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Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd.

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
11/19/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Our stuff was supposed to be moved in one load, it came in two, we have items missing and broken. Even the stuff they wrapped got broken my dinning room table, one of the dinning room chairs, our lawn tractor had it's front end smashed and popped tire ,our router table had a leg smashed off it , the snowblower lights were squished and now steers funny and countless other damages . The gentlemen who were hired to unload on this end of the had never seen such a disaster of stuff thrown into a truck. They even pointed out item that should of been wrapped that were not and were very embarrassed about the whole situation. When are Argo (avt)finally came a week later it was filthy clearly the staff had been joy riding in it the emergency break is broken the heater ripped off and stuffed under the seat all the tools in the back are missing as well as one of the speakers and it was full of water. All the things i was assured wouldn't happen to it did.

Desired Settlement
Financial reimbursement for damages and acknowledgment that something like this will never happen again . I do understand things do get broken when traveling. But the unauthorized use of our vehicle is inexcusable.

Business Response
This customer has not yet filed a claim with **************** and as such we have not had the opportunity to address this properly. We would like to suggest that the client fill out the claim form as recommended by *** head office on Sept **, 2015. That way we can see if we can settle this for her.

Consumer Response
I have now made my claim I'm sorry for the delay I though ,I had but I must of been on the wrong site. It is November ** 2015, *************** website said they will contact me in 10 days Thank you ************

Final Business Response
This matter is now in the hands of ******************** and they will settle this accordingly.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

08/10/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Boxes packed, many without labelling. The shipment was sent damaged, but the greater concern is that the some of the shipment was destined for a different location. This was communicated to the mover. They did not label many of the boxes and so it is not possible to identify the contents. The receiving movers were surprised by the shipment and unable to do the work.

Multiple correspondence with the Bandstra contact (*****) to ask that they identify the contents. Consistent response: "not my problem." Charged $**,000.00 for damaged goods and improper labelling.

Desired Settlement
Work together to identify the contents of the boxes. The boxes were not properly labelled and not all of them are intended for one apartment. This was clearly communicated throughout the process.

Business Response
Hello ******,

We have resolved the issues outstanding with the customer. Should there be any further complaints, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The issues have been resolved. We still have claims pending for damaged items. So far, they have been working with us amicably.

10/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

To whom it may concern,

I wish to inform you of several incidents regarding my move from Vancouver to Montreal using Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd.

My partner and I met with Ms. ******* ****** of Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd on February 21st 2014 in order to obtain an estimate to move our belongings from Vancouver to Montreal. On February 24th 2014, I received a quotation via e-mail suggesting that the estimated weight of our goods was 2600 lbs (document available upon request). After discussing the matter with Ms. ******* I received an updated quote on March 10th to ship our goods using a container (document available upon request). This second letter maintained an estimated weight of 2600 lbs.

Shortly thereafter, I had a verbal discussion with Ms. ****** regarding the following key subjects:
1- Variations in weight between the estimate and the actual measurement.
2- The security of the container.

I was reassured by Ms. ****** that her estimates rarely vary by more than 10%, and she guaranteed that I could expect no more than a 15% increase from her estimate. I was also explained that our container would remain locked during the entire trip until its arrival in Montreal. Indeed, we were advised that we would witness a container seal number upon closing the container, and that we would be able to attest to the unperturbed nature of our goods by noting the same seal number upon receiving the shipment. My partner and I therefore trusted Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd with the task of transporting our goods to our new home.

I was shocked to discover that our belongings apparently weighed 3660 lbs, despite the disposal of numerous household items prior to moving. I understand that estimating someone's belongings in weight is an imperfect science, but I found it difficult to explain a 1060 lbs difference on an estimate of 2600 lbs. In fact, it corresponds exactly to a 40.77% difference - which is more than double the 15% guarantee that we received.

Furthermore, our goods were not delivered on time. After receiving an initial time frame between June 9th and July 9th 2014, Mr. **** ******* of Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd confirmed to me on June 20th, 2014 that our goods would be delivered to us in Montreal on Monday, June 23rd (document available upon request). We therefore planned our travel itinerary accordingly and flew to Montreal on June 22nd 2014. Unfortunately, our belongings did not arrive until June 30th, 2014 - exactly 7 days after the proposed date, which forced us to find alternative accommodations for an entire week.

