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9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service6
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

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Complaint Resolution Log (9)
01/04/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On ***** I've called Papa plumbing for a quote on gas leak repair. I was told it should be around $ *** and can be up to $ *** if parts are involved. Technician has arrived next day ***** Friday at noon as per schedule but has quoted me over the phone $*** for gas leak repairs - no parts required. Facing call weekend and no heat in the house I had no choice but to authorize the repair which should have been $ *** as per phone quote. Technician has finished the job in less than an hour and left without checking if our radiant heating is working. upon returing home at 9:30 pm I've realized the heat wasn't working so I called Papa plumbing ask them why teh bill was more than double from the quote heat is not working. I was told by owner that he doesn't know and I've to wait till Monday to get it looked again. He didn't provide any resolution. *****************************************************************************************************************
I felt that their had a duty to assure that the job was finished to full customer satisfaction and working heating system s oi've called back again just after 10 pm planning to leave a meesage ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
I'm seeking a refund of $ *** + tax which was an overcharge from the original quote.

Business Response
Yes that's right..

Is that okay with them?

Operations Manager
Papa Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Ltd
Ph: 604-437-7272 D: 604-781-0186

Consumer Response
The owner of Papa Plumbing & Heating has agreed to settle my dispute for $ ***. I'm still waiting for the payment.

Final Consumer Response
Happy New Year ********,

I've just confirmed that the $*** refund from Papa's Plumbing has been posted on my **** on ************.

Once again thank you for your assistance and I hope your organization continues protecting consumers as you did for me.

Best regards,


06/12/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

1.phoned Monday January 26,2015 Papa Plumbing for blocked drainage left message.No return call.2.phoned Monday January 26,2015 PM said will call back.3.Called back same day gave estimate for drainage $150-$200.Technician will come Tuesday January 27,2015 No Tech came no phone call.4.phoned Wednesday January 28 said lost call will try to come today.5.phoned BBB asked should maybe try some other company.BBB said give one more arrived Wednesday after dark and made arrangements to work onSaturday January arrive 9:30 AM fixed drain at 11:30AM Invoiced $475Paid by Visa but did not sign service authorization.8.phoned office to state bill was excessive and over estimate.said will phone back Monday February 2 when sees return call.9.phoned Tuesday February 3 talked to ***(owner). He said has to talk totech and will call me by next week. no return call10.phoned Monday February 16 talked to ***. He said bill was not excessive and was lower than could be. I told him for 2 hours work was over $225 per hr. and estimate was $150-$200. He said estimate does not matter.Reminded him about 10% discount for finding his ad in BBB mag.He agreed to give me this discount of $47.50 no discount given yet 11/phoned Monday March 2 *** not in for several weeks. told them to have him call me. no return call
Product_Or_Service: unclog storm drain

Desired Settlement
10% discount for ad seen in BBB that was promised.Excessive price of $475 reduced to estimate amount $200 for 2 hourswork unclogging drain.

Business Response
Hi There,

We have settled with Mr ******* by crediting him $100.00 to his VISA.

Thank you,

Assistant to President:***************
Papa Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Ltd

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Not happy with offer but will accept.
Business said BB cannot make them pay.
Has promised to pay before but did not give
10% off as in BB mag ad.
E mail from business to BB states has credited my Visa on April 22,2015.
My Visa account has not received this credit
as of April 27,2015.
Thank you
*** *******

Final Consumer Response
Hi ********
I paid bill via visa on January 31,2015 under protest. Did not sign authorization on bill.
Phoned same day complaining about excessive bill over estimate.
On February 16,2015 owner said he will credit my visa 10% off bill as in BBB mag.
Have not received this credit.
Accepted $100 offer under protest. Business said doesn't have to pay and BBB
cannot force them to pay.

