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Advertise your accredited business on - pull in new customers and stay in the minds of current ones.

Consumers come to with their wallets in hand to find trustworthy area businesses to work with.

Will they find yours?

Why advertise your accredited business on

Your BBB has a highly qualified audience of consumers that usually know they're going to make a purchase but haven't landed on where to make it. Positioning your accredited business in front of these consumers by advertising on drives these potential customers to your website.

Accredited businesses that advertisers on get more than double the inquiries

Consumers make over 1.1 million inquiries into over 42,000 area businesses every year

Over 70,000 unique visitors come to every month

Visitors click on accredited businesses' websites over 4,000 times every month

BBB's online directory generates millions of impressions every month

Visitors read over 150,000 pages of complaints and reviews every year

Every year BBB sends over 2,500 consumer requests for qutoes directly to accredited businesses

Your potential customers are on

Are you?

With BBB you can be the business that consumers are already searching for!

Have a question about BBB benefits? Want advice on marketing? Need ideas writing a press release? Just give us a call! We have several experts in-house at the BBB that can help you or steer you in the right direction.

Online Video Sponsorship – your BBB offers an easy and affordable way to get noticed at Online Sponsorship costs just $1,200 - $1,700 for a full year. 

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Online Directory Ads are displayed hundreds of thousands of times per day, and can really drive web traffic. Our ads are built to drive traffic your way. Products range from $125 - $750 per month.

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Enhanced Directory Listings enjoy the lion’s share of impressions. It's an affordable and flexible way to increase your exposure in our directory. Several options are available and run $125 - $175 per month.

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Map Spotlights are a simple and affordable way to get more information about your business front and center. Map Spotlights are $250 per month.

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TV advertising is so expensive! But not with BBB! Get valuable TV time with a 2 week ad campaign on WHAS-11 for only $2,500. 

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Torch Awards

Golf Scramble

And more!

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Knowledge is Power!

With topics designed to help your business get ahead in a highly competitve market, the BBB Education Series can help you have a better business!

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All of the best solutions in convenient packages with significant savings.

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