9/4/2013 My fiance and I purchased a used 2006 Cadillac CTS from Coyle Chevrolet. They were kind enough to allow us to drive it home that night and bring our down payment as well as proof of residence in the next day. We made our way into the dealership and were even surprised with a lower monthy payment. After providing proof of residence we were told all was in order and we should receive the information in the mail for license. Two weeks later we were contacted by the dealership and told our proof of residence was unacceptable and we needed to come back to the dealership. I returned to the dealership and provided the receptionist with 2 more bills/documents to prove residence. I explained to her that I had more if she felt there was anything missing. She explained that all was good and the dealership had everything they needed. One week later we recieved a letter in the mail stating that we had still not provided proof of residence and we needed to provide as soon as possible. A representatives name and phone number was provided. I called to discuss what was still needed and was put on "hold" (phone was placed on the desk while I heard the ladies in the office discussing our situation). The person I spoke with (who by the way was the person I was to contact) repeatedly told me that she was sorry but had nothing to do with my situation. While on the phone she couldn't even find any documentation where we had provided proof of residence, her reasoning was "the person that deals with this has your folder and has gone home for the day". This means that an individual has mine and my fiances personal information in their home and outside of the secured areas of the dealership. I was able to email yet another document (this was the 5th proof of residence provided) to the contact who explained we would have all the information by Tuesday. Tuesday came and went with no information via email, mail or phone. I contacted the dealership to expalin we had received no information, our temporary tags expired on Thursday and due to work schedules would not be able to make it to the dealership until Friday (with expired temporary tags). The response I received was from the receptionist was "you're in the system so just go to the BMV and take the buyers agreement and you can get your license". I asked about the expired temporary tags and her response was "You should be ok, if you get pulled over just show them the buyers agreement". There has never been any attempt to assist in making things any easier for us as the customer or compensation for the time it has taken to fix a problem that they themselves could have taken care of from the beginning by telling us when we first provided that we needed to provide a different proof of residence. They were very eager to sell us a car that night "to get one on the books for the day" but haven't been very eager to provide excellent customer service through the entire process.
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by Andrea E. on 9/4/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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