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05/05/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I moved from
********************, with items airing on ******. The night stand was broken, and has since been repaired. Two pictures were extensively damaged, and one was lost. In addition, my grandmothers China plate was broken, and my tv cord was lost. Many boxes were dented and damaged. They have offered to pay for the reframing of the two pictures. The picture they lost was a 25 year old professional photograph , professionally framed shot of my son from
25 years ago ( he was one). This picture cannot be replaced. I do not have negatives. They have offered me $50 dollars for this picture. I am Insulted by that offer. Between the sentimental value, and the value of the professional
Framing, I believe I deserve much more. I said I would accept $300 which I believe is less than I should get. Although my grandmothers China was not an expensive brand, it was in our family for 75 years, and I am being offered 15 dollars for that. This was a very bad experience from
Very reputable company. I even went and got 40% off framing deals to reduce their costs

Desired Settlement
I would like 500 additional dollars for the picture and plate. They have also agreed to pay me back the 40
Dollars for picture boxes **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Business Response
Great Canadian was in the process of settling this claim but the client didn't let us finalize the process and went to *** *** thinking they would receive a more favorable result.
The settlement amount the client was offered was above what she was to receive. ****** went and got re-framing of two pictures without our approval and submitted the receipts. As a good will gesture we advised the client we would pay for the re-framing ($647.73) but she should of only been reimbursed $336.00 based on the insurance she purchased.
As for requesting $500.00 for a framed picture of her son and a plate which the owner packed and we are not responsible for is unreasonable.
As the client indicated the plate is not an expensive brand (you can find it for $7.50 on line) so $15.00 is fair compensation.
The total settlement amount the client would receive from our insurance company would be $608.00 compared to $717.73 which has been offered to her plus the refund for the unused boxes of $40.00.
There has been regular correspondence with the client with no chasing needed (all emails on file if needed). Some claims take longer than others especially if repairs are required which were required for the night stand.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It seems there was a misunderstanding. The lost picture was listed on the invoice as being boxed, which clearly none of my pictures were. The invoice shows three boxed pictures, as apparently the boxes hold more than one picture. The two broken ones, and the missing picture of my son. As a result, since I did pay for it to be boxed, and it was valuable, framed and professionally taken, your offer of 50 dollars is unreasonable. This cannot be replaced. It is a baby picture of my son from 25 years ago. As for the China, I guess sentimental value is meaningless. The fact that they brought the broken pictures into my home without any coverings, shoes a total disrespect for my belongings.

Final Business Response
The picture was picked up, inspected and returned to the client on *********. The client claims there was acrylic on the picture but no traces of it were found.
The picture was inspected and the $50.00 that was offered for compensation was fair as the frame is a wooden frame - spray painted gold. The $500.00 that the client was claiming for the picture was grossly exaggerated.

Final Consumer Response
After 3 months, have received the picture, missing it's acrylic cover and stained. All of my other pictures were returned damaged. They knowingly broke the nightstand leg and hoped I wouldn't notice. They have since fixed it. They have offered me 20 dollars for the stained and dented picture. This company has gone to great lengths to slow this entire process down. They even emailed me to state that my estimate of a professional photo, framed professionally that was irreplaceable was grossly exaggerated. This picture cannot be replaced, and their ******* disregard for my possessions was appalling. The picture is now stained and dented up. They have chosen to wait until the last possible moment to respond due to ****** spitefulness.i want this claim settled, and then will post a review of my experience. Please expedite this process once they decide to respond. Thank you.

09/04/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

we booked the great Canadian van lines for moving from ******* to ******* on ********* and cancelled the next day due to personal reason that we are not moving to *******, we stay in *******, on the day we booked we have to provide the credit card information to them, they charged us for booking and keep the money as non refundable, we advice them we booked and cancel the next day, if we cancel after one month we book which is more reasonable but we cancelled the next day, we sent them so many e-mail, they stated we have to wait after the moving day (which is *********), now is ********, we requested for a refund but they stated this is non refundable. ************************************************

Desired Settlement
we request for a refund

Business Response
This client has been dealing with one of our moving associates since ************** with regards to his estimate, questions regarding his relocation and the transport of his vehicles.
After 8 months of going over the estimate with his moving consultant (can provide emails) ***** decided to book the move on ************. Due to the size of the move a $****** non-refundable deposit was required at time of booking to reserve his spot on the tractor trailer for his pick up ********* which he was advised.
All deposits are non-refundable and are held for one year which clients can use on future moves or moving supplies.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
All moving companies will provide estimate with no charge. yes, great Canadian van line provide free estimate as well. The question is we book on May *****, and cancelled it the next business day, therefore; we are entitle for full refund. If we booked it and cancel it after one week/month then it is more reasonable for non refund. We state very clearly that going forward we will not move out from Ontario. Great Canadian van line has advised us we will get full refund once the moving date has been pass (which is *********), we sent them few e-mail but now they state this is non refundable.

Final Business Response
Here is our response:
When you put a deposit on a purchase the company you are dealing with will advise you that it is non-refundable - in any industry. All our sale people advise clients of this and especially when dealing with a client and their estimate for 8 months they would of know this. Most likely the client moved with another company and got a cheaper price.
The deposit has been refunded back to the client because obviously they don't understand a non-refundable deposit and should be aware of this in the future.

