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Penguin Heating and Cooling Technologies Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service9
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

Additional Complaint Information

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints in a number of issues including a perceived failure to honour promised warranties/guaranties, inferior workmanship, delayed response and installations not passing Manitoba Hydro inspections.

On October 30, 2015, Penguin Heating and Cooling Technologies were notified by BBB in regards to the pattern of customer complaints against their business and has received a response indicating that they are working diligently to improve the training, sales process and methodology, to eliminate future complaints of this nature.

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (9)
10/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

******** VS. PENGUIN HEATING & COOLING TECHNOLOGIES NC.Here is my statement of complaint against Penguin Heating & Cooling Technologies Inc.******* & ****** ********, who resides at ***** ****** ***** *** ******** ** *** *** for the past 16 years. Our phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.1.Somewhat during the first week of August, Penguin Heating and Cooling Inc. had phoned us at XXX-XXX-XXXX to see if an agent to come to our house to have chat to change to new High Efficiency Furnace. We approved someone to come and set a date for the first meeting. 2.We agreed to have a meeting with an agent, who happened to be ***** ****** Energy Advisor on August 8th with a contract no. XXXXXX. We had a good conservation with her through my wife, ******, who can communicate through voice and I go through paper to paper and sometimes she rely my concerns to her for me. We were satisfying to what she had explained to us for the new furnace. However, she didnt explain on how the pipe was constructed between the furnace to outside of the wall and let the other person to explain how the pipes were to set up from furnace to outside the house.3.On August 10th, two days later, two employees came here to change the old to new furnace plus installing two new pipes. They installed two pipes above the basement ceiling to outside the wall of the back house; they finally drilled two holes outside for the pipes. After they drilled to make the holes for two pipes, then they explained to me that they had to go back to the company to get more pipes to add to the outside of the wall. We were puzzled about the information on how they run according to the specific rules that the outside pipe cannot exceed less than 3 feet away from the bedroom window and from the hydro meter. So they went back to company to get more pipes during their break. Once they put some extra pipes, it looks so ugly on the outside of the wall. It was too late to erase the blue print of the design with the pipes, that we are not aware of that. It was done to their duties and it took about almost whole 8 hours to complete their works. We do sign the form that it was done by them but were not happy with their blue print or design on how to install two pipes outside of the house.4. On Sept. 3rd, a Hydro inspector came to have an inspection on our furnace and filed two requirement for them to do their jobs, one to put the combustion air needed to be insulated and other is the screw on the new furnace cannot be removed for him to have a look inside the furnace. We do sign the inspection form #XXXXXX for them to come to finish their works according to the inspection form. 5.On Sept. 10th, one employee came to just to measure how much do we need for insulation as well as a replacement screw based on the inspection form.6.On Sept. 14th, one fellow who was here from Sept. 10 and another employee other than the previous employees from Aug. 10th, came to do the rest of their works due to inspection form. They installed the insulation over the pipes and they also fixed the screw. One of them asked my wife to sign the form stating they are done. Then I went downstairs to furnace room to see if its a fact and found that he had made another hole for different screw to put it cause more hole on a brand new furnace which I was more upset the way they put different screws that was attached from two panels of metal wall of the furnace (I cant explain the word). I approached him why he did that. He got a word from his manager to go ahead to make another hole. I was very furious and had hard time believing them to do anything worse because its brand new equipment. He didnt show us what he did on the furnace before we signed the form. On same day, ****** phoned to Hofit Yanev to get a hold of her manager to give her a call but hadnt called back. 7.Some days later after not hearing from the manager, we decide to give a call to Hydro inspector to come and have a look at that on Monday, Sept. 21. 8.Wed., Sept. 23, a Hydro employee came here to have a look at two things. He agreed that the black insulation on the pipe wasnt match the color of the house wasnt necessary. He didnt think nothing wrong with different screw to make to protect from service door to the furnace. I told that it was a brand new furnace, which was installed last month with an ugly hole. He suggested to us with two different opinions, one to call the company to request new original condition through manufacturer. The company gave me a call, stating that an agent will order the replacement screw. ****** said on the phone, that we demand an original condition and demanded that the manager to be here for an inspection. The other was to contact Better Business Bureau to file a complaint over the company. So I did contact BBB and left the message.9.Today, Thursday Sept. 24, BBB had returned my message and encouraged us to file through website so here I am typing report to you.
Product_Or_Service: High Efficiency Furnace
Order_Number: XXXXXX
Account_Number: 60,000 BTE

Desired Settlement
We demanded that the brand new furnace whch was installed last month be exchage for new original condition was because they made another hole with different screw to attach the service door to the furnace and looks so ugly with the hole there. Therefore two different screws are hard for any inspection to use different driver to get the screw off when necessary.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** Admin
Contact Phone: 204-7772323
Contact Email: **********************
The order desk at penguin heating has order a new door
for the new furnace since the door was not opening properly.
we should have it any day and we will contact the client to replace it, the client was informed about that.

as for the venting, it has only one colour.. white..
and can be installed following Gas codes Only..

We will follow up again with the manufacture tomorrow to see if the door arrived.

Consumer Response
Just to let you know that the Penguins Heating and Cooling Technologies Inc. had responded with the replacing the damaged doors and as well as screws. They came last Oct. 16 at 9 am and fixed the problem. Many thanks for helping me to order that company to replace the damaged door. It's all done now.

