BBB Tips: Valentine's Shopping

February 07, 2013

If you are going to send flowers, candy, or other gifts for Valentine’s Day do your homework first! BBB has some tips for your Valentine’s shopping.

When buying flowers, consumers should be especially careful when making the purchase online or over the phone. Consumers should review the description of the floral arrangement and be sure they know exactly what their loved one will be getting. Typical BBB complaints around Valentine’s Day state flowers were not delivered as promised or they were not delivered at all. When doing business with a florist, keep the following in mind:

· Get a written receipt for the order you place. It should include the price, what was ordered, time of delivery, and the location.

· Check out the store’s refund policy if the flowers arrive late, or are in bad condition.

· Confirm that the florist you contact is actually the florist fulfilling the order too. At this time of year, it’s not uncommon for a 3rd party to be involved. Make sure you know the actual street address and phone number just in case you need to adjust the order.

If you are purchasing jewelry for your loved one, do your research on the type of jewelry you want to purchase first, and check out the company at

Gift Cards
Gift cards are another popular gift. If the card is scratched or damaged, it is useless. Verify the protective cover has not been removed, and the PIN is not exposed.

Here are other tips from the BBB for successful Valentine’s shopping:

· Do your homework. Before ordering flowers, chocolates or any other gifts for Valentine’s Day, check out the company’s BBB's Business Review at

· Allow time for shipping. Check with the retailer or check the web site to make sure that you have allowed enough time for delivery by your specified date. Make sure that this date is specified clearly and guaranteed when you order.

For more information on shopping with companies you can trust, go to or call 1-800-388-2222.