Great Canadian Van Lines

Final Consumer Response

Thank you for all your help, we received $*** refund. We learn an important lesson always ask questions before we provide any credit card information.

Once again Thank you.

05/25/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have a number of complaints regarding Great Canadian Van Lines.


******* the pickup and delivery dates for the move were not honored by the company, and communication with the drivers and the company (and also, it seemed, between the drivers and the company) was very poor or non-existent.

****** false information was presented to us on a few occasions:
1. We were sent by e-mail a link to our final invoice by the company the day before the first part of our shipment arrived at our new residence only to receive an e-mail the next day stating that it was an invoice in "error" (and the invoice link was redirected to a pdf file of our initial moving estimate).
2. Over the phone, when booking the move, we were told that our move would take place with one truck and in one shipment with one load day. The move took two load days and two different trucks.
3. We were told that all items would be "bar coded" for permanent identification, but many items were not even tagged with numerical stickers, and nothing was ever bar coded.

******* to date, the company has been implying that there will not be any compensation for our broken items (of any kind) even though the drivers were aware of some of the damage when offloading our belongings from the truck. The legal reason given for denying compensation is that the tag numbers were not recorded on the moving slips at the time of delivery. We informed the company that the first driver retagged many of the items when he moved part of our shipment into storage, and he could not tell us what he had retagged since only the second driver had the new list. The "old" list was thus partial and very piecemeal. I had written many missing items on the list, since we were not sure what arrived and what did not. Additionally, the inventory list initially created by the first drivers at loading was illegible, and the second driver could not read what was on it. We retained our copies, and the illegible nature is very obvious. Due to our shipment being split in two, the unrecorded numbers and the illegible nature of the inventory lists made it impossible to mark the damages since the items in question were not locatable among the confusion and poor documentation. Furthermore, at delivery, many of the items no longer had tags. The drivers informed us that the tags simply fell off because of the cold. This made locating items on the unreadable list difficult.

****** the company put us in a situation of significant personal inconvenience while displaying a notable lack of professionalism. Upon arrival at our house in ************** to start the move, the driver walked around our house, and the first thing he said was, "All of this has to come apart." He was referring to most of our furniture (bookcases, armoires, dressers, small cabinets, etc.), a lot of which had come from Ikea. We had already taken apart the large furniture that we knew would need to come apart for shipping (i.e., bed frames, dining room table, etc.) and had removed all movable pieces from the bookcases, etc., but we were never informed that we were expected to completely take apart our furniture, even though we declared all furniture at the time of estimate. There was no time to take apart all of the furniture given that the drivers were at our house and starting to load the truck, so we attempted to take apart the two largest armoires. The backboards of both armoires, being nailed to the frames with finishing nails, were impossible to remove intact, so we were forced to break them in order to get the furniture apart. The stress of this even caused my wife to cry, at which point the drivers said they would try to ship the rest of our furniture intact. When he did the initial walkthrough at first pickup, the driver was already concerned there would not be enough room in the truck. Nonetheless, he loaded our belongings into that truck until noon and then asked me to drive him to the nearest vehicle rental facility. After trying ****** (which had none) and then *******, he rented a second truck. Even with the second truck, our belongings did not fit (the move was estimated at 10,374 lbs and the actual tare weight was 12,520 lbs). The company claims that the difference between the estimated and actual weights resulted in the necessity of a split load and the extra truck. However, over 4,000 lbs of our shipment arrived on the second load, making it clear that not even close to enough room existed on the first truck that arrived at our house. The company had made an error. When we asked for an explanation regarding the lack of room on the first truck, we were told by the drivers on the first load day that dispatch had demanded an extra pickup and that the drivers had informed them that this would mean there would not be enough room on the truck. After following up further, we were told by dispatch that the driver made a foolish pickup just prior to ours even though he was instructed not to do so. The drivers then stated that dispatch was lying, and dispatch did not comment further on this. When the second load of our belongings arrived at our new residence in ***********, the second driver noticed that he been left with most of the bulky but light items, and he was openly aggravated with the first driver. We have been in contact with management and various departments, but they claim they cannot contact the drivers to verify our comments. We have waited for over two weeks since submitting the official complaint and have not received resolution. Copies of all correspondence to date are available.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Should you require any further information from me, I would be pleased to provide it.

Desired Settlement
Since many items were damaged such as lamps, furniture, audio speakers, and other items (including several items for which we are unable to submit a claim since we only just discovered the damage recently), we would like to be compensated. Since the departure and arrival date were not honored, we would like food and lodging compensation. Since the drivers used my time (and car) to find rental trucks and could not adequately load the trucks, causing additional anxiety, we would like to be compensated. ****************************************************************************************** I do not know the exact financial amount that would be appropriate under these circumstances but my expectation would be somewhere between $2,000.00 and $2,500.00.