09/25/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

*** ********* ***
******** , ** *** ***

BBB Manitoba
B-1030 Empress Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3G3H4

June 17, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Penguin Heating and Cooling to clean our boiler. Prior to booking an appointment with them to clean the boiler we sent pictures to them of the boiler which they viewed and discussed with us. I also asked them if there was going to be soot throughout my home. I was assured that there wouldn't be..."We are sucking it out, not spreading it around. You don't need to worry about that. We want you to be satisfied." We were also assured that the technician had many years experience cleaning/maintaining boilers.

They came on July 3, 2015 and cleaned the boiler. I contacted the company the next day after I realized how dirty our home had been left. The soot was throughout our two-storey home. The basement floor is black but most places it is not visible until you wipe a surface or walk on it and see what is left on the cloth or on your feet. We have had to hire a cleaner several times and we are still finding more soot. Following several phone conversations we are still very unsatisfied by the response of the company to this. During the last conversation I was told that it spread through the house because the boiler room did not have a finished floor or ceiling. This does not explain how it did spread to rooms with finished floors and ceilings. We had even hung plastic at the entrance to the boiler room which also has a door on it. Also in our last conversation the company admitted that they should have sent the power vac truck to do the job.

The technician also failed the boiler citing holes in the heat exchanger but we have had it checked by a qualified and experienced plumber who assures us the boiler is safe and does not have cracks/holes in the heat exchanger. We have a letter coming from the plumber who has seen our boiler before and after the cleaning done by Penguin Heating and Cooling which I can forward to you upon its arrival.

They have offered us a VIP card but this does not address the matter at hand nor does it help us if we do not use this company again. At this point we simply want a refund or to have our home cleaned to the condition it was in before.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

***** and ******** *******

Desired Settlement
At this point we simply want a refund or to have our home cleaned to the condition it was in before.

Final Consumer Response
The company refunded half of what we paid for the service. It in no way made up for the mess of soot left throughout our home and did not come close to paying clean up costs. We felt we had no choice but to agree to this and then had to continue to fight to get the full amount they had agreed to pay (again that was half of the total we had paid to them.) The file can be closed. Thank you.

05/18/2015Problems with Product / Service
12/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We had a furnace installed by Penguin and cooling Sept 18/2014 and nothing but problems, a faulty switch not working, faulty door, water leaking, Digital stat wire needs repairing no air flow a five hour job is now into 3 weeks and nothing completed. On the first night I was told after 9 hours of install this is what it took them,they had said they were completed, had me sign the contract so they can get their money from ***** power smart plan, but nothing worked. We've had numerous service calls since and still not completed. On last visit they told me that they are waiting for the ***** inspector to tell them whats wrong.I asked them to give me my money back on the second week but kept saying it will be fixed. I'm very afraid this company won't be around much longer to honor the warranty. The sales person agrees that this is a mess and promises to look after this but nothing is done. called the owner promising it would be fixed. Again Oct 10/2014 called owner and has not returned my call.
Product_Or_Service: Premier Comfort System Furance

Desired Settlement
I would like the total cost refunded and removal of the furnace.

Business Response
Dear ******* *******,
I am more than happy to help you; I have spoken to you and tried to help resolve the situation however I got hung up on. We want to make sure your happy with our service and products because our company is based on customer service and I strive on good feedback. We have come out to your home to do some work which was all free work that we included to help assure you would be happy. Another time we had the owner of the company personally come out to speak to you and ***** the job himself. We Have given a free fresh air intake upgrade, Full Duct cleaning service, new filtration system, winterized your old a/c, we ordered you a new door switch that was a recall order, we ordered a special switch to fix your broken wire in your wall to make sure that you can operate your fan separately, this switch cost $139 before installation.. All that free of charge as a good gesture! As for our company, Penguin Heating and cooling has been in the industry over 8 years now, Our president father and grandfather have been in the industry for generations and over 8 decades... and this will never change, we are one of the most soled companies in Winnipeg and very proud to be supporting our home town Winnipeg! Penguin Heating and cooling has taken all the proper steps and actions in assuring your furnace is safely and properly installed plus more. We do understand the switch is faulty and we have taken initiative on ordering the part. We have received a call from the manufacturer saying the part is now in stock and we are willing to install it along with the special switch that will fix your broken wire in the wall at any time and at No cost as promised. Please call me at the office to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, we understand that sometimes we will have some challenges in our work, and we will overcome them with the best customer service possible!


Penguin Heating and Cooling
1760 Sargent Avenue

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
#1-My new furnace has not been working for the last 8 days, doesn't go on.
#2-Your work is not a good gesture,it should have been done once and in one day,I payed for a new furnace.
#3-Your sales girl included the duct cleaning so was not free.
#4-Your sales girl said we had to purchase the more expensive unit that included the 2-speed blower so we did. So there was no extra cost to you.
#5-There is no broken wire in my walls ???
#6-I called ***** ******* they informed me there was no call back with the furnace door or switch on that furnace.
#7-They have not winterized my air conditioner as they had stated.
#8- This fresh air upgrade is wrong my furnace still is not drawing air from the outside.
#9-Why do I need a special switch, it was part of the more expensive furnace according to your sales person.
#10-We have not received a filtration system.
#11-I still believe that the first day your techs left and said they were finished just to have me sign so ***** would release the money to you is not very good customer service as you say your company is all about.
#12-Your techs were commenting how dirty my ducts were but when your service people came to clean the ducts a week later they said you must have a cleaning service because the ducts were very clean ???
I would still like my money back.
#13-The sales girl gave me a form on all the company's policies, one is'no lemon guaranty'she said a the furnace would be replaced with no questions asked if it does not work. I want it replaced or money back.

11/24/2015Problems with Product / Service
12/16/2013Problems with Product / Service
12/09/2013Problems with Product / Service
10/20/2013Problems with Product / Service
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