2/13/2014 they do not know what they are doing . the person working on my auto can not be called a mechanic he had no idea what he was doing . even when he looked up my auto on his computer he could not find the middle motor mount I had to take him to big o tire to let there mechanic show him where it was I had to pay them $522.09 they only fixed the lower mount. and I had to sign a waver of the warranty . befor they would let me have my car they will RIP-U-OFF
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
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by lee p. on 2/13/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business We are sorry that Mr. P***** is not happy with the repairs that he received. When Mr. P***** came in for an estimate, he did not want all the damage repaired. We wrote an estimate based off of what he wanted repaired, and the damage that was visible in the parking lot. The estimate was explained line for line, and Mr. P***** chose to proceed with the repairs. Due to the fact that Mr. P***** did not want all the damages repaired, we only fixed what he requested at the time of the estimate. The motor mount was never estimated, and therefore never billed for. The original estimate was 760.71 for what he wanted repaired. We were able to repair the tie bar instead of replace it reducing the price to 522.81, saving Mr. P***** 237.90! We would not release the vehicle to Mr. P***** at first due to the fact that he wanted to take the vehicle and then come back and pay us. We explained that all repairs must be paid in full before the vehicle is released. We offered to take him on a test drive before he paid so that he could make sure the repairs were completed to his satisfaction, but he declined. We were not holding the vehicle because of the warranty waiver. We simply asked him to acknowledge the warranty waiver because we could not warranty a repair that was incomplete. We are sorry that Mr. P***** feels that he was “ Ripped off” , but the facts are that we repaired what he asked us to, nothing more, and he was only billed for what we repaired. When the repairs were complete we saved him over 237.00. The additional damage that is referred to in this complaint would have resulted in a higher cost to Mr. P*****. by on 2/17/2014

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