07/25/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Lead up to working with Papa Plumbing
1. During Nov/Dec 2014 The City of *************** replaced the sidewalk in front of ************* In the construction process, they collapsed houses connection to the storm drain.
2. On January 8th 2014 house owners ******************* left the country. ****************** their son, continued to live at the house. The basement was dry at this time.
The flood - working with Papa Plumbing
3. On Saturday January 11th at about 10:00am, **** found the basement flooded from a combination of rain and the rising ground water level. **** phoned and emailed **** about the flood. Both **** and **** felt the source of the problem was related to sidewalk construction.
4. **** phoned **************** our normal plumber, but they were booked for two days.
5. **** found Papa's advertisement in the Yellow Pages which stated, "best rates in town", "emergency service 7 days a week", "10% off any service call", "the company your family can trust". At about 11:00am Saturday, **** phoned Papa and asked for assistance.
6. A Papa Tech (***) arrived at the house around noon, a very quick response and much appreciated. The Papa Tech surveyed the damage and then jack hammered a hole in the concrete landing beside the basement door and installed a temporary sump pump to help drain the water.
7. The Papa Tech quoted **** a price of $3400 for Papa Plumbing to scope the drain and find the source of problem. After **** and **** discussed this in a phone call, both felt this was an exorbitant price and should be checked with the insurance company.
8. When the Papa Tech left the house after about two hours, he presented **** with an invoice, No *****, which states "Emergency back up exposed side door entrance Templer (temporary?) pump install". Cost $799+ tax." A copy of the invoice is attached. This two hour period is confirmed by phone calls and emails between **** and ****. Payment of this invoice was processed by **** on Tuesday, January 14th.
9. On Saturday and Sunday **** made many phone calls to **** and others and one call to ****** indicated they were available on Monday and had scheduled a visit to our house.
10. On Monday when the ****** Tech arrived, **** removed Papa's sump pump and placed it on the back porch. The ****** Tech scoped the blocked drain from where it had been 'exposed by Papa', he located and dug up the blockage site at the sidewalk. The ****** Tech spent 2.5 hours on site and the invoice of $328+ tax was for the same work Papa Plumbing had estimated $3400. A copy of the ****** invoice is attached.
11. While the ****** Tech was working on site, a different Papa Tech (not ***) arrived at the house and stayed for approximately 10 min. That Papa Tech put the sump pump in his truck but did no extra work and especially did not repair the jackhammered drain.
12. When **** asked what was needed to "settle up" the Papa Tech presented **** with a second invoice. Surprised at the cost, **** asked if he really needed to pay the second invoice and Papa Tech told **** that he must pay the invoice. The stress of dealing with the flood, having two plumbers on site, wishing to avoid confrontation and for whatever reason, **** paid the second invoice.
13. The second invoice from Papa Plumbing is similar to the first invoice in that there is no reference to the Papa Tech's arrival time or duration. The second invoice, No *****, states "Repair Drainage sump pump and pump Rental Jack Hammer concrete, Cost $685+ tax." . This invoice describes work Papa Plumbing had done two days earlier. The second payment was also processed by **** on Tuesday, January 14th.
14. The drain jackhammered open by the Papa Tech was not repaired.
15. **** rented a sump pump for four days (Cost $21+ tax per day) until the city crew could reconnect the drain.

