner to retain the $*** security deposit to satisfy the outstanding rent. The complainant's desired resolution has been achieved.

10/26/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I presently live at a townhouse complex called the **** in *********** and sit on the strata counsel. We were previously managed by ********************* company until they were acquired by *****************************. a few years ago. Since ************** has stepped in as the property management company we have been plagued with terrible service. Over the course of** year we have gone through * property managers who have provided us with sub standard service.

More recently we had a complaint involving damage caused to our sprinkler system which was raised to ************** who is presently the VP of operations for **************.

The sprinkler system at our townhouse complex typically requires winterizing in ******* before the first frost but unfortunately was not winterized until November last year. After contacting the company who maintains our sprinkler system they advised that they had left several telephone messages as well as email messages with the property manager throughout ******* to schedule a date time to winterize our sprinkler system. This was around the time when ************** apparently terminated their employment agreement with the manager assigned to oversee our complex. Subsequently the sprinkler company was not contacted until mid *************. By that time we had already seen some very cold nights and had our first frost.

When it came time to prepare the sprinkler system in the spring, the sprinkler maintenance company discovered that the back flow preventer was damaged due to water that remained in the sprinkler system before the frost. Clearly as a result of **************s negligence. Had some one at ************** contacted the Sprinkler company and returned the several messages they left the damage would have been prevented.

To make matters worse after discovering that the back flow preventer was damaged we learned that the part that need to be ordered was on back order and could take at least a couple of months to arrive. Meanwhile the plants around our complex were not getting the water they needed during what was a very dry Spring and Summer. It cost the owners of this Strata $**** to replace the back flow and the estimated cost to replace the dead plants is in the range of $****.


The strata management agreement provided by ************** states under point 4. The manage in the performance of its duties herunder shall b. carry out day to day management of the property. under ** emphasis added. HIRE, DISCHARGE, COORDINATE AND SUPERVISE ALL LABOUR, TRADES, AND EMPLOYEES REQUIRED FOR THE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION, WHO SHALL BE IN THE EMPLOY OF, OR ENGAGED BY THE CORPORATION AND NOT THE MANAGER.

Clearly, ************** did not meet it's obligation under the contract. Again, I was appalled by the response from ************** and quite frankly I can't understand why ******* and his organization will not take responsibility for something that is clearly their fault. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
We expect to be reimbursed in full for the cost of the back flow prevent which was $**** plus the cost estimated cost to replace our plants at approximately $****.

Business Response
We have attempted to resolve this complaint. We reaffirm our offer of $******

thank you

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The strata has reviewed Mr. ******'s response and are not satisfied. His response a clear representation of the effort Pacific Quorum takes in addressing customer service concerns. A two sentence response advising he has attempted to resolve this complaint and reaffirms his offer is hardly a response at all.

We would like to know why Mr. ****** has even bothered with offering to pay $****** towards the replacement of the back flow. By only paying for half of the back flow is he suggesting that the Strata is partially responsible for this incident when clearly the damage resulted from their lack of response to the Sprinkler Contractor who had made several attempts to contact the management company in an effort to have the sprinkler system winterized.

We are still looking for Mr. ****** to explain why a preferred insurance rate that ** is able to leverage means that they absolve themselves from the responsibility for reimbursing the strata for this damage. Again as we explained in our initial complaint. ** charges a higher monthly premium than many other property management companies. They proclaim that part of the value in hiring the ** management is preferred rates they are able to negotiate through their scale. Again, we would like Mr. ****** to explain the connection between the preferred insurance rate and **'s responsibility to reimburse the strata for damage that resulted from their own negligence.

Mr. ****** has already suggested that the Strata should have taken steps to mitigate the damage to the plants that will cost us more than $1200 to replace. Again Mr. ****** doesn't address the question raised in our initial complaint. Given ** was responsible for the damaged sprinkler system, why didn't ** take any steps to assist the Strata in preventing any further damage.

Mr. ****** has been advised that we are terminating our contract with ** on ************* and moving to another property management company that takes the time to take care of their customers and operates in an ethical manner. I don't expect Mr. ****** to provide a favourable response to our complaint given the effort put into his last response.

As previously noted in our opening complaint, the strata has every intention of litigating this matter if we do receive a satisfactory resolution.

Final Business Response
The offer to compensate the strata in the amount of $*** is fair and reasonable. The strata is reminded that the management agreement contains an indemnity clause to cover such circumstances and that there is no requirement for any compensation. Notwithstanding the complainant's tone, accusations and threats, our offer of $*** will remain open for acceptance to *************************

03/09/2015Billing / Collection Issues
09/02/2013Problems with Product / Service
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