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BBB is warning consumers to HANG UP on Prime Tech!
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Unless you’ve been vacationing on a tropical island for the past few days, you’ve likely heard of the “Heartbleed” bug, a computer security vulnerability that can reveal ..
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Consumers from all over have turned to Better Business Bureau with complaints about online retailer The complaints allege that purchased t-shirts were not rece..
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BBB Military Line is sharing information from the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CIC) warning about a new website scam in which criminals are attempting to t..
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With the new royal baby making headlines...BBB warns, beware of scam artists!
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BBB warns beware of fake websites and seminars offering financial aid help.
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The BBB is urging caution to anyone doing business with Advanced Marketing & Promotions (AMP), an Alabama-based business managed by Dean Stanley in the St. Louis area.
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In the midst of a tight economy and in the wake of the new national healthcare reform bill, State and Federal regulators are warning about a surge in healthcare-related scams.
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For Scammers, Tough Times Spell "Opportunity"
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The BBB is receiving many inquiries about JC Henning Inc., which falsely claims to be located in Louisville, KY and appears to be offering jobs, but is really a front for a counterfeit check scam.
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