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07/02/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Early move date broke agreement & lack of **************** put my items at risk.This cost me money/money. Refused me my copy of itemized lists.

After arranging my move (contract date May 4-6, 2014), I received an email saying the truck broke down and they would be coming later than agreed (by May 9). I got a phone call May 4 asking if they could come right over since they were nearby. I said I that I wasn't expecting them until the end of the week. They said ok, but that they would come the next day or day after.

Since I still had no idea when to expect them, I emailed the office. ****, *****************, kept telling me that "everything would be fine" even though I expressed my concerns about them coming early, how much extra this would cost me, that I didn't know when to expect them, and that this changed my entire schedule for the week.

When they got to my home May 6 (1.5 hrs late), they told me their truck wouldn't fit on my street and parked around the corner. Because they didn't have a dolly they made a makeshift dolly with a ****** board on wheels. I saw my boxes and bins tumble off this unsteady equipment least 3 times, including once where I was standing beside it and caught some boxes, and a time when I heard a crash and found the contents of a bin spilled out into the street. *********************************** has seen my things fall repeatedly from where he was at the truck and didn't step in.

When I emailed **** to let her know that I was very concerned that I would find many items broken, she kept repeating "everything would be fine." I asked about the lack of proper equipment. She informed me that I should feel lucky; the guys had saved me $600 by using a makeshift dolly instead of having to rent equipment. I contacted several moving companies after to find out if dollies are standard equipment-they absolutely are. I let **** know by email that I was going to have to check every box/bin for broken items because of the circumstances.

On May 12 in *******, they wanted me to pay the full amount up front and I refused, re-stating that I would need to check for damage. After consulting with ******, I was told that I could pay 2/3 of the bill and they would bring in my furniture. I said that my furniture only accounted for a small fraction of what was in the truck and that I wanted the amount that I was paying to reflect that. The ***** was incredibly rude to me, so I called ********, ****. She vacillated back and forth between being rude, fake sweet, and trying to convince me that they were doing me a favour. Eventually she agreed that I would pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 after I had gone through every box. She reiterated that I should feel grateful. I asked what the company would do if I found many broken items as a result of their inadequate equipment, and she told me that she was certain I wouldn't find anything broken if I had done a good job packing, and that a half dozen broken dishes wasn't a big deal anyways. She refused to say how the company would be accountable in the event of broken items.

After many of my items had been brought inside with me checking every single box and bin for damages, I was told I would have to finish the job in the truck under the supervision of ****** the owner. So, while I was on my hands and knees checking for damage, ****** stood staring at me and occasionally belittlingly commenting on my packing job. It was humiliating and unprofessional.

After I paid the balance of my bill by credit card, *****, ***********************, was tasked with making sure that everything that had a number was checked off the list. When there were leftover items, he just checked them off, saying that he was sure they were in the house as everything had been taken off the truck. I said that I couldn't sign that everything was received on my end because he checked off 7-10 items that nobody saw enter the house. When he went out to check with ****** about what he should do about me refusing to sign that my items were accounted for (when they weren't) he was instructed to just take the papers away and refuse to give me a copy.

Desired Settlement
To account for the many hundreds of extra pounds I ended up paying to transport, the measurable stress of dealing with this ************** company, the hours of extra time having to supervise and check every bin and box for damages (including the hours while I just waited around while they took breaks without communicating with me), their ************** to withhold my itemized forms (which has again put many extra hours onto this move for me as I try to figure out what is missing), and the fact that 7-10 of my items were never accounted for, and I can only presume that they have been lost or stolen, I am asking for a 30% refund of my bill. My final bill was $3334.54.

Additionally, I am asking that my itemized sheets be mailed to me so I can figure out what is and isn't accounted for.

Business Response
We are very sorry to hear that Ms. ******* felt it was necessary to file a complaint regarding her move with us which took place on May 6th and May 12th. The men worked very ******* her move and she complimented us on their pleasantness and hard work while they were loading. Her complaint includes her worry over bins falling off the flat carts (dollies which are designed for moving household belongings). They moved her furniture, boxes and bins a distance in the vicinity of 500 feet. Ms. ******* had in excess of 230 boxes and bins and the time involved to dolly and carry this many boxes and bins and furniture was very lengthy. In normal circumstances, when the truck is not able to access a customer's residence, the customer is responsible for the rental of a smaller truck and to pay a shuttle fee in the usual amount of $500. Ms. ******* did not want to pay for a rental truck or the shuttle fee and indicated that it was our problem for us to handle her move, so they did so to the best of their ability with the flat cart dollies. They were not paid anything for this very long carry of a very large household move as Ms. ******* indicated she did not have the money to pay for the truck rental and shuttle.

