BBB Warns: Robocall Scam Targeting Local Residents

December 09, 2013

BBB is warning local residents about a Robocall scam that appears to be targeting 502 area codes. BBB has received numerous calls from local consumers who received the phone call.

Consumers tell the BBB that the phone calls started this weekend, with an automatic dialer, telling them there was an issue regarding their Stock Yards Bank debit card. The automated call asks the consumer to “press one” to continue. Some consumers who report that they pressed one, say the system hung up when they did it. Other consumers say they just hung up the phone and called us.

BBB has also received calls from consumers saying “Mastercard” or their “credit card company” called, with a similar scenario. So, please keep in mind that the call could come from any financial institution.

These particular phone calls ARE NOT coming from Stock Yards Bank.

If you received one of these calls and gave any of your personal information, call the number on the back of your debit card immediately.

BBB reminds consumers:

· Your bank will have your personal information on file. They will not contact you and ask for your personal information.

· Never give your personal information to someone who calls you and asks for it.

· If someone calls asking for personal information, hang up the phone then call the real company directly.

· Closely monitor your bank and credit card statements on a regular basis.

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