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ET Mechanical Ltd.

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Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service2
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02/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They took weeks to get a part in that did not fix the problem. They charged for both diagnosis and repair but did not fix heat pump.
We called ET in Novemeber because our heat pump was not working. They came and looked at it and charged $111.87 for the diagnosis. They said they would order the part to fix it. We never head back for weeks so kept calling. They finally came and installed a part and charged us an additional $248.60. The same unit failure happened and the technician said he would fix it once he talked to *******. He came back several times to read the codes and look at the unit but never fixed it. I talked to the manager ************* who said they were close to fixing it. Then the technician said it would cost $1200 for a new part. I called a different company who looked at the unit and said it is the fan and will order one it. I emailed and called ***** and ********** but they do not return my calls. I just wanted the $360 back on my ****. We have not had our heat pump for the whole winter and have high heating costs.

Desired Settlement
I would like my $360.47 refunded as they have a guarantee right on the repair slip that satisfaction with the repair is guaranteed or money fully refunded.

Business Response
After speaking with the client on Monday morning, we have agreed to return the total investment. ********************************************* Client satisfaction is paramount with E.T. Mechanical. *****************************************************

All calls have been returned in a timely fashion. We have been open and honest with the development of her system's issues. All directions have been followed under the system manufactures advice.

The client's original repair (which falls under our satisfaction guarantee) entailed the identification of the problem (our service and evaluation fee) - which involved tech work and calling *********************************** to get their recommendation on the repair. Under their and our technician's advice, a sensor was ordered.

The following visit to install the ordered sensor was performed. At that time, another repair was discovered. That is not to say the initial sensor wasn't necessary. But the programming on the computer board had become corrupted - this was under the manufactures advice of the now displaying error code. The board was reprogrammed at no additional charge.

The system ran well after the repair was performed until a few days later. We returned, again at no charge (under the satisfaction guarantee), to check on the system. The programming inputted had been forgotten by the outdoor circuit board. Due to the original installation (not performed by us) the system had been exposed to water from not being placed on a snow stand. Samsung then advised for the systems circuit boards to be replaced. This is the large cost of repair she mentioned - the system is older, and are only available from a single US manufacture.

Throughout the client's repair we have been logical in our resolve. The original repair was necessary, and the secondary problem could only be found after the first was repaired. She wasn't charged for any other the follow up work performed by our company. The solution was found to the developing malfunction - the circuit boards being replaced. Replacing the fan will not solve the problem, we are following the manufactures advice.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have not received my refund yet.

Final Business Response
The check in full was sent out the following day that I spoke with ******. I advised her of the time frame at that time.

10/10/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
03/14/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

In October of 2012 we had a very expensive heat pump installed by E T Mechanical.

The guys doing the job were excellent. As part of that we also joined their monthly maintenance program, which entitled us to a lesser cost when check-ups, etc were done.

We were away in March of 2015, and as everyone knows,it was one of our most brutal snowfall months ever! When we got back home, we noticed we couldn't get the house warm enough to be anywhere near comfortable.

We live on a hill*********************** and the snowstorms had covered one third of the outside unit of the heat pump.

It turned out that it had frozen and busted the coil on the heat pump. So we called E.T. Mechanical.

When the tech came out he dug his way to the unit (but only after getting my agreement that I would pay double the fee).

To get our unit working it had to have the coil replaced.
Since the coil was under warranty our part of the bill would be over $**** for labor.

I then called the maker of the unit in ********, only to have a technical department person tell me that the installer should have followed guidelines that said the unit was to be installed 24 to 36 inches above the average snowline.
It was installed 18 inches above the ground, not the average
snowline. Subsequently we had a frozen unit.
Instead of the installer, E.T. Mechanical taking some responsibility,
it insisted that we pay the full labor charge, which we did. On top of that, they are insisting we also pay the double amount of the service call.


Desired Settlement
In fairness, I would like to see the double charge service call charges dropped. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Business Response
On March 5 the service technician attended the clients home and began the process of identifying the issue with the ducted heat pump. The initial finding was that the client had failed to maintain the unit as prescribed . As with any air to air heat pump snow needs to be kept clear of the unit in order to allow it to breath and to effectively go thru the defrost process. The client had failed to make arrangements to clear the snow away from the heat pump during time away the month of March 2015 and as records will show the area in question had significant snowfall during this period.
The prescribed installation for the equipment as noted in the installation manual does not include any mandated height of installation, nor any reference to it. We followed the industry standard and installed the unit on a Snow Stand which allowed approximately 17 inches of clearance to the ground. The snow has to be cleared away regularly to allow for moisture to drain from the unit as it goes thru the defrost process. Inevitably if snow is not cleared away it will cause the moisture to freeze and eventually the unit will become frozen and cause damage to the unit.
As evidence in this case not clearing the snow regularly as prescribed can damage the equipment. This damage is from neglect not from anything to do with the install. While we are sympathetic which was reflected in the pricing and in the accommodation in billing and services provided we do not accept any fault.