Business Response

Moves are based on the list of goods a client provides at time of the booking and that is the space that is reserved on the truck. The client shipped 20% more than his list provided which caused the truck to fill up and not fit the entire load. Fortunately there was a truck that picked up the balance of the items and delivered them only two days after the contract delivery spread.

We were in the middle of dealing with this clients claim and had not resolved the issues or the compensation.

As for bar coding items - Great Canadian Van Lines does not do this and would not tell a client
they provide this service. The client must be thinking of another company they received a quote from.
Our drivers tag each item with a certain color and tag series. Your tags were red and were lot no. ****** and stated with tag **. Sometimes tags do fall off but you were able to provide GCVL the tag numbers for your items you are claiming.
As for your claim and the amount you are claiming to the BBB they are very different.
The speakers you are claiming were indicated on your inventory sheets as 'packed by owner'. I asked you how they were packed and your stated this in an email dated March 24, 2015:

"The speakers were bubble wrapped and then surrounded by boxes in the shape of the speaker for protection then saran-wrapped from the outside for more stability. The smaller speakers were boxed and labeled with speakers written on it; they were bubble wrapped and saran-wrapped and finally fit in a smaller box." ********************************************
Based on the way these three sets of speakers were packed the damage was not caused during the relocation. It would be impossible for these speakers to have chips on the corners etc. if this is how they we packed and boxed.
Total value of speakers you were claiming $2100.00 which is denied based on owner packed.
The floor lamp did have previous marks and scratches based on the inventory sheets - settlement for the lamp $100.00.
The dining room chair - total settlement $75.00.
$150.00 delay compensation for the two days it took a portion of the shipment to arrive as the majority arrived within the delivery spread.
Total settlement $325.00

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I thank you for your response I would like reply and add a few comments. Why is the weight of the shipment my lone responsibility since I was in conversation with your company over the estimate? We had composed it together and I informed your company of all our contents; in fact we left the washer, dryer and fridge behind and I believe they may have been on the list. If we composed the estimate together I would state we are both at fault here. Secondly, you have not addressed the need for me to pick up another truck (at the drivers request) with the driver (since the larger truck could not navigate the local roads very well). I'm positive the rental company has a record of the transaction since **** had to offer his licence and visa to complete the rental. If you need the address for the company I can provide it. There is no mention of my time in the settlement amount. As well, you have not commented on the dresser. We sent you pictures of which show it was crushed during the move. We can resend the pictures if you need to see them again. This brings be to a few other points. If we have evidence that our dresser was crushed and our lamp damaged as well as a chair broken is it not possible that other items (such as the speakers) could have been damaged as well? The corners were more than scratched (I may have used the incorrect word) they were crushed or split. When they were off loaded they were located on the bottom under the weight of numerous boxes. I witnessed this event when they were delivered. The weight caused some of the damage since it simply transferred though the packaging. Also, you did not address the Ikea furniture we were told to take apart (this caused substantial damage). I can send pictures as well we have not put them back together. This event clause considerable grief to my spouse and I would like an apology (assuming you are responsible for the behaviour and request of your drivers). On a final note you have not addressed (on our claim form) the added weight of items loaded on the truck that were not ours (the external gazebo) which the driver was going to unload and give to us. He stated clearly it was loaded with our property at the warehouse before the scales. Please comment on the above statements, questions and comments. I appreciate the 350.00 compensation since you are taking some of the responsibility. My goal is to make you aware of how few areas you are taking responsibility for and to prevent this from happening to others in the future. This is what the BBB is for; the protection of ourselves and others. I contacted you through the BBB since the individuals in contact with me stated they had a hard time getting a hold of the drivers. This did not inspire confidence after my initial wait. Secondly I had contacted the company owners (managers) numerous times and did not here much back at all. In my experience the longer between conversations the less likely things will happen.

Final Business Response
We take responsibility for our actions and our clients concerns. Most clients do understand that claims do take time to investigate and process and aren't settled in a few days.
The final paperwork for the move has to be turned in from the relocation and this is usually at least a week after delivery of a shipment. All drivers involved are contacted and the drivers are on the road or loading/off loading so this does take time.

The driver was contacted regarding you taking him to pick up another shuttle truck. We have been advised that he was going to unhitch his tractor from the trailer and go down with his crew member to pick up a shuttle truck but the client offered to take him down.
As for Ikea furniture it does have to be taken apart because the majority of it is made of particle board and has to be shipped disassembled - otherwise it would not make it across the country in one piece.
GCVL would like to see the emails advising the client that there would not be any compensation for their broken items. The client went to the BBB before the claim was settled and didn't give GCVL a chance to investigate everything.
Damaged dresser compensation $200.00 and the additional weight (35 lbs stated by the driver) for the gazebo $210.00.
Total compensation of $735.00 to conclude the claim and the driver **** apologizes - **** is one of our top drivers with outstanding customer service skills and without any customer complaints.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

