Small and Large Businesses Are Targets of a new Phishing Attack

February 26, 2010
A gang of Eastern Europeans that stole money from numerous business owners last year by impersonating organizations that ranged from the Better Business Bureau, the IRS, the Federal Trade Commission and even the FBI, appears to be back in operation.

The Washington Post has an article that deserves the attention of every business owner or manager, at

These scammers use "Trojan" software, meaning they trick the recipient of an e-mail into opening an attachment or link that installs key-tracking software on their computer and then enables the scammers to steal bank login information the next time a customer goes to their online account.

The best protections:  1) be very cautious about opening links in e-mails, even ones that appear to come from a trusted organization like the Better Business Bureau or a government agency; and, 2) always be sure that your anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware software is up to date and running.