However, the worst part of this entire experience was the state in which we received our shipment. First of all, they were not in a sealed container. In fact, they were opened at least twice (container seal record available upon request) which may explain the unfortunate state in which we found our goods.

Inexplicably, a significant portion of our goods, including parts of our bed, desk and couch, were not wrapped or protected (photos available upon request), resulting in significant damage (photos available upon request). This is despite paying a packing fee for this precise purpose. Even more puzzling was the fact that some of the items were completely wet, significantly damaging our desk and ruining numerous books, both for pleasure and for work.

On June 30th, prior to receiving our shipment, I spoke with Mr. ******* ***** of Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd regarding my concerns for the discrepancy in weight and the late arrival of my shipment. He assured me that I would receive reparation and asked me to send him a detailed e-mail regarding the matter. On July 10th, 2014 I sent Mr. ***** a detailed e-mail outlining my request for compensation (document available upon request). Specifically, I asked for reparation for the discrepancy between estimated and actual weights, for the late delivery, the improper usage of the container, the incomplete packing job as well as the damage to our personal belongings for a total amount of $4021.96. This amount accounts for:
* $649.77, to honor for a maximum difference in weight of 15%.
* $572.79, to provide a 10% reduction in cost for delivering our shipment one week after the guaranteed date.
* $120.54, which reimburses the container usage fee as it was opened multiple times during transportation.
* $728.34, which reimburses the packing fee as our goods were improperly packed - and some were even left completely bare!
* $1950.52, which accounts for the damage caused to our belongings.

Mr. ***** forwarded my e-mail to Ms. ****** ******** of ****** *** ***** ******** *** who answered me on July 11th, 2014 (e-mail available upon request). She wrote that she would look into the weight discrepancy between estimated and actual weights and suggested that I should submit a claim to their insurance company for the damage to my goods, but did not offer any form of compensation for all other outstanding issues.

On July 16th, 2014 I replied to Ms. ****** ******** (document available upon request) explaining why my claims were both founded and reasonable. She replied to me on July 17th, and again on July 18th (documents available upon request) suggesting that I needed to file a claim for the damage to my goods, but that specifically no compensation would be provided for my late delivery. My other issues were also left unresolved.

I have therefore decided to file a claim with the BBB.

Desired Settlement
Specifically, I am asking for reparation for the discrepancy between estimated and actual weights, for the late delivery, the improper usage of the container, the incomplete packing job as well as the damage to our personal belongings for a total amount of $4021.96. This amount comprises:
* $649.77, which accounts for the difference in guaranteed and actual weights.
* $572.79, which accounts for the late delivery.
* $120.54, which reimburses the container usage fee.
* $728.34, which reimburses the packing fee.
* $1950.52, which compensates us for the damage caused to our belongings.

Business Response
I would like to address the following concerns outlined by Mr. *****:

1. The weight of 3660 lbs is substantiated by a scale ticket. Another measure of the weight of the shipment is that on average each piece on the inventory weighs 35 lbs. Shipment consisted of 99 pieces at 35 lbs is 3465 lbs. If ******* had guaranteed the move within 10 or 15 percent, it would have been the quote letter.

2. The delivery scheduled was outlined on our quote letter. Delivery was to be between June 18 to July 9, with a preferred date of June 23. The delivery was on June 30, which is within the delivery range. Mr. ***** was kept informed of changes by both ****** from ****** *** ***** and *** from the destination address. Mr. ***** even called ****** to thank him for making the arrangements for June 30. Mr. ***** was also informed by ****** or *** that to facilitate the June 30 delivery, the goods would have to be transferred to a small truck.

Damages: The damages will have to be dealt with through ****** *** ****** Mr. ***** has already been informed to file his claim at *********** Just for information, the packing charge on the bill of lading is for packing the cartons. The loading of the container with the pads is part of the service. If any damages came about by poor loading, this will be dealt with through *** claims.

As an expression of goodwill, we are willing to pay Mr. ***** 500.00 for the trouble he has gone through on his move.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I would like to address the response provided by Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd.

1) No matter how you explain the difference in weight between the quote and the actual shipment weight, it remains a staggering difference. Furthermore, Ms. ****** verbally guaranteed that any difference would not exceed 15% - which it clearly did.

2) Although the tentative delivery schedule was outlined in the quote letter, an e-mail was subsequently sent to me by Mr. ******* on June 20th which clearly stated that the new shipment date was June 23rd. As his e-mail was sent more than 3 months after the quote letter, it unequivocally became the accepted delivery date.