05/21/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

We feel we were overcharged for the service provided by the company.
Company led us to believe the problem with our heat-pump would take 4 hours to repair and we would be charged $695+ tax for the job. When they came it took no more than two hours, total, from the time they came until service man was gone. We had a one line statement as to what they did. When we asked for a itemized statement,they did comply.
We found items on the statement to be questionable.Such as travel time 45 mins. to and from site. We feel time would take no more than 20 mins. Ordering and obtaining parts, 1 hr. Obtaining warranty information 45mins.(we went on-line and had it in 15 mins.).Follow up and customer post re-pair(ie. preparing/signing invoice, collecting payment,discussing repair)-25 mins. 15 at the most. And the list goes on.
We never saw the old part or the new. Than they said in the itemized statement it really should have cost us $847.
We feel we were overcharged and were led to believe it was a major repair, which it obviously wasn't do to the short time repairman was here.If needed itemized statement may be forwarded by fax. Thank you for your consideration.

Desired Settlement
We believe a fair settlement would be to pay half of the 695 dollar charge as they were only here for 2 hrs at the most.

Business Response
Regretfully when speaking with this client we were unable to come to an agreement on what he feels is an inflated charge. A repair of this type (Heat Pump Compressor Replacement) is considered a catastrophic failure of the unit itself. This compressor is the heart of a heat pump and replacement of such can be costly. We should also note that this unit was not purchased from E.T. Mechanical, it was purchased from a company that is no longer in business.

Thankfully in this case the client had a manufacturers warranty to cover the compressor (ie. The compressor) or else the cost to repair would have been substantially more.

Below we have included the itemized statement that was provided to this client as well as an accounting for the time provided:

- Travel to and from job site - 45 min.
This time seems more that reasonable, checking online with Google Maps it lists the time from our office to the clients as 13 minutes, keeping in mind that Google Maps does not account for traffic or traffic stops between the two points 22.5 minutes both ways doesn't seem unreasonable.

- Obtaining warranty information from manufacturer - 45 min.
As I believe most are aware dealing with a 3rd party, in this case the manufacturer, can be challenging and plagued by delays. As this client states, the warranty period information can easily be obtained online, however applying for said warranty, completing associated paperwork and identifying the correct parts can be a little more time consuming. In this case there were multiple calls made to the manufacturer on the client's behalf as we did attempt to have the manufacturer cover some or all of the labor costs associated to assist in reducing the cost to repair. This attempt was unfortunately declined by the manufacturer.

- Ordering and obtaining parts (ie.Compressor & refrigerant) - 1 hour
While ordering the correct parts once identified is not overly time consuming, picking up the warranty parts as well as additional items required for the repair (in this case refrigerant among other minor items) can take a little more time. Some travel is involved as well as dealing with distributors. We believe 1 hour is a reasonable time frame for this.

- Removing wiring from unit - 10 min.
- Removing refrigerant from system - 30 min.
- Breaking existing welds on compressor - 10 min.
- Removing / Capping and weld sealing damaged compressor - 10 min.
- Installing new compressor - 20 min.
- Re-welding refrigerant lines to new compressor - 15 min.
- Rewiring unit - 10 min.
- Pressure/Vacuum testing refrigerant lines - 30 min.
- Recharge refrigerant - 30 min.
- Test unit after repair - 15 min.
The repair time speaks for itself, contrary to what the client states we have the service hours logged as 2.5. This time is actually below the average time normally required to complete the repair. Normally we would allow 4 hours for a repair of this magnitude. If you were to ask any heating contractor how long a compressor change takes 99% would tell you upwards of 4 hours.

- Clean up of site - 5 min.
- Follow up with Customer post repair (ie. Preparing/Signing Invoice, Collecting Payment, Discussing Repair) - 25 min.
We feel that 30 minutes to clean up the site, discuss the repair with the client, prepare and invoice and collect payment is completely reasonable.

Total Working Time: 6 hrs. (@ $120/hr = $720)

Parts Cost Requirements for Repair:
- Torch Charge - $25.00
- Misc. Supplies (ie. Shop Cloths/Marrets/Electrical Tape) - $2.00
- Refrigerant - $100.00
Total Parts Cost: $127.00

Total Cost of Repair: $847.00 (+ HST)
Quoted: $695.00 (+HST)
Collected: $695.00 (+ HST)

As a company when we are employed by a client to complete a repair, the issue is always diagnosed and the price for the repair is always quoted to and agreed upon by the client before the repair is completed. In this case the cost of $695 was quoted to this client prior to the repair and was agreed upon which is the authorization we require to begin to fix the problem. The fact that we exceeded the cost quoted by $152 is in no way the fault of the client and we would never expect this client or any other to pay anything above the amount they were quoted originally.

With great regret we will be unable to comply with this clients request to pay only half of the originally quoted amount. We feel that we have done our due diligence by quoting a cost to repair and receiving an approval for that cost before completing the work. Accepting anything less that what was agreed upon would be unfair to us having devoted our time and experience to this issue.