Follow up, **** returns to Canada - Discussions with Papa
16. On Tuesday April 1st **** returned to Canada and phoned ********** , President, Papa Plumbing and attempted to resolve the double billing. In this phone call between **** and *** the following points were raised.
a. *** said **** had signed the invoice and paid the bill. He said, "That is it!" **** explained it is not in ****'s nature to be confrontational.
b. *** asked, "Why didn't you call earlier?" **** explained that he was not in Canada.
c. **** opined that the second invoice duplicated the first and that the second, different, Papa Tech did not know the work had already been paid for.
d. *** said it was an emergency and the charges were reasonable.
e. **** described ******'s $328 charge versus Papa's $3400 estimate to scope the drain.
f. **** related ******'s $328 charge for just over two hours' work to Papa's invoices of $799 plus $685 or a total of $1484 for the same amount of work.
g. *** said he would look at it again.
17. As a follow up, on April 1st **** sent a letter to *** describing the situation. Much of what is in this fact sheet is contained in that letter.
a. A copy of the letter was emailed to *********** Operations Manager for Papa Plumbing.
b. *** responded, "Thank You".
18. On April 14th **** again phoned *** and the following points were raised.
a. *** stated that the invoices reflect the work done. **** restated that the second visit was for 10 minutes to pick up the pump; no work was done. The invoice does not reflect this.
b. *** said he had already paid *** and any money would come out of ***'s pocket. **** reminded *** that the second Tech was not ***.
c. *** said he couldn't refund the second invoice. *** asked why **** paid the bill? **** again suggested that **** wanted to avoid a confrontation.
d. *** again said that **** paid the bill, "That is it!"
e. *** offered **** $100 to settle the issue. **** and *** did not agree.
f. **** then asked *** to please provide details of hours, materials and work done to justify the invoices. *** said "OK, will do."
19. On April 25th having heard no response from ***, **** prepared this fact sheet.
a. Since **** first called Papa Plumbing, neither *** nor anyone else from Papa has responded to ****'s phone calls or letters.
b. The details **** requested from *** related to the Papa invoices, have not been provided.
c. It appears assistance will be needed to resolve this dispute.

Desired Settlement
20. Papa Plumbing double billed for work done.
a. The amount of the second invoice $685 + 34.25 ($719.25) should be refunded by Papa.
b. Papa's argument is that "He paid the bill. That's it!"
21. Papa Plumbing charged an excessive amount for the work done in the first invoice.
a. Rather than $799 + $39.95 ($838.95) a more reasonable estimate based on the ****** charges, would be $400 + $20 ($420).
b. Papa should refund the difference, $418.95.
22. Papa claimed repair of the drain (second invoice) they had jack hammered. That damage was not repaired.
a. Repair of the damage they left is estimated at $100.
23. Papa did not respond to enquiries. This required ********* to spend many hours pursuing the claim.
a. At this time, no claim is made for ****** time.

Business Response
We have both invoices signed by the customer with a credit card number.
We are prepared to offer $200.00 credit to the customer.
We have visited the site 3 times to complete the work.
This was all emergency work performed on a Saturday. We saved the house from flooding.
The work has been completed and signed off by the client.

Thank you,
Operations Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Regarding the five points provided by **********a on April 30th
1. Agreed. This was covered in my points #8, #12, #13. The key question is why the Papa Tech attempted to extract the payment for the second invoice when no work was done? As described in #11, the second Papa Tech was not ***, yet the Jan 13th invoice shows the Technicians Name as ***. The second Papa Tech was collecting for work done by *** but he did not know the work was already paid for.
2. The $200 offer does not come close to covering even the duplicate charge of $719.25 let alone our other claims.
3. When was the third visit? We are only aware of two visits on Jan 11th and Jan 13th. As covered in #11, the second visit was for approximately 10 minutes. The jackhammered concrete and the removed drain tiles were not repaired.
4. This statement by Papa Plumbing confirms that all work was done on Saturday, and it supports our claim that the second invoice was double billing for work already completed and paid for. While the house was already flooded, Papa Plumbing did limit the water's depth.
5. As described in my points #11, #12 and #13, the situation was stressful and **** was very anxious and wanted to settle with the Papa Plumbing Tech. He may not have been thinking clearly when signing the invoice. **** signed the "Acceptance of Work Performed" even though it is clear and Papa Plumbing admits no work was done on the date of the invoice, Jan 13th.
SUMMARY - Papa Plumbing's response through the BBB confirms that no work was done to justify the second invoice. This addresses our claim #20 and we feel that should be Papa Plumbing's minimum settlement offer. Papa Plumbing's response fails to address our claims #21, #22, #23.

Final Business Response
We went through our records and have not double billed this client. We attended the site on three separate occasions to complete the job. After it was completed the customer was very happy with the work that we had done. Please have them call our manager to set up a meeting to resolve this matter. ****************

Thank You

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I take issue with the July 03, 2014 statement as not reflecting the dispute or resolution.

