3/10/2013 In dealing with Ecorefinishers, I found the owner, Jon, to be courteous and prompt in his communications with me during the service process. However, there were a few problems which caused the whole cabinet resurfacing process to last three weeks. The final result is a nicer looking kitchen with a product that is already chipped in a few places. These chips are present on day one of the second reinstallation of the cabinets doors. I am sure the product will not last long based on the chipping already present. Even though there is a warranty with the product, who wants to constantly have the hassle of emptying kitchen drawers/cabinets and having work done over and over. Although Jon may not believe this, I am not that hard to please. I think a good job is one that is done correctly, and according to promises given in writing or on websites. Human error is bound to happen on occasion. I have several emails stating all the errors made during this service. They did give me a $50 discount off the job. I am guessing at this point I will have to get get another company to redo the cabinet job with a more durable product. I will wait several months to see if more chipping occurs before doing this. I would never use this company for another service.
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by Janelle F. on 3/10/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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