The statement that I was kept "informed of changes" is misleading. After already arriving in Montreal, I was informed by ****** ******* (a local moving company) that my goods were still in Winnipeg and that delivery for June 23rd was impossible. I was then informed that my shipment could only be received in the middle of July. I therefore called Mr. ****** ****** to obtain a quicker shipment date. In no way did I thank him for delivering my goods one week late.


Nevertheless, I would like to thank Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd. for their goodwill gesture; unfortunately $500.00 remains insufficient compensation.

From Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd., I am seeking a total reparation of: $2071.44.

Specifically, this amount comprises:
$649.77, which accounts for the difference in guaranteed and actual weights.
$572.79, which accounts for the late delivery.
$120.54, which reimburses the container usage fee.
$728.34, which reimburses the packing fee - as my goods were improperly packed.

******************************************************************************** However, as a goodwill gesture of my own, I am prepared to accept $1500.00 of reparation.

Final Consumer Response
Hi Mr. ********,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

A refund on my credit card works well.

The transaction date was June 30th, 2014.



Final Business Response
Mr. *****, would you like the $1500.00 refund put back on your credit card? Could you check your credit card statement and see what date you were charged for the move?
Thank you for your patience.
Thanks, ****

10/20/2015Problems with Product / Service
11/16/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

January, 2014 - ************* from Bandstra was hired to pick up two storage lockers of personal items belonging to ourselves, *******************************

January 31, 2014 - Bandsra employees loaded onto the truck the items from the storage facility at ******************************.

February 03, 2014 - Bandstra employees unloaded the contents into two 10'x12' lockers at ******************************************************** We were never given an inventory list of items they picked up, or the condition of the items when they dropped them off. When we contacted ************* at Bandstra to see when they were dropping off the items, we were told they were already finished. We were never given a chance to observe the unloading process or the condition of the items when being unloaded. We were already living in ************* and would have been present at the unloading if we were called.

February 8, 2014 - We went to get some items out of the lockers. The care taker of the lockers told us that Bandstra had trouble fitting the items into the two lockers. It did not make sense to us, since the new lockers were bigger than the old lockers. When we opened up the lockers we found one was stuffed full to the ceiling, and the other was only a quarter full.

On Feb 25, 2014 - We went to the lockers to redistribute the contents more evenly. We found the following damages:
1) The lawn mower in the ********* locker ***************** was missing.

2) The box of brooms shovels etc. shown in the following photo was missing and the contents were strewn randomly in the new locker.

3) Two end tables shown in the destination locker photo to the right have deep scratches because they were negligently tossed on top of metal objects with disregard to their condition.

4) The leather office chair has broken wheels.

5) Totes crushed.

6) Broken boxes with contents all over the locker.

7) They left a box of their garbage in our locker.

8) Missing items: lawn mower and floor jack. Possibly more items may be found missing once we look further into this.

February 25, 2014 - Notified ************* from Bandsra of these damages in an email and received no response.

March 5, 2014 - After contacting ************ of Bandstra, ******* response was:

"After speaking to the Driver************** He has provided a written statement to Bandstra of the Lawnmower/Floor jack in question. Once all goods were inventoried & loaded from the storage lockers in ********* BC on January 31 2014, the driver as he was pulling away blew out an airline on his tractor-trailer unit. He the driver got his tool box out from the back of the trailer, proceeded into fixing the broken airline, then put his tool box into the cab of the tractor unit. As they the driver & crew arrived a short ways down the road at the 7-11 in ********* BC to pick up a coffee, they noticed the one door of the trailer was open. So this is where you will not only find the missing lawnmower as well a floor jack. They retraced there steps, all 3 of them back to the storage lockers in question & could not locate either of the 2 articles. With the rest of your report on items listed below if remembering correctly, you were going to be at the storage lockers upon the unload and were not. Therefore on any & all other damages listed, will not be accepted as you were not present to check off & identify the goods coming off the trailer. The listings the driver took were that of all cartons/totes been identified of 4,5,16. Which on inventory reports of been condition/contents unknown & owners risk of damage. The office chair plastic wheels in question due to the -30 degree weather temperatures were as well identified as broken previous to any movement. The end tables were not identified as scratched on the inventory reports so we Bandstra will e/mail you a claims form for the Lawnmower, floor jack, to be replaced, & the 2 end tables to be fixed by a wood worker in the ************* BC area."