01/08/2014Problems with Product / Service
08/23/2013Problems with Product / Service
11/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Still do not have my items more than a month after supposed delivery date. I have bought a bed.
1. On the initial pick up from storage in Toronto my sofa, bed and armoir were left behind because of 'mould'. No mould seen. Called company and after an initial response of "the driver has the right to refuse any items" they reluctantly agreed to ship if a mould expert would certify that there was no mould.
2. Mould expert ($230 later) is shocked that anyone would think this is mould. Submitted certification letter. Initially refuted mould expert's letter stating that they need 'scientific proof'. After aggravating emails they finally agree to ship.
3. Pick up date rescheduled for June 9th (one month in condo without a sofa). My mother books off day to meet the movers. Finally calls company at about 2pm because they have not showed. They tell her that no move scheduled. After frustrating interaction they arrive at 5:30pm to pick up items.
4. Was told items would arrive today and so booked day of work to receive. Called an hour ago because they had not arrived and told not coming today. *******************************************************

Desired Settlement
Although the money is really not the issue (I would have gladly paid twice the amount to have avoided this hassle), I would like to be reimbursed for the whole move as the company has not fulfilled its obligation of moving my things in a timely manner as promised. This experience has caused me an enormous amount of stress and inconvenience. I chose this company based on their good standing with the BBB and am hugely disappointed. At very least they need to reimburse me for:

1. The mould expert that they required based on the incompetence of their driver (I am suspicious that they refused these larger items because the truck was full). $230
2. One extra month of storage in Toronto that I had to pay for because the items were not picked up. $326

Business Response
First off Great Canadian Van Lines did not receive this complaint that was sent on 06/26/2015 from this client which the BBB was advised by email when the 2nd notice was sent to GCVL.
A mattress, sofa and armoire were refused by the pick up driver due to their condition. The driver stated that items looked very moldy and because they were not wrapped they did not want to transport these pieces which the driver does have the right to refuse any items or any loads. Drivers will do this so other loads are not effected on the truck.
The shipment was picked up by an agent in Toronto and then hauled by a long haul driver so there was not an issue of the items not fitting on the truck.
The driver did take pictures of the items which were then sent to the client **********************************************************
It looks like the storage locker could of had a leak or the items got wet before storing in the facility.
The client had a company go out and see if they could determine if it was in fact mold. They call themselves a mold expert with a certificate but it is actually just a letter with no certificate number. We still aren't 100% sure if it was mold or not but the client wanted the items shipped so we contacted another agent to pick up the items and were aware of the situation.
GCVL agreed to ship the items at no expense of the client saving her over $500.00 (based on the weight of these items 680 lbs) in shipping charges.
The client advised the office staff at GCVL that a new bed was already purchased before this occurred.
The client did receive the items and Great Canadian would like to know if these items are currently being used by the client in her ******* residence?
GCVL takes care of any issues with clients and the reason the shipping of these items took longer was that the client took a few days to respond to GCVL's request to pick them up. We had a driver who would of been able to pick the items up immediately but we did not hear back from ********. We are not sure what the client is claiming for $3263.00 when her entire move only cost $2927.22 and also received over $500.00 of free shipping.
As for a hotel room for a night- the client advised GCVL on June 25th that it was her Aunt that was in town for the night and on June 25th (same day) the client advised the BBB it was her parents.
GCVL can forward any correspondence with the client if the BBB requires.

Consumer Response


20 May, 2015
Re: Contents sored at *************************************************
Please be advised that during visual inspection of the contents stored at this location I did not notice any signs characteristic for mold growth. I checked mattress and sectional (including cushions) and did not find signs of mold there.
Contents stored there is safe to ship in regards to microbial contamination.