Ms. ******* indicates that her contract was broken due to an early pickup which is not the case. Ms. ******* was booked for a pickup between the dates of May 4th to 6th although she was sent an email indicating that the men had been delayed due to mechanical problems with the truck and it could be mid-week before they reached her residence and that we would let her know when they would be picking up. Ms. ******* was fine with that as long as everything was done before May 9th as she had arranged a car rental for that day to travel to ***********.

The men did call Ms. ******* on May 4th to see if she was ready for them to come and load her belongings and certainly did not mean to cause her any stress as she was not ready. They delayed her loading day until the 6th of May in accordance with the contract. Ms. ******* was not completely packed when the men arrived and they even helped her pack some things to help her out.

****'s emails to and from Ms. ******* were always understanding and done so that Ms. ******* would not be stressed with her move and regarding broken items due to a few of the bins falling off the dollies. Ms. ******* said she would have to go through every box and bin to check for any breakage because of this and the men had no problem waiting for her to do so at the time of delivery to her home in ******* on May 12th, which was her requested date of delivery.

It is the company's standard practice to be paid in full for a customer's shipment when the men arrive to deliver their belongings and this is clearly stated and part of the terms and conditions of our contracts, Because Ms. ******* refused to pay for the move in full prior to checking her boxes and bins, after discussion, we agreed that Ms. ******* could pay half of the amount until she had gone through every box and bin to determine whether or not there was any breakage. There was no breakage to the contents of over 230 boxes and bins or to her furniture.

Ms. ******* indicates that ****** was very rude to her while she finished checking everything that remained on the trailer, but ****** merely was in attendance and did not speak to Ms. *******.

When ***** was checking off the items on the listings of Ms. ******* belongings, he missed a few items that were actually delivered but were overlooked in the checking off of them. Nothing of Ms. ******* remained on the trailer. Ms. ******* acknowledged on the listings that her belongings were all received in good condition but that some items were not accounted for. In a move the size of Ms. *******, numbers can easily be overlooked but ***** confirmed with Ms. ******* that everything that belonged to her had in fact been delivered. It was our error that Ms. ******* was not given a copy of her listing sheets even though she would not sign off on them. Due to this error on our part, we will certainly mail a copy of her listings, along with a copy of her contract.

We do not feel that it is necessary to refund any part of the cost of Ms. ******* move as it was picked up and delivered on the dates in accordance with the contract, there were no broken items and the move was completed to the best of the men's ability in the circumstances, and it was confirmed by Ms. ******* that everything was delivered in good condition.

Final Business Response
Case No. ***** - ****** *******

Response to *******' Rebuttal of June 12, 2014

We are all very disappointed by the comments made in Ms. *******' reply to our response. We feel this move was done to the best of the men's ability due to a very long carry and there was never at any time any unprofessional or illegal practices involved with this move. At no time were ****** and **** ever rude to Ms. *******.

Ms. *******' pickup was not rescheduled until the end of the week; this is clearly stated in ****'s email of April 30th to her explaining that the truck had been delayed due to a breakdown and that we were not sure when the pickup date would be, that the men would be in touch to arrange it with her. She indicated it had to be done by the 9th of May and was told it had to be before then as they planned to be back in ******* by the 9th or 10th of May.

The men assisted Ms. ******* with her packing only by taping boxes that she hadn't had time to tape herself. They did not do any packing of boxes for her.

When ****** tried to get to Ms. *******' house, it was completely impossible for the tractor trailer to do so. The street was not accessible to a tractor trailer. ****** told Ms. ******* the normal procedure for moving companies is to rent a smaller truck and charge a shuttle fee because her belongings were just too far away from where the tractor trailer had to be parked. During the loading process from Ms. *******' house to the tractor trailer which had to be parked more than 500 feet away, a few bins slid off the dolly and the top of one bin came off and this was the only container that was checked by **** to ensure that nothing was broken. No boxes were opened by *****, **** or ******. The only reason **** apologized to Ms. ******* was because a few of the bins slid off the dolly. Neither ***** nor **** are aware of any damage to any of the bins.

