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Kat Reno

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2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Problems with Product / Service2
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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
08/19/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We had laminate flooring in our kitchen which we wanted replaced with vinyl flooring. We purchased top quality commercial vinyl which Kat installed after removing the laminate. Once installed we noticed small bumps all over the floor, as well as seam marks through the vinyl. I called to complain about the appearance and was told the bumps would eventually wear down. We lived with the floor as is for a couple of months but the condition got worse.I sent Kat an email and told them we wanted the floor repaired. After finally agreeing that maybe his crew should have checked the condition of the existing sub floor closer Kat said they would come back. They would purchase sub floor material, remove base boards, pull back the vinyl, install sub floor and re-install vinyl. During the process the crew pulled back half the vinyl, moving the fridge over the vinyl twice as they did both sides of the kitchen. After gluing down the floor, I immediately noticed a very obvious seam. The contractor used a roller over it several times. He thought it should settle in after a while. After putting the fridge back there were obvious scratch marks. They tried removing them but they did not come off. Again I was sold they should go away after a few washes. I waited another month, nothing improved.I complained to Kat, and asked that somebody come to look at it. After twoweeks, I called again and left a message. Two weeks later I called againand spoke to Kat this time. I told him I was expecting a repair to our floor. Our brand new floor now has seams and scratch marks. I was told he had no intention in coming back to look at the floor because he saw it originally. Kat's comments - "We've done all we can do". "I don't intend to do anything further. You'll have to live with it."
Product_Or_Service: Armstrong vinyl/ floor installation

Desired Settlement
We paid for the first repair which I thought Kat should have covered (except for additional material). If Kat can't figure out what the problem with our original floor is and repair properly, we would like a professional flooring company come in and decide how to fix it properly. We think the floor should be redone and a new sheet of vinyl floor purchased and installed.

Business Response
We had originally removed the existing laminate flooring and found that the sub floor was in decent condition; but, not perfect. It was discussed with this customer that as she was on a very strict budget, we would leave the sub floor as is. We proceeded to do the necessary preparation to install the vinyl flooring that the customer had purchased and supplied to us.

The customer informed us a few weeks later that in certain light, she could see some small marks in the floor. I met with her to review and it was agreed that, if it was a major concern to her, she would need to have a new sub floor installed. It was also agreed that she would have to pay for this work if required. A cost was agreed to and the work was done.

The customer has now informed us that there are other marks with this vinyl flooring that can be seen in certain light. I met with her to review and, in certain light, you can see some marks.

Some of these marks could be a result of the original install. She did not initially wish to pay for a new sub floor.

Some of these marks could be small flaws in the vinyl flooring itself. She supplied the flooring.

Some of these marks could be from the recent reinstall. We used professional equipment and the work was done by professional crew members. Please note that due to the fridge being recessed into the existing cupboards we are unable to carry the fridge directly to it's final position.

To finalize, she supplied the flooring. As such, we are not responsible for any flaws in this flooring. The installation has been done professionally. Twice.

In regards to concerns with marks that can be "seen in certain light", she should make a decision to understand that it is beautiful flooring and every effort has been made to install her flooring professionally.

We are not prepared to continue this any further.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Company's response is not satisfactory.

When we received the quotation for work from Kat we reviewed it and decided at that time that the amount was too high for our budget so we removed one of the projects listed. We did not state that we were on a strict budget, I had simply decided to delay one of the projects. Anybody doing renovations knows to have some money set aside for unexpected problems.

Kat says "she did not initially wish to pay for a new sub floor". My husband and I were home all the time during renovations. At no time did anybody from Kat tell us that the sub floor was not in the best condition and suggest that we should consider installing a new one. The crew decided on their own or with a phone call to a supervisor that it was ok to use the existing particalboard as a sub floor. I don't think a professional installer should have proceeded with an install on a sub floor that is not in the best condition for a vinyl floor application.

Of course when they did the reinstall because of the flaws I did not want to pay for the work of installing the new sub floor and thought Kat should cover the cost and I should be charged for supplies only. I paid for install and supplies.

Kat also suggests there may have been flaws in the vinyl. A couple of days prior to the vinyl installation the roll of vinyl was rolled out face up to rest, no flaws were visible. The flaws showing are from the new sub install. The flaws in the original install ran the opposite way. The scratches are from moving the fridge.
During the first install the fridge was moved to another room, I don't know why this wasn't done again.