11/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I recently (last week) moved from *******************. The following is an overview of that move and the frustrations **************** I had to put up with. I called **************** in ******** to see if they could help me move my house belongings from my home to a ****** van (26 foot) I planned to rent. They agreed that they would send a team of 3 individuals to my home on **********. They (********) gave me the name of ******* ****** as both companies are affiliated with Great Canadian Van Lines, and as such, likely refer each other under these circumstances. I then contacted ************** to see if they could have a team of individuals help me unload at the other end. All was set up until I discovered that the truck I was hoping to rent from ****** was not available on the date I had specified. I was recounting this to one of the employees at ******** and he asked if they could quote on the entire move. I was hesitant, as I had done the math, and knew I could move for about $5,000, including the truck rental, movers and both ends, gas, etc., etc. However, I described my home to the employee and he suggested they could likely move me from ******************* for about $6,500. That seemed quite reasonable to me. He then suggested that they send out an Estimator to look through all the goods we planned to move out to *******. He could be down in 30 minutes. I agreed and their Estimator came over. He indicated that I needed to show him through entire house, garage, back yard to ensure he saw everything I intended to move. By the time he was done, he said he could likely move everything for $7,100. However, he needed to plug all of the information into his Smart Phone as Great Canadian Van Lines has an App which they use to give me a more accurate estimate. After all the information had been entered, he said it would be roughly $7,300. I still thought this was something I would be interested in, as it saved me from driving out myself. He then said he would have to plug all the information into his computer at work to get an even more accurate estimate. Within about an hour - he emailed me an estimate of $7,900 (based on a weight of 8995 pounds). Well, although the number continued to grow - I was still willing to get Great Canadian Van Lines ************************************************ to do all the moving for me. Given the estimate of $7,900 - I agreed to give **************** a payment of $300. The movers arrived, led by Paul ********. Paul works for a trucking company ***************. I believe his trucking company is also affiliated with Great Canadian Van Lines. He and three workers from ********* began to move my belongings from the house to the truck. Before they began - I walked them through the house, denoting which furniture (labelled) needed to go, and which needed to stay. I promised the renters of my ******** home, that I would be leaving certain pieces of furniture. I also brought the workers into my living room, and let them know that the box that was marked in felt marker on the top and two sides "************* - TO GO IN CAR *DO NOT PACK* would be going with me. My wife passed away ************** and I didn't want anything to happen to her ashes. After about an hour of loading up the truck, I happened to make my way back to the living room. The box in question was gone. When I asked Paul if the box could be retrieved, he said it was too late and too much furniture was now in front of the box, and that it would take too long to unload everything. I let that pass, as I assured myself everything would arrive in one piece. At one point, while I happened to be in the garage, one of the movers was taking my pool tarp from the area of the garage that I had designated as staying ***********. I dragged the tarp back, and let all the movers know that the tarp was to stay ************ Several hours later, I noticed that both my daughter's dresser and bedside table (the ones I had mentioned to the movers to leave back *********** as they had not been labelled) were also on the truck. Too late again I was told.
The Estimator - Chris ********************** - had mentioned to me that, for the most part, the move ***** would be predicated on weight. He indicated that it would be wise to keep some of the heavier items off the truck if at all possible. Although he had included my office safe (about 250 pounds), my treadmill (about 250 pounds) and my fridge (about 250 pounds) in his estimate, I thought it best to leave them behind and reduce his estimate significantly. I also took all my kids' weights (200 pounds) in the vehicle with me **********. Given that I had reduced his estimate by at least 750 pounds, I thought the quote would end up being just slightly more than $7,000. This was still $2,000 more than I could have moved it for - but I was still good with this. The movers left our ******** home in the late afternoon on **********. We headed out the door shortly after and made it as far as ****** that night. The following morning, I checked my emails. GCVL had sent me several Bills of Lading. The first email indicated that the weight of my shipment was 13,860 pounds and that I owed $11,452.18. I received another email with a revised weight of 12,760 pounds and that I now owed $10,565.72. I was absolutely shocked! I called Chris (*************) and asked him what was going on. He said he had no idea, and that he had never been this far off on an estimate. I said that I couldn't and wouldn't pay almost $3,000 more than his estimate. Chris was very understanding about me being upset and apologized for being as far off as he was. He did remind my that I was getting great service, and that I was fortunate to have a dedicated truck for my move and that it would likely arrive in ******* on the day that I wanted to move in. I agreed with him that I was fortunate to have the truck in question and that my goods would arrive on the specified date - but that in no way compensated for an overage charge of almost $3,000. His estimate in weight was off by more than a staggering 40%. The only thing Chris said he *********** could do was reduce the cost of the move by $300. I indicated that this was not acceptable and that I would have to take up this issue with someone at GCVL. He suggested I contact ************* - Mark *******. He had just spoken with Mark and said he would be my best bet. I called the office at GCVL and they said Mark was busy. I left my number and waited. I called again about an hour later, and they indicated he was still busy. They suggested I call an hour later. I called an hour later and they said that Mark was out of the office. I left a number of message for Mark on his voicemail, but he never returned any of my calls. As I was driving through the mountains, I didn't get an opportunity to call back to GCVL until the morning **********. This is the day I was moving into my new home **********. I was eventually put on to a woman by the name of Jodi ******* - as she was taking over the case. I explained the situation to her, and she was anything but sympathetic. I understand that her job was to get as much money from me as possible - but she was extremely difficult to deal with. I explained to her that the estimate was so far off from the actual weight. It was her contention that the quote was virtually irrelevant - as I was being charged based on the actual weight. I understood this - but indicated that I NEVER would have agreed to pay them what they were now asking, if they would have come up with an accurate quote. I told her that I had spoken to Chris ****************************, and that he had acknowledged being off with his quote. She told me that that conversation had not occurred. She was adamant that I had never had this conversation with Chris. Aside from essentially calling me a liar - she said I obviously had put more on the truck than what Chris had seen at my house. This was impossible - as Chris saw everything I intended to bring. In fact - I brought less than I showed him. (fridge, safe and treadmill). Any extra items that were packed, were packed in error by the movers. (dresser, tarp and bed side table). After going back and forth on the phone with both Jodi and Chris, I realized I wasn't getting much further. As a matter of fact, Jodi told me if I didn't pay them everything within the hour - they would put everything in storage and I would have to incur all storage charges. After Jodi conferred with Chris, she indicated that GCVL would reduce the total amount by $500. This means I paid a total of $10,070. This was more than $2,000 more than what I had agreed to. This amount was also after I reduced the weight by a good 750 pounds.
Besides the stress created by the movers taking my wife's ashes, and the "sticker shock" of getting a bill for almost $3,000 more than the estimate, I was extremely disappointed with the lack of professionalism at GCVL. I would like to get back the $2,000 I overpaid GCVL. They knew they my wife's ashes and that I would have paid them whatever they asked. Their threat of putting all my goods into storage and begin charging me for said storage was petty and beyond unprofessional.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I don't believe that Chris ******************************** intentionally misled me. He seemed like a genuinely good person. He made a mistake - but unfortunately - it was a mistake for which I had to pay.