While I have decided settle ************************************************************* I am even more convinced that Papa Plumbing double billed for the work done on our property. I continue to feel the charges were excessive and border on extortion.

From my discussions with ***, I now feel it is likely that Papa Plumbing was also scammed by the plumbers they send to our house but we are the people paying the bill. To give Papa Plumbing the benefit of doubt, the result of my complaint may have been different if I had been in the country and complained earlier.

Papa Plumbing continues to claim that we were not double billed, while the information and documentation exchanged makes it clear that double billing did occur. Also there were two site visits not three as Papa's continue to claim. *********************************************************************

Especially irritating is the attitude of Papa's in stating, "After it was completed the customer was very happy with the work that we had done." ************************************** This is NOT TRUE.

Lastly, after agreeing to a cash settlement, the erroneous processing an additional charge of $350 rather than a refund of $350 has added to my frustration with Papa Plumbing. **************************** while **** has acknowledged the false $350 charge they cannot confirm that a $700 refund was processed by Papa Plumbing. I acknowledge getting the faxed receipt for a $700 credit, but based on my dealings with Papa Plumbing to date, I will not consider this case settled until the $700 is confirmed by ****.

02/13/2014Problems with Product / Service
11/27/2013Problems with Product / Service
04/28/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

****, the Papa plumber, surveyed the job to be done, and spoke to the owner *******************and presumably described the job to be done.

The job involved: (1) connecting a sink vent line at one end; tee off a short drain over to the site of the kitchen sink; continue a 2" PBC line along the inside of a false stud wall and over to the bathroom ceiling joist area; jog the line over 5' to line up with the open ended roof vent pipe; pick up a vent line from the shower/sink drain; and, run a short line over to the sink area.;(2)tee off hot and cold water lines to run over to the kitchen sink; tee off 2 sets of lines to the location of the bathroom sink and to the shower distributor valve; run a 6' cold water line to the location of the toilet; and, hook up 4" pipe from the bathroom fan 7' over a vent cover at the side of the house.

I required a ******* inspection on the vent line installation before installation of the shower base.

Two workers spent 1.5 days on the water lines and venting. One worker spent following .5 day on: the shower base installation, adding shut-off valves to the shower distributor valve (as per instructions by *******)and hooked up the bathroom fan. Aside from- about 60' of flex hose and crimp-on fittings, 7 little shut-off valves, 25' of 2" PVC pipe, 6' of 4" tin exhaust line and 2- 4" flex tin elbows, no other hardware or equipment was installed.

I had made it clear that additional plumbing had to be held in abeyance until tiles were installed in both the bathroom and kitchen areas.

The following Monday the owner phoned me and quoted what sounded like $********. The owner claims on 2/9/2016 that the quote was actually for $********. In order to start the job I had put in a 50% down payment which I did using my wife ******* Master Card. The job was started the following day without any paper/invoice to confirm the "contract" being presented by fax, e-mail or by **** the installer.

Desired Settlement
The owner claims that he already gave us an adjustment on the "contract" price when he reduced the bill to *******

I did not hear the owner due to a noisy line which slightly distorted the owners voice, high-pitched ringing in my ears and some background noise in the room. But I know that I mentioned to him that I expected to pay cost-plus for the job anyway.

We discovered actual cost when ***** read her Master Card statement. We expect Papa to be fair and reasonable in this matter.

