August 06, 2014

 (Lexington, KY) – The Better Business Bureau® serving Central & Eastern Kentucky is warning residents to be cautious with postcards being reported around the local area that offer an “unclaimed reward” of “$100 in gift savings” at major discount stores. The “rewards” reportedly come at a cost.

 Consumers who received the cards tell BBB that upon calling the number on the card, they are asked for their “claim ID number” on the card to claim the reward.  The consumers say they were never given a company name or location. They also report vague answers when asking how they were selected to receive the cards.  Consumers were asked for a debit or credit card number to pay a “shipping and processing fee” of a few dollars to receive their “rewards.”  At that point, most consumers refused to give that information.

One caller contacting the BBB did give bank card information, and a few days later saw an additional $12 debited from her bank account for a ‘membership’ in some shopping discount club.  She contacted her bank to contest the charge and stop any future charges, which she says she never authorized.


Never give personal or financial information to strangers over the phone without finding out the company’s information and details of their offer first, and checking it out with Better Business Bureau. Any time you receive notice that you have won something or are to receive something “free,” do NOT pay for it. 

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Contact the Better Business Bureau serving Central & Eastern Kentucky to check out companies, charities, or to report problems and scams by calling the Lexington office at (859) 259-1008 or toll-free 1-800-866-6668. Services are also available by logging on to www.bbb.org/lexington.