Desired Settlement
I am tempted to ask for more than the $2,000 - but would consider this matter closed if they compensate me this amount.

Business Response
This client submitted a review on the BBB site ************************ and his story is completely different than what he has stated regarding his complaint with his relocation.

Can the client please advise why these two different complaints/stories were submitted as they contradict one another.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I spent a considerable amount of time gathering pictures of my move that were indisputable proof of the incompetence displayed by your company. I recounted various phone calls between myself and various employees (affiliates) of your company. I would suggest you spend some time explaining what you mean by your response. I understand that you want this all to go away - but a two sentence response to what was an extremely stressful and extraordinarily unpleasant experience for me and my family is hardly respectful. I understand that obfuscation and going on the offence when you seemingly have no defence is acceptable in certain applications (politics) - but I would suggest attempting to place the blame on the very individuals that pay your respective salaries is not becoming of a company that touts its BBB record. Please take the time to explain in detail what it is you are talking about when you refer to so-called "contradictions". I await your response.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To say the no money was demanded of me is patently false. I was told either pay up or we put all of your furniture in storage (or else). That sounds very much like money was demanded of me. And - as I've indicated repeatedly - there very much is something to dispute other than the weight of the furniture being moved. (I really wish someone at GCVL would read my complaints. But since they seemly do not - I will repeat myself for their benefit). My dispute is that I was given an estimate upon which I made my decision to go with GCVL. Their estimate was egregiously flawed. (Please see previous correspondence for all the details of the estimates, admission of error by estimator, etc.). So - once again - my dispute is not with the weight of the furniture - it is with the estimate I was given. I would NEVER have gone with this company had they given me an accurate (or even semi-accurate) estimate. They were wildly off. And their claim that I someone added thousands of pounds to the truck is beyond fanciful. So - please - if/when you respond - do not repeatedly bring up the weight of the furniture. That is NOT is dispute.

GCVL's primary reason for wanting my complaint removed is the negative customer review submitted ********* and then posted on ******** BBB site. That review, says GCVL, gives "false statements regarding two different companies and the transport of his household belongings". GCVL goes on to say "FOR THIS REASON remove his complaint against GCVL as there is no compensation owing to this client". Well . . . this may be the one time I can see where GCVL is coming from. It would indeed be frustrating for them to have a client write what appear to be contradictory comments on another BBB website. I would submit that, even if this were the case, GCVL has still mislead me, and gave me an estimate that was vastly inaccurate and they owe me the difference between the estimate and what they finally demanded from me in order for me to get my belongings back. However - looking at things from their perspective - it would be bothersome to have these two seemingly contradictory reviews out there. And since this is GCVL's main reason for wanting my complaint removed - they should have no issue with granting me my request for compensation, as the review they have "cut and pasted" from ******** BBB review site is not mine. I had indicated in a previous response that with respect to my correspondence with******* "GCVL has no idea what the back-story on my review of ******". And indeed they don't. I never posted anything on ******** website. GCVL needs to do better research when investigating their clients. I suppose there was another Chris ** who was frustrated with ******, and he (she?) posted a negative experience with U-Haul. I can state categorically that I did not post that review. So now GCVL's claim that I should not be compensated because of this complaint on the ****** website is null and void.

Indeed there was a Chris L. who posted a negative view of 2015-08-04 on the U-Haul site for Mission, BC. Another Chris L. posted a negative review on the North Bay U-Haul site. Another Chris L. who posted a review on the Knoxville TN U-Haul website. A Chris L. who posted on the Midland, ON site. The review GCVL "cut and pasted" is from a Chris L who booked a 17 foot truck. I never booked a 17 foot truck. I can send in my booking with U-Haul if that would be helpful. Neither the truck nor the dates correspond with my request to U-Haul. Yes - I was frustrated with U-Haul - but I did not post anything on their website. So - I would respectfully now ask that GCVL stop their equivocating and compensate me for their errors (not to mention all the incompetence displayed by their movers, driver, etc.). I have been more than patient, and would like GCVL to treat me, their client, with the respect I deserve.

Final Business Response
As all clients are advised at the time of their Estimate is that it is an "Estimate" and charges are based on actual scaled weight. If a client wants to ship more items then they advise their estimator they are shipping then they are charged for it.
For this move it cannot be blamed on the estimator as he did the estimate based on the items shown at the residence by this client. When we compare the items on the estimate to the actual items shipped on the drivers Inventory Forms it is obvious that the client added items - this can't be blamed on the estimator it is an actual fact (more items added equal more weight).
The shipment was not being held hostage as all shipments must be paid in full at time of delivery. If a shipment cannot be paid for then it is taken to storage.
The driver had to get a special permit to haul *********** shipment because he shipped more than was advised to the estimator and wasn't charged for this permit. The additional weight also caused the driver to have to make several stops to fuel up due to the weight of the shipment and not going over the legal limit for hauling requirements and the client wasn't charged for this.
********* received expedited service which he wasn't charged for and received all items in the same condition as they were shipped with no damages.
GCVL has completed this relocation based on the contract and also the investigation into this relocation - there is no further compensation due.