Business Response
We have had several conversations with Mr *******.
We can offer an additional 10% discount.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I first called Papa Plumbing and received a visit from **** the technician on or about Friday, January 14, 2016. We discussed the work to be done, including: install the vent line for the sinks and shower; connect the shower base to its drain; run water lines to the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower and toilet areas; and, hook up the fan exhaust line to its outlet. FDue to the fact that I am going to tile the floors, the installation of the toilet and two sinks would not be included in this job.
**** called Mr. ****** to discuss the matter. Their discussion was not in English, so I had no idea whether ****'s description of the job was correct.
Mr. ****** called me on Monday, January 18 and arranged for work to begin the next day. Two technicians worked Tuesday and Wednesday. While one technician installed the vent line, the other (****) installed the water lines. Work was completed early on the second day to the point that it had to be inspected by ******* before **** could finish the job.
The ******* inspector appeared on Thursday, January 21. He ordered that shut-off valves be added to each shower line to the diverter valve and that the shower base be hooked up to its drain pipe. No work was done on Friday. **** appeared on Saturday, January 23. He installed two shut-off valves to the shower lines, attached the shower base to its drain, and, installed a 6'-4" tin exhaust line from the bathroom fan to its outside exhaust fixture. **** finished early that day.
There is a problem with ****'s inverter/shut-off valve installation. It is not centered to the shower stall wall so requires different length hoses. In addition, **** soldered a shuut-off to each side of the diverter valve creating a 7" wide unit making it impossible to install into the shower stall wall and apply its hardware inside the stall. In other words, the set-up is completely hay-wire!
When ***** and visited at the Papa Plumbing office on February 9, 2016, we were presented with a copy of the Papa Plumbing invoice #*****. This was the first document that we had seen related to the job. Mr. ****** stated that I had actually agreed over the phone to an $******** contact with 50% down to start. He also stated that he had already applied a $******** discount (25%) which reduced the bill to $********* In other words, Mr. ****** recognized that there was a problem as soon as the job was completed.
The evidence demonstrates that: (1) Mr. failed to e-mail me confirmation of the alleged agreement immediately after the January 18 phone call; (2) There ws no job related paper presented to ***** or me until we appeared at the Papa office and given a copy of the above stated invoice on February 9; (3)It took a total of 22 days for ***** an me to receive any recorded information from Papa Plumbing; (4)There was no detail recorded on the invoice until they were added to the original invoice and e-mailed to me on February 12 by ***; (5) There was no Master Card payment receipt presented to us until we visited the Papa office on Febrary 9; (6) a Papa Plumbing cash receipt, dated January 18, in the amount of $********was attached to the above stated invoice; (7) A second cash receipt, dated January 25, 2016, in the amount of $********, was also attached to the above stated invoice; (8) when Mr. ****** withdrew money from *****'s Master Card account the second time, he knew he had already received enough money to more than cover labour an taxes for the job
The March 10, 2016 ****** offer is ridicules in view of the fact that he already had enough money to cover labour (35-40 hrs) on January 18 and then grabbed another $******** ******************************** Mr. ******, needs to return the money from his last withdrawal!

Final Business Response
The best we can do at this time is a 10% discount as we have spent a considerable amount of time on this job.

04/27/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Jan 13, 2006:
Called Papa Plumbing to ask for assistance with a water leakage problem in my basement. Water was seeping out slowly from the bottom of the South wall into the laundry room of my basement (concrete floor). Tech "*****" and 24yr old "****" (appeared to be an apprentice/labourer) arrived in the early afternoon to investigate the problem. After opening a section of the inside basement wall, "*****" determined that the pipe connected to the main cast iron stack outside was cracked and offered the following solution as he then specified on the invoice: "4"x2" SANI-T LEAKING, MAIN STACK LEAKING JUST INSIDE WALL, NEED TO STRAP STACK, REPLACE DAMAGED SECTION). ***** took a few photos with his cell phone of the inside/outside sections which he forwarded to "***" (the owner of Papa Plumbing). He then called "***" on his cell phone, asked him if he had received the images and briefly discussed the situation. The quote provided to me for this repair was $ 2800. When I asked "*****" why this would be so expensive, he told me that this was a difficult job, that the stack weighed about 300 lbs and had to be strapped and that it would take 2 people all day to perform this repair. I asked to speak to "***" and after some discussion, we settled on a total amount of $ 2500 including the initial visit by "*****" and "****", plus GST. I provided my credit card information and signed the invoice based on *****'s explanation re. the complexity of the problem and "*****" and "***'s" representation of the scope of the work needed, i.e. 2 workers x 8 hours = 16 hours of work time. "*****" and "****" were at my house for approximately 1 hour.