On March 5, my response to ***** and ***** was:
"In response, we were not notified when they arrived in ************* so we could not have been there for the unloading. As for items 4, 5, 16 I am not sure what you meant. I need you to send me a copy of the inventory report so we can check it when we unload the locker. We have not been given one. The items in the locker do not have labels from Bandstra so I cannot see how the list could have been checked. The photo I sent was taken in ********* immediately before we locked up and left town. This photo clearly shows the wheels on the chair were not broken at the time we left it. One thought occurs to me at this point. Why did Bandstra not notify me when the drivers knew they lost articles and could not find them?"

******* report states that the driver drove a short ways from the locker to the 7-11 with the back door open. Actually the distance between these two places is 9 kms and part of the trip is on a rough road. ***** also stated that I was to be present at the unloading and was not. Bandstra did not notify me when they arrived at the storage lockers or when they finished unloading. This is his basis for denying responsibility for any and all other damages.
The movers carelessness damaged our property and the missing lawn mower has us concerned that we may be missing more items. We are unloading the lockers on March 15, so we cannot fully assess the damage until then. We asked several times for a copy of the inventory report and did not receive one.

On March 12, 2014 we submitted: "We are very concerned about the honesty of the people in *************.

There is not even one single sticker or tag on any of our items. Furthermore, there are no stickers even on the floor, assuming they fell off.

As for the issue with the broken chair, our chair was not broken when we left it in ********* as the photos prove. The inventory list looks like the reference to it being broken "wheels 1 A/O" was added later. The writing is significantly darker than the rest.

Another indicator is that the items listings go all the way to the bottom of each of the 5 pages. It is unlikely that the number of items is an exact multiple of 30 filling up the pages perfectly. I believe the remaining pages are being witheld. The known missing items, the lawn mower and floor jack, are likely on the pages that are missing. As described in past emails to you, we have many other items we know are not listed in the pages we received.

In ******* email to me on March 5, he states "after speaking to the driver,************** he has provided a written statement to Bandstra of the Lawn Mower/floor jack in question." The written statement from ***** was back dated February 1, before ***** says he asked for it. Meanwhile, ******* email stated *****'s statement was provided afterwards.

In ******* hand written notes he sates that because we were not present for the unloading, that we cannot justify any further claims. The notes at the top of the Bill of Lading, under the "Delivery to" heading in the "Notify" box states "See ****". Furthermore, my phone number is at the top of that page as well. They were told to phone me upon arrival and did not.

This dishonesty has left us very concerned. Once we unload our belongings we will document as much of the damage and missing items as we can, since we have incomplete lists and no sticker identification. " We were given very little response on these matters.

On April 22, we submitted : "We finally emptied out the rest of our locker and found additional items are missing. Too bad we are now past the deadline. However, we feel that the deadline should be extended several weeks because the ************* Bandstra people refused to give us a copy of the moving report until you intervened several weeks later.

Further to that, I know why they would not cooperate. The attached two pictures are of one page of that report. The broken chair shows up in the report they sent through you. The second is a photo of the original I found buried deep in the locker. The one submitted through you has the broken chair listed as previously broken. The original does not.

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "

Bandstra employees drove away with the back of the truck open and lost many of our items. They rushed us into settling the claim and denied an extension when we realized there were many other items that were not claimed. ******************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement
We have more items to claim since we were not able to unpack our items until after the extension was denied.

We also request verification that the employees directly involved with falsifying the documents be terminated for their ********** activity. *****************************************************************************

Business Response
Anyway, I have turned this file over to our insurance company so that a professional adjuster can deal with ********* As soon as we start be accused of ********** activity that is out of my realm. *********will be contacted by an adjuster.
Thanks, ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They have passed the issue off on an adjuster who we have not heard from yet.

Further, we are concerned ************************************************************************************* that their employees lied repeatedly and tried to cover up the damage and loss. We have pages and pages of evidence of this.

************************************************************************************* the company rushed us into settlement and we believe we have a further claim based on statute of limitations and we are considering pursuing the criminal matters.

Final Business Response
We have a claim from *********but no amounts on it. We will give *********till the December 12 to come up with the figures so we know what we are dealing with.

Thanks, ****

12/17/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues

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