10/14/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The customer service concerns were the following:
1. No communication between myself and the company when changes occurred. I happen to find out changes because I would make an inquiry.
2. When I alerted them of an error (my goods were not being shipped on the date promised), no one looked into it, I was told that the sales department is the sales department and dispatch was separate so I should contact the sales person - who I as told was not at work very much due to an injury but I should still try to reach her to resolve the issue.
3. When I emailed a letter to express my concerns (after emailing and speaking to 3 different people at the company) to the president, he forwarded my concern to customer service and customer service forwarded it to the sales department - to a person who was not in a position to make any decision - she could only communicate what was communicated by managers.
4. It took a long time for the company to admit fault (wrong delivery time) and once they did fair compensation was not given.
5. Even when expressed that the compensation offered was not satisfactory they came back to me 4 days later with the same offer.

Desired Settlement
I would like compensation of at least 30% given the inconvenience and financial burden that this error caused.

Business Response
This client was dealing with her moving consultant and her concerns in regards to her delivery date because when a customer says her moving consultant promised a delivery date nobody can comment on that other than the consultant. We don't promise specific delivery dates once a pick up has been made - it is only once the driver is on the road and has all his pick ups and deliveries scheduled that he will call to advise of a delivery date.
The delivery spread was June 26th to June 29th as the client did not have access to their new residence until after the 26th. The driver was not going to reach New Brunswick by June 29th and the delivery would be July 3rd. The client was offered $300.00 delay compensation as we offer up to $100.00 for each day late not including holidays or Sunday's (but we did include the holiday in the compensation).
This compensation was offered to the client on June 29th and she wasn't satisfied and threatened to complain to the BBB if we didn't offer her fair compensation which was $2000.00 ****************

On June 29th GCVL looked into the cost for the client and her Mother to stay in a hotel in her area and offered her $610.00 which would cover the three nights delayed.
The client is stating she spoke/emailed with several people at GCVL it's because she kept calling in and did not let her moving consultant get back in touch with her.

When ****** sent an email in on June 24th to our Dispatch Dept to check on the delivery date this is the response our Dispatch Department received back from ******:

"July 3rd! That is not acceptable! I was initially told June 22-29, them you guys shipped it out later than I was told and now the delivery was schedule from June 26-29. July 3 is not acceptable- why the delay and who is supposed to pay for my hotel for an extra week! I need to know who to contact to complain. You were useless when I called you"

The client is the one who changed her delivery transit time as I have stated as she could not accept until after June 26th.

The compensation that this client received for 3 days late was more than fair compensation (more **************************************************

Thank you

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Below I wrote my response to the moving companies comments.

1. This client was dealing with her moving consultant and her concerns in regards to her delivery date because when a customer says her moving consultant promised a delivery date nobody can comment on that other than the consultant. We don't promise specific delivery dates once a pick up has been made - it is only once the driver is on the road and has all his pick ups and deliveries scheduled that he will call to advise of a delivery date.

When speaking to the sales representative she told me the goods would be delivered between June 22 and 29th (an exact delivery date was not given - nor did I say that it was). On June 16th I received a bill of landing which indicated that the goods would be delivered between June 26th and 29th. I called the sales representative to get an update of where my goods were at (they were picked up on the 14th). I reached a person in dispatch who confirmed that my goods were still in Winnipeg, leaving on June 19th and would arrive between June 26th and 29th. Therefore two people from the company confirmed the delivery window of June 26th to 29th. In fact the dispatch person repeated this over to me at least 3 times, as I was trying to express my concern at the time that an error was occurring as I was told that the goods would be in transit to NB immediately after pick up. She kept dismissing my concern saying that the good were leaving on June 19th and would arrive between June 26th and 29th.

2. The delivery spread was June 26th to June 29th as the client did not have access to their new residence until after the 26th. The driver was not going to reach New Brunswick by June 29th and the delivery would be July 3rd. The client was offered $300.00 delay compensation as we offer up to $100.00 for each day late not including holidays or Sunday's (but we did include the holiday in the compensation).

When I inquired I was told by the sales representative that the good were leaving Toronto on July 2 and would arrive on July 3rd in NB around 2:00pm. The offer of $100 per day was not offered until I had to speak to 3 people and send a 4 page letter to the owner of the company. It was communicated to me that the reason the good were delivered on July 3rd was because a person in dispatch misread the bill of landing. They confused a note about my car taking 3 1/2 weeks to ship (my car was never shipped) to mean that my goods could take 3 1/2 weeks to ship.