I have said that the flaws are "seen in certain light" because our kitchen is small and the lighting not the best, some flaws are more noticeable at different times of day. Things always look different "in certain lights".

To finalize, I bought a high quality vinyl with no flaws, hired a professional company to install the floor and expected a top quality professional job. The job did not meet our expectations and I stand by my position that it should be replaced and reinstalled once again properly with no further cost to us.

Final Business Response
Thank You for your patience in receiving this reply. I have carefully reviewed the file and have given this matter considerable thought. As previously stated, the work that was done was done professionally by very skilled trades men who have many years of experience. I do not feel that this customer would be any happier with this job even if we totally redid and replaced it. This customer is looking for perfection. Although that is our goal on each and every job, sometimes you have to accept reality. I am closing this file.
*****, KAT RENO

02/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I an not sure if it is a customer service issue or a what to put as your drop down.My wife ******* ***** hired this company when she went to the home improvement expo at the convention center.She told me what they said they would do and supplied a quote, my wife was ready to be wowed she thought, however the quality of the work was so bad my friends thought that I did the work myself,I am no contractor never have and never will.The first person I met was a guy named ******* who wasn't sure what he was doing putting up a door, that should be our first indication of things to come however this was my wife's project. I then met ***** (the owner) in my kitchen and explained to him this is my wife's project as I don't have the time to get involved, make sure my wife is happy because I don't want to get involved he assured me she will be very happy, I was out of town on business as I am most of the time and my wife calls me in tears, she is so tired fighting with these guys she says. My wife tells me that the last words she was told was we have 10 min of work left & we have not seen them since.They still have the key to our house & they left paint sitting in our front entry, they left all the garbage sitting in our driveway, downstairs they left a door slider with jagged nails sticking out ,thank god our grand childen were not over to play down there. and on top of everything my wife had to do the painting. ***************************************************************** *********************************.WE have an outstanding balance with them that will not be paid, if anyone should write a cheque it is Kat to us.I have contacted another company to fix everything they butchered.I suggest they reburse my wife for the money she spent.We can supply pictures of the quality of the work that was done.Regrettably Yours,***** ********* & ******* BraunXXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX

Desired Settlement
Give our key back & consider it paid in full

Business Response
First concern of this complaint is that all of our original dealings for this project were with ******* ****** not, ***** *********. I met ***** only briefly, one time, while we were there doing the work. He specifically informed me that he had nothing to do with this work being done and all communication was to be done with ******* ******

During the course of the work, October 27 to 31, ******* was not once at the house while we were there. We had been given keys to enter the house and were left hand written notes with instructions. At no time were any notes left for us to tell us that she was unhappy with something.

Also, we did not receive a single phone call from her to advise us of any concerns. We have detailed billing on our phone lines which we have checked. There is not one single phone call from either of them or from the phone numbers ***** has provided to BBB.

On Friday, October 31, upon completion of the work, I made a phone call to ******* to discuss reviewing the work that was done. We set up a meeting for 3 pm on Monday, Nov. 3/14.
When we met on Nov.3, she went over the work that she was not happy with. Keep in mind that this was the first time she had communicated anything to us about not being happy with something. I made a list of her concerns and scheduled one of our men, ******* to be there on Wednesday, Nov. 5 to take care of these concerns.

On Nov. 5, when ****** was finished with doing this work, he did a walk through with ******** She told him that she was satisfied with the work. I called later that same afternoon. She advised that I would have to deal with her partner, *****. I reluctantly agreed that I would do this and asked when I could meet with him. I was told that he was presently out of town; but, he would call me upon his return. I never received this phone call. I attempted six times to call ******** I never was able to get an answer and I never received a phone call from either of them.

The next communication I received was a letter from the BBB. We have not been able to communicate with them or meet with them to establish what their concerns are.

