7/21/2015 Beware of this dealer!!! On 6/26/15 I saw a GT500 on Internet. I contacted a salesperson, and we exchanged pictures. I agreed to drive up and pick up the car. On Saturday I gave a deposit to hold the car on my credit car. I gave the MAXIMUM amount of the range they asked for. On Saturday evening, after I arranged to give employees a couple days off with pay and for a house sitter, I received the following message: "We wanted to get in touch with you to let you know that the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 has been sold. As it turns out, I have an excellent selection of similar models that I would love to tell you about. I just have a couple of questions in order to narrow down our options to the vehicles that will work best for you." That cost me about $500 in employee wages, and Coyle has KEPT MY DEPOSIT with no attempt to compensate me. THEY SOLD THE CAR I PUT A DEPOSIT ON WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF TAKING MY DEPOSIT, and they have not even refunded my deposit or apologized. To me, this seems like consumer theft. If a company enters a contract, and breaks the contract a few hours later, and then makes no effort to compensate expenses, let alone return the deposit or apologize, they are dishonest. If they do this on a sale that is in the open, imagine what they might do behind closed doors. I have all the documentation to prove this. I guess they think since I am 600 miles away, I don't matter.
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by Tom R. on 7/21/2015 | Submit a Customer Review
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