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Problems with Product / Service3
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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
03/18/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Have not receive homeowners policy cancellation refund from 08/07/2013.
On or around August 7th, 2013 policy # HOKY-XXXXXXXXX-XX was to be cancelled. My local agent has informed me they did receive a confirmation of the cancellation. I have attempted collecting my refund thru my local agent without success. My most recent contact with my agent on February 10th,2013 indicated I would receive my refund check in 7 to 10 days. That was 16 days ago. Needless to say it appeared to be a runaround again. On February 25th, 2014 I contacted the company directly and inquired about my refund. I was told I would receive my check in about 1 week. After 6 months of waiting I found the company's response unacceptable.

My second complaint against the company is of a different type. In early February, 2014 I received a auto insurance policy renewal letter from the company. I was shocked when I saw my annual auto insurance rate climbed $400.00 per year, a 50 percent increase. While I was on the phone with the company inquiring about my homeowners insurance refund I also asked why my auto rate went up by so much. I was told that my credit score dropped a great deal and was in the 620 to 630 range. I told the representative that had to be incorrect. I knew I had and have an excellent credit rating. It was like I was talking to a wall. Later on the same day I found my FICO score to be 799. Not sure who made the error but I will find out.

Desired Settlement
The amount of my insurance refund check is approximately $492.46. Due to that amount not being deposited in my escrow account has caused a shortage and my monthly mortgage payment has increased significantly. That is causing a strain on my monthly budget.

The second part of my settlement request is a bit more difficult to define. The named company or some agency has made a costly error in reporting my credit score. Not to mention it caused a great amount of pain and grief in locating auto insurance coverage as I was not about to pay the greatly increased rate due to someones error. I intend to find out who or what agency caused this reporting error. Therefore, I agree to accept a full refund to satisfy the first part of my complaint but until investigation is completed I cannot withdraw my second complaint regarding the credit scoring error.

Business Response
On 8/8/2013 the Agent of Record, The Elite Insurance Agency, authorized Kentucky National Insurance to issue a Dwelling Fire policy for ***** ****** for property located at **** ***** ***** ***** Lexington, KY XXXXX. The policy was issued with an effective date of 8/7/2013 to 8/7/2014 under policy number XXXXXXXXX. Mr. ****** was billed for the annual premium of $418.73 and he paid it in full on 9/26/2013. This same property was insured under a homeowners policy under policy number XXXXXXXXX with a policy period of 2/25/2013 to 2/25/2014. Kentucky National does not have a record of receiving a signed loss policy release from the agent of record. This policy was not cancelled at this time.
The Elite Insurance Agency issued another homeowners policy for Mr. ****** for property located at **** *********** ***** Richmond, KY. under policy number XXXXXXXXX with an effective date of 8/7/2013 to 8/7/2014. He was billed the annual premium of $526.17 and the full payment was received and applied on 9/9/2013.
On 2/10/2014 Kentucky National Insurance received a request to cancel policy number XXXXXXXXX for the property located at **** ***** ***** ***** effective 8/7/2013 because this property was rewritten to a Dwelling Fire policy number XXXXXXXXXeffective 8/7/2013. The policy was cancelled on 2/11/2014 with an effective date of 8/7/2013. This generated a refund of $228.41 which was mailed to the Elite Insurance Agency on 2/19/2014. The renewal for this policy had already issued for the 2/25/2014 to 2/25/2015 term. Mr. ****** had paid the annual premium of $492.46 in full on 2/11/2014. It was our error in not cancelling this term when we cancelled the previous term on 8/7/2013. When this error was discovered, we cancelled this policy flat with no earned premium. A refund check for $492.46 was mailed to The Elite Insurance Agency on 2/27/2014.
In summary, miscommunication lead to the property located at **** ***** ***** ***** Lexington, KY under policy number XXXXXXXXX remaining active from 8/7/2013 until we cancelled it on 2/11/2014.
Kentucky National Insurance orders consumer reports from LexisNexis for our insureds at new business and every three years thereafter. Mr.****** referenced his FICO score in the second part of his complaint. As you know, a financial credit score is a credit-based statistical analysis of your likelihood of paying an installment loan or revolving debt when due. An insurance score is a credit-based statistical analysis of your likelihood of filing an insurance claim within a given time in the future. Due to this difference in analysis, the score often do not correlate numerically. If Mr.****** feels he has been affected by a LexisNexis report, he may visit their website at Also for more information about LexisNexis, consumers can visit the website

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First, I remain puzzled by Kentucky National's error. In today's modern age of computers how can a single family home be insured and classified as owner occupied and tenant occupied at the same time over a six month period. That error resulted in a double billing and debit from my mortgage account causing a shortage and a resulting increase in my monthly payment. I did finally receive the $228.41 refund on 03/01/14. A refund that should have been deposited in my escrow account six months ago.