******* presently owes KAT RENO the final payment of $2429.00. She refuses to answer our phone calls and we have not received a phone call from her or *****. It appears that all they are looking for is a way to not pay for the work that they ordered.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First of all, the key, the little drawing for the closets, were *****'s request. As I would not be home during the day. ***** said his guys preferred it if no one was home while they were working. I did tell them that I was not happy with some things, and pointed them out. Especially the countertop twice I told them, the third time I said to ******* ok, I guess. As by now I was speechless. A professional? and it still was not done to my satisfaction .
The bar was not done the way ***** told me he would. The bathroom door. The closets I asked for drawers and shelf's, he called me and said if I wanted them I would have to pay more, as that was not in the estimate he gave me, I said I did not want to pay more, then shelf's would have to do.
I told ***** we did not want ****** back, he sent ****** back.
I had been told they would paint the closets after, this was not done ****** simply stated the paint did not match. It is the same color paint thru the whole house. I had to do the work
****** said he would be back to finish the door on the bar. Witch we had asked for doors that would open in the middle did not get nor were we told they would put on different doors. However ****** did not come back, ***** wanted to collect before it was all finish.
***** may come to the house and check it out. Without ******* Give the key back. Maybe we can come to an agreement
I always pay my debts, and I take great offence to the comment that I am trying to get out of not paying. However, I believed, I had hired a professional which clearly was not the case.
On a 4300 quote I have paid 2430. Where is the 2429 coming from? Finally I did tell ***** that this was the first time that I hired someone to do some work in the house, as I have always done things myself. Perhaps they mistook my kindness for weakness. Simple, if you charge money for something done, you must do it to perfection. It is as simple as that, and it was not done.
Sincerely, ********

Final Business Response
I have taken considerable time to carefully review this customer's file to prepare this response. As indicated in my previous response, we have detailed billing on our phone lines that indicate there are no records of any phone calls coming from this customer. The customer informed us on the starting day of this job that she could not be home during the day; so, she provided us with a key. I had informed her at that time that this was fine; not, that we preferred her not to be home. In fact, our Order Form has a clause stipulating that the customer be available to discuss and inspect the work on a daily basis. Maybe if she had been, this could have been prevented. There are an endless number of options for closet organizers and configurations. She did not leave any instructions as to what she wanted. I had to place a phone call, to request that she leave us a drawing of what she wanted if she could not be available during the day. She left a drawing that was quite difficult to understand and I had to make another phone call to her to understand what she wanted. She was wanting a much more expensive closet organizer than what she had allowed for in the budget. I informed her we could do that but had only allowed for a basic wire system as per her budget. A more complex closet organizer would be at an additional cost. She was not prepared to spend more so we proceeded with the closet organizer as planned. When all work was completed, I called for payment. I was informed at this time that she had some concerns with the work done. When we met the following business day to discuss any discrepancies, she told me of a list of items that had not been done. I showed her the approved Order Form. A number of these items had NOT been part of the work order, including painting her closet. In fact, she had said from the onset she would paint her own closet to keep the costs down as she was working with a limited budget. I informed her that if she wanted, we could do the additional work; but, there would be additional costs involved. She informed me that she was not prepared to pay "even a penny more!" I informed her that we had completed the items, as per the work order. Additional work would have to be added and cost agreed to by both parties before we completed any additional work. I would have the original worker, ******* return to correct any discrepancies. Had she expressed any objection to ****** returning, I would have sent someone else. She obviously accepted this as she was at home when ****** was there and allowed him to do the work. Upon completion, she reviewed and indicated the work done as satisfactory.
Our Order Forms are very simple and easy to read. She was in possession of her Order Form for several weeks before she gave us authorization to proceed, giving her adequate time to review all details of the work to be done. Should changes have been required or items needed to be added, these are quoted separately and agreed to in writing by both parties prior to any additional work to be done. ****** provided the closet paint to ****** and requested he paint the closet even though it was not a part of the order. ****** had a copy of the work order and knew it was not part of the order, so he did not do the painting in the closet. This may be why she was so upset with him. Customers are required to address any additional or deletions of work with myself. Should they approach my employees, my employees are instructed to immediately notify me for approval before proceeding. I can and will provide a copy of this Order Form to BBB if requested. The work on the Order Form has been completed. She indicated at the time it was to her satisfaction. Expecting total perfection is unrealistic. One can always find "issues" even with the best job, especially when someone doesn't want to pay the bill. We have kept our Invoice to the exact amount quoted of $4300 plus GST and PST for a total of $4859. She has paid $2430, leaving a balance owing of $2429. Should payment not be received via Certified Money Order no later than February 13, 2015, this matter will be taken to Small Claims Court.

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