Hearing Aid Sales In Consumer's Home Are Strictly Regulated

April 09, 2009
The Better Business Bureau was contacted by a consumer who purchased hearing aids following a "free hearing test" conducted by an out-of-state man and woman who came to her home. The consumer signed a financing agreement to pay $4,400 for the hearing aids, obligating her to pay approximately $100 per month.

BBB considers the circumstances of this sale questionable for a number of reasons, including our inability to verify that the husband and wife conducting the hearing test and selling these hearing aids are properly licensed to sell or fit hearing instruments in Kentucky, as required by law.

 BBB is continuing to investigate this case and does not currently have enough information to determine with certainty that this sale was improper.  However, consumers considering the purchase of hearing aids will beneft from being aware of these rights:
  • If the sale is made in the home, the consumer has three days in which to cancel the agreement and should incur no cost or obligation if a written cancellation is provided within this 3-day period.
  • A purchaser of a hearing instrument has a right to cancel the purchase for any reason at any time prior to midnight of the thirtieth day after actual receipt of the hearing instrument; however, the seller of the hearing instrument may keep up to 10% of the selling price and the instrument must be returned in as good a condition as when received by the consumer.
  • At the time a buyer of a hearing aid assumes any financial obligation, the buyer must be provided a copy of the written agreement which includes the sellers name and business address, and the license number of the license issued to the seller by the Kentucky Licensing Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments.
  • The sale or fitting of a hearing aid in the home is not permitted unless the seller obtains, prior to visiting the home, the express written consent for the home visit from the potential buyer.

Additional rights are available to Kentucky consumers who purchase hearing aids.  Information about these rights is available on the website of the Specialists in Hearing Instruments Board.  Specific Kentucky statutes which govern the fitting and sale of hearing aids are available on the website of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.