Jan. 14, 2016
After I had called the Papa Plumbing office around 12.30 pm to ask when the workers would arrive, "***" called me around 1 pm to inform me that the techs were on their way and assured me that the repair would be completed by day's end. ********************************************************************************************
1st tech arrived at 1.30 pm and started the repair. 2nd tech arrived at 2 pm and assisted with the repair. "*****" and "****" arrived at some point during the afternoon and stayed for about 30 - 45 min. I did not see them being actively involved in the repair.
At 3.50 pm, 1st tech informed me that the job was completed. 2nd tech left at that point. We tested the new connection and there appeared to be no more leakage. By 4 pm, 1st tech had also left. My 22yr old son who was in the house at that time can attest to that time frame.

Jan 15, 2016
Called "***" to discuss the situation. Informed him that I felt that the sum I had been charged was exorbitant given the actual man hours needed to complete the job, and that I expected to receive a substantial refund of the amount paid including the 10% discount the company advertises in the BBB directory. "***" responded that 4 people had been on this job, that I had agreed to pay the $2500 and that the best he could do was deduct 10% off the invoiced amount. I declined this offer as unacceptable.


Desired Settlement
Instead of the stated 16 man hours, it took the work crew the following time to perform the work:

1st tech: 1.30 pm - 4 pm = 2.5 hours
2nd tech: 2.00 pm - 3.50 pm = 1.83 hours
"*****": maximum of 45 min = 0.75 hours
Total of 5.08 man hours (not counting "****", the apprentice/labourer).

Based on the 5.08 man hours it took to perform the actual repair, I paid close to $ 500 per hour for this repair. I find this completely unacceptable**************************************
- This was not an emergency call;
- My basement was not flooding;
- This was not an after hours or week-end repair;
- There were no inclement weather conditions interfering with the work;
- The complexity of the problem was grossly overstated;
- The scope of the repair needed was grossly misrepresented.

I had agreed to pay the quoted price because I had been informed that it would 16 man hours to perform the work.

Since this work was performed in only 5.08 man hours, I am willing to pay a reasonable amount that reflects the actual scope and complexity of the service provided:

- Initial visit by "*****" and "**** @ $ 95/hr (as stated by receptionist at Papa Plumbing office), plus
- 5.08 hrs @ $150.31 ($2500 minus above $95 = $2406, divided by 16 = $150.31/hr) = $763.58

$95 + $763.58 = $858.58
minus the 10% discount the company advertises in the BBB directory = $772.72

I feel that a charge of $772.72 is a more than adequate price for the total of 5.08 man hours plus the initial 1 hr visit that it actually took to perform the service.

I am therefore seeking a refund from the company in the amount of $1838.64, representing the difference of the amount paid ($2500 plus GST = $2650.00) and the amount I believe is reasonable based on above account($772.72 plus GST = $811.36).

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Business Response
Hi ********,

Please let the customer know:

we have done this job as per contract. Both parties agreed on the work before the job was started.
We have not applied the 10 percent discount, which we will do in the next day or so.

Thank you,


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
None of my concerns were addressed. ********************************************************************************************* I consented to pay $2500 because I was made to believe that this job was so difficult and labour intensive that it would take two techs all day to remedy the situation when, in fact, it took 5 manhours to complete the job.
************************************************************************************* For these reasons, A 10 percent discount is not acceptable.

Final Business Response
This job completed was under contract, both parties agreed to this contract.
We quote based on scope of work not actual hours on site, as time is also spent at suppliers for the job.
We are willing to offer a 20% discount to the customer, which is $ 530.00. If she is in favor, we can credit this right away to her.

Thank you,

Operations Manager
Papa Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Ltd

07/27/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details


Desired Settlement

Business Response
All the credits have been issued.
Operations Manager
Papa Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Ltd

11/01/2013Problems with Product / Service

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