That being said, when speaking to this client they did express some concern over financial hardship and we would like to extend an offer to divide up the payment of $695 into 2 to 4 monthly payments. We realize that when a repair is necessary to a system that provides heat to your home it is essential to have it completed but these things never happen at a good time financially. If this is acceptable to this client we would be more than happy to oblige.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We have read and find this statement from ET Mechanical to be wanting. They were not here for 2.5 hrs. Travel times are inflated as we traveled this route and it took nowhere near 45 mins., even with stop times and in rush hour traffic. We made it in 22 mins. total. That included there and back. Did the serviceman go back to the office or on to next job?

With regards to warranties and ordering parts, do other companies charge a 120 dollars an hour? Seems slightly inflated.

It is true we did not buy the unit from ETM but the unit itself is still sold by a company ** that is still in business. We are not sure why the company we bought it from is not, but feel you tried to insinuate they were not a good company. We feel the person who owned it may have simply retired and unless you know otherwise please don't imply differently.

Your statement concerning payment plan, was never mentioned, nor did we claim financial hardship. The conversation I had on the phone with ETM was taken completely out of context. Funny ETM would offer payment plan now that the check was cashed.Granted I asked them to cash the check, they did manage to get that right!

Not sure why ETM had to make so many calls to find out about warranties. In this age of e-mails, seems they could save themselves some money by using a computer.

We did except the price for the job of replacing the compressor as quoted but we were led to believe it would be a 4 hour job or more and could cost us a whole lot more to do it by the hour. Feel these were pressure tactics and don't appreciate this form of sales and service. ***************************************************************

03/17/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Complaint is about parts are supposed to be under warranty for 10 years .
I will send documents in a separate email
On January 15,2014 the TX valve had to replaced on my heat pump. Cost was $555.00 with club membership
They also had to replace the refrigeration to the unit at a cost of $185.00
My total cost was 3 payments of $185.00 plus 24.05 taxes each month totaling $209.05 per month for 3 months
When I purchased the heat pump in February of 2012 I also bought their club membership paying $16.99 per month. This is supposed to give me a discount on parts, service calls, etc.

Under my contract parts are supposed to be under warranty for 10 years along with compressor on heatpump.
They are telling me that they haven't charged me for parts and were sending me an invoice explaining the charges. That was over 2 weeks ago and I still haven't received anything.
I would like to know what the huge charges are for. They say labor but my invoice says parts. The service man was here exactly 3 hours and I cannot see it costing $555.00 for 3 hours work.
I would greatly appreciate you looking into this matter for me. *****************************************
Thank You,
***** Lou ******

Desired Settlement
I would like to get back the money I paid for this service which would be $618.15.
My contract an service agreement will be sent shortly.

Business Response
Linda and I have discussed at length the total of her charges, explaining the coverage that she has, and the repair that's at hand. The heat pump she purchased in February of 2012, as stated on her invoice, has a 1 year labor warranty, and 10 year parts warranty. The repair that was performed included the cost of the part at no charge.

After agreeing to the repair, Linda called the office wondering about the charges (after she had agreed to the repair and the part ordered). I explained to Linda that the cost of her repair was the labor behind the part being replaced. A thermo expansion valve replacement involves the pumping down the system, drawing a vacuum, and recharging the system with new refrigerant. This was explained by the technician on the initial day. We require the agreement of the client in order for us to move forward with any repair that we find.

Prior to the repair I spoke to Linda again, she was wondering why her repair wasn't covered - as she has warranty coverage. I explained the coverage that she received with her system - 1 year of labor, but the part would be covered under her 10 year parts coverage. She asked for a break down of the charges, I obliged, and called the technician that had identified the repair originally, and had him call her. He called and explained the break down. There are two costs included, the labor for the change of the valve, and the new refrigerant added to the system.

If she would like a paper copy of the cost breakdown in addition to the explanation by the technician, we can certainly do so. I will have the technician draw her up a detailed invoice.

As mentioned, Linda is a club member, so her cost of repair went from 695, to 555 - All club members get a 20% discount off of straight forward pricing.

The night prior to the repair, Linda called and was wondering about the warranty coverage again, I explained the details to her. She explained that she was on a fixed income and it would be difficult to pay for. I asked if we could spread out the cost of the payments over 3 months at no charge, would that help? She said yes absolutely. I called the owner, and he agreed. The day of the repair, we collected a third of the bill.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I still have not received the detailed invoice promised from ET Mechanical.

Final Business Response
***Please see attached***

Explanation: As per request, here is a broken down Invoice repair performed. As you can see the repair includes cost of labor, and refrigerant, nothing else. The part replaced was covered by way of the system's warranty. The total cost was rounded down by 32 dollars to fit within our straight forward pricing. Nitrogen, welding gases, and various supplies also weren't charged to the client.


02/17/2015Advertising / Sales Issues

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