Windshield Repair Scams

January 10, 2013

BBB is receiving reports of salespersons in the Elizabethtown area, going door-to-door, trying to get residents to sign contracts to replace their “damaged” windshields.

While some door-to-door glass repair companies are legitimate, beware of those who are trying to take advantage of you and your insurance company. Some will hang out around car washes, wander around parking lots, and like in this case, go door-to-door. They find a chip in your windshield (in some cases, they are accused of damaging windshields), then high-pressure a consumer to get it repaired. The salesperson tells you that your auto insurance will pay for everything.

There is big money in windshield fraud, due to “zero deductible” States insurance companies are required to pay the full cost of a windshield repair for drivers who have comprehensive coverage. Windshield scams increase everyone’s auto premiums in the long run, because it is fraud.

Here are the scenarios that can happen in a windshield scam:

1. Replacing undamaged windshields – A salesperson convinces the driver to replace an undamaged windshield, then lies to your insurance company that the windshield was seriously damaged.

2. Up the cost – The salesperson will replace an expensive windshield that only has a small crack or nick that could have been repaired at a small cost.

3. Fly-by-night – The salespersons are often fly-by-night scam artists who are poorly trained, work out of unmarked pickup trucks, do shoddy work, and disappear quickly. They can be very aggressive.

Be careful! The replacement windshield could be cheap, and put you and your passengers in harm’s way. The windshield could also be installed improperly. And, small repairs could end in bigger damages.

If you are approached by someone trying to replace your undamaged windshield, just say no, and alert the authorities. If you need your windshield repaired, contact your insurance company and find a reputable business at