3. This compensation was offered to the client on June 29th and she wasn't satisfied and threatened to complain to the BBB if we didn't offer her fair compensation which was $2000.00 ****************

I did not threaten. What I wrote in my 4 page letter to the owner stated the following "So Mr ********, I hope this outlines my concerns well. I hope that you take this letter seriously and will look at ways of addressing my concerns. I will need to turn to the BBB to help me resolve these concerns if you are unable to do so." When I spoke to the sales person after this letter was sent out, she offered the $300. I told her I did not feel this was fair compensation. She said she would go back to her management team and discuss further. Four days later she contacted me again and said the compensation was $300. I told her that as I indicated in my letter, if given that we are not able to resolve this situation between the two of us, I am left to turn to the BBB for help. At that time she said that that did not have to be the end and asked what I thought would be fair compensation. I told her $2000. She said she would go back to her management team with this. I emailed the head of customer service again outlining how the error that they made had caused both financial and emotional strain and outlined specifics regarding this. She never responded. The email ended with the following statement "As indicated in my letter, given that we cannot come to a resolution on our own, I will turn to the BBB for some help" . No mention of the $2000 was made in the email. The only time I mentioned a compensation of $2000 was when I was asked after I made a statement indicating that I was turning to the BBB for help. I mentioned that I was going to the BBB - not to threaten but to be fair and honest about the next steps that I was taking. The sales representative emailed a few days later saying the compensation would be $610 based on the hotel costs in the area.

4. The client is stating she spoke/emailed with several people at GCVL it's because she kept calling in and did not let her moving consultant get back in touch with her.

This in an incorrect statement. I tried to called the sales representative on June 16th (I dialed the number in her email signature) and someone from dispatch picked up. After a frustrating conversation with dispatch, she told me to call the sales representative again. I emailed the sales rep on June 16th. By June 24th the sales representative had not called or emailed me back. So I contacted dispatch. She sent an email stating the delivery was going to be July 3rd - no acknowledgement that this was late, outside of the delivery window, an apology, a statement about starting an inquiry etc. It was expected that I was just going to accept that the goods would be 5 days late. I was very upset (which is why I sent the email that they quoted). I asked who to contact to complain about this. Dispatch sent my email to customer service who sent the following email "Your email regarding the above registered move have been forwarded to us .
We confirm as per the special notes on your Estimate, the estimated transit time for your goods is 3.5 weeks. However we are pleased to advise your goods will be delivered on July 3rd (2.5 weeks transit time) subject to no unforeseen circumstances or mechanical breakdown. Please be assured you will be the first delivery in New Brunswick."

After receiving this email, I sent another email indicating that the special note was about a car that was not shipped (even if it was, it was not going to be on the same moving truck). Again I asked who I could contact to complain about this. By the end of the day, I did not get a response so I sent a 4 page letter to the owner. The owner forwarded it to the head of customer service, who then forwarded it to the sales rep (the one who still had not gotten back to me since Jun 16th). It was very clear in speaking to the sales rep that she had no "power" or control, I asked in two email who I could speak to to discuss my concerns and also emailed the owner. It is pretty clear that I did not want to speak to the sales rep, I wanted to express my concerns to someone in a position of "power" so that they could hear from me directly. I reached out several times emailing both the head of customer service (who only ever responded by saying that she forwarded my concern to the sales rep) and the owner (whom never responded to any of my emails or my letter).

5. The client is the one who changed her delivery transit time as I have stated as she could not accept until after June 26th. The compensation that this client received for 3 days late was more than fair compensation (more than double).

Again this is a false statement. I accepted the delivery window of June 22 to 29th. However given that I did not take possession of my home until June 26th I made arrangements with the sales representative to have my goods stored if they arrived in NB prior to the possession date. I did not ask for the window to be changed. The sales representative admitted to me that she changed the window. This was not done at my request. If you look at the bill of lading you will see that there is a storage fee estimate - this would not be there if the delivery was to take place after June 26th. The delivery was late due to an error on their end so I don't think I should be penalized or blamed for it. If the truck had broken down, I would be understanding as it that is out of their control. This error happened because their dispatch team read the bill of lading wrong.

I do not find what they are offering as fair compensation - they have caused a huge amount of emotional and financial costs. They took a long time to admit fault and actually stated that they did nothing wrong. They took a long time to get back to me. The only reason I found out the goods were going to be late was because I sent an email. By the time they offered this compensation it no longer made sense to stay in a hotel. I stand firm that I want a discount of 30%.

Final Business Response
The client was responded to in a timely manner and her claim is completed.
To get repair agents to be dispatched for certain items sometimes takes longer and the repairs of the hardwood marks, couch fabric and the assembly of items is completed.
The client was issued a cheque for $56.00 on September 3rd for a broom, dust pan, missing iron clip and a bus box.
Along with the $610.00 the client already received for 3 days late compensation - this claim is completed.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As previously mentioned, I am not satisfied with this response. My original complaint was on poor customer service and briech of contract. Not only did they briech their original contract with the delivery time (which they admits was an error on their part) the customer service that I received then and subsequently is further evidence to support my original complaint. It took 3 months to get compensated from the physical damage that was done during the move. The only reason I got any compensation was due to submitting this complaint and responding with items still not compensated. They have failed to respond to my emails and concerns in a timeline manner and have even blamed and accused me of things that were not true.

01/13/2015Problems with Product / Service

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Movers, Moving & Storage Company, Containerized Freight Service, Movers - Office, Piano & Organ Moving, Storage-Household & Commercial

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