***** made one trip to a corner store to get drinks for the men as it was a very hot day. The men are certainly entitled to take short breaks during the loading process. Ms. ******* was not told that the move would take 3-4 hours - a long distance move takes the time involved to tag and list, to pad the furniture and to load the tractor trailer - there is no set time for this and it is never estimated how long it will take. We are glad that Ms. ******* understands the policy to collect the full amount owing upon arrival of the men for unloading. We were happy to take less than half the payment while she went through every box and bin to ensure there was no breakage and there was not. There was no damage done to any of her belongings and she paid the balance owing for the move. Both **** and ***** are very surprised at Ms. *******' comments that ****** was rude to her as he was not.

Ms. *******' belongings were in their own space on the trailer and all of her belongings were delivered into the house - there was nothing belonging to her left on the trailer. The contract was not broken by merely saying pickup might be delayed. The dates which the contract set out for pickup were from May 4th to 6th. Pickup was in fact done on the date of May 6th. Delivery was done on May 12th, also the date on which delivery was scheduled.

Although we do not feel it is necessary to provide any refund to Ms. ******* as her move was done in accordance with the terms of her contract, in light of good customer relations, we are happy to pay the amount of $200 to Ms. *******.

04/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Movers gave an estimate to move my furniture that it would take 3-4 hrs but took 7 hrs
On march 24 2014 we hired Reasonable trucking to move us from *** Parkland Dr in Clayton Pk to **** South St in downtown Halifax. The estimate was 3-4 hrs. They said they would be at Parkland for 10 am. They arrived at 10:20 am.Everything was packed so they didn't have to do any packing. I was working that morning and when I arrived at Parkland at 11:30 none of the furniture was on the truck just some boxes so we decided unless we helped they were going to be a long time so I told them we were going to help load the truck, so myself, my husband and my sister ended up doing all the moving. We moved all the furniture out(except for the big stuff)and moved all the furniture and boxes into the new place(except the big stuff). We finished at 4:45 pm and we were charged from 10am to 5 pm.
The reason we hired a mover was so we didn't have to do it ourselves. If we didn't help them it wouldn't have been done until probably 7 or 8 pm.
I confronted the owner of the moving co ******************************************. His 2 employees were moving so slow that even people in the parkland bldg noticed. The bill came to $685.00 from 10-5.
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I wanted at least $200 off. The owner of reasonable Trucking argued and said he would not take any money off.
We will never recommend this moving co. We are very dis-satisfied.

Desired Settlement
At least $200 considering we did most of the move ourselves and the co was supposed to start at 10 and didn't arrive until 10:20 and charged us until 5 but we finished at 4:45

Business Response
We are very sorry to have received this complaint from Ms. ********** and, of course, are pleased to respond to the issues raised in her complaint. We would like to point out, firstly, that the usual time involved with a two-bedroom apartment move is in the vicinity of four to six hours and we are wondering why Ms. ********** suggests that we gave an estimate of three to four hours for the move. Ms. ********** has a copy of the moving contract which clearly states that the estimated time was four to six hours. At no time, did we provide any estimate of three to four hours. The time involved for a local move depends on the access to the buildings for the truck and the distance from the apartment building entrance to the apartment itself. The men were twenty minutes late arriving at the apartment building on Parkland Drive as they were not provided with the correct postal code and it took that length of time to find the building. Ms. ********** indicates that none of the furniture was loaded into the truck when she arrived at 11:30 a.m. and this is not surprising at it takes the men some time to pad all of the furniture so that it is well protected during the move. Our men advise us that Ms. **********, her sister and Ms. **********'s husband wanted to help with the loading and unloading to save time for the move and the men had no problem with them helping.. The men worked very hard with this move and the time involved included a long carry of the furniture and belongings at the Parkland address to the truck and an usually long distance from the truck to the apartment on South Street (approximately 300 feet or so) and these long carries, of course, require a lot of extra time than if the access to each of the apartments was very short and straightforward as well as the distance involved from one apartment to another. Ms. ********** mentions that the previous time they moved, the movers had a small truck which required two trips due to the amount of their belongings and we do wonder why they chose our company rather than using the company who moved them previously. We were, of course, very pleased that they chose our company. We are very proud of our membership with the Better Business Bureau and of our excellent rating, having served many, many customers to their complete satisfaction and gratitude over the past several years. Because of Ms. **********'s disappointment with the length of time involved to complete her move and in light of good customer relations, we are happy to refund the amount for a full hour of time plus HST for a total of $97.75.

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