My mortgage company was again recently billed for a $492.46 payment due on policy XXXXXXXXX which according to my insurance agent was cancelled on 08/07/13. Kentucky National stated in their response that payment has been sent to my local agency on 02/27/14 however I have not yet received the refund as of 03/06/14 and I will contact my agency about the refund. Due to the recent incorrect debiting of my escrow account it is now severely negative.

My second concern is when I contacted Kentucky National about the increase in my auto policy premium. I was told the drop in my insurance score caused my increased rate. I also was told the information came from LexisNexis/Choice Point and was a credit history and driving record based score. It was ignored when I explained there must have been a reporting error due to my high credit score and perfect driving record. On 03/06/14 I received an email stating my FICO credit score increased from 799 to 807. I am now waiting for a mailed report from Choice Point informing me of my insurance score with explanations. I will be further addressing my complaint after I receive the report.

Final Business Response
We have contacted The Elite Insurance Agency and the second refund check for $492.46 has been received by them and mailed to the insured. Once he has received this payment, he can deposit in his escrow account and his payments will adjust accordingly. I explained in detail in my previous response how this error occurred. In summary, we did not received a signed request from the agency to cancel the homeowner's policy that was rewritten to a rental dwelling. Therefore 2 policies were in effect for the property. When the oversight was discovered, the agent notified us and we corrected the oversight. As was stated earlier regarding Insurance Scores,we receive numerical insurance scores from LexisNexis. We do not see any of the credit information used to derive the scores. We are filed with the Kentucky Department of Insurance to order an Insurance Score for new customers and then every 3 years thereafter. Insurance Scores are fluid much the same as Credit Scores. Insurance scores and Credit scores are not the same and can vary. Mr. Millers's score may very well have improved since we received the information from LexisNexis. The opposite can occur as well. Mr. ****** is taking the correct action in contacting LexisNexis as they have all of his credit information. If he finds any of this to be erroneous, he can ask that they correct his credit file. Again, we have none of this information. If he finds some of the information to be erroneous, we would be glad to ask them for a new Insurance Score and re-rate the policy according to any new score that is provided.

04/01/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

After rodents chewed and scratched my 2010 Honda Pilot, they refuted my claim of the scratches so they don't have to pay anything.
I noticed scratches appearing on my Honda Pilot and I could not figure it out. Then four dashboard lights came and I had to take it to get checked out. It was noted by the mechanic that a rodent had chewed both front ABS wheels speed sensors and paw prints were on the inside of the engine. This would result in the paint scratches around my hood as the rodent most likely entered through the grill or near the windshield. During this time I had to have a rental car so I could get around. When I realized that the damage was due to the rodents I contacted KY National and they sent someone out to inspect it. The next day I received a phone call from their claims department refuting that squirrels were the cause of the scratches, and that the damage to the sensors is under my comprehensive deductible so they won't be able to help me. Since the repair work took less than one day (in fact it took several days to get the parts) they wouldn't pay for that either.

Desired Settlement
I want them to honor their policy agreement. I pay my deductible and the rest of the damage and paint is covered by my policy.

Business Response
This claim was filed for rodent damage to Mr. *******'s 2010 Honda Pilot. There was damage to the wiring on the right front ABS sensor. Upon receipt of this claim, the assigned handler engaged the services of an independent auto appraiser to inspect the damages and prepare an appraisal of same. The appraisal we received was for the repair of the wiring to the above-referenced brake sensor that appeared to have been damaged by rodents. The prescribed repair for this damage was less than the applicable deductible and as such, no payment was made.

In addition to the wiring, Mr. ******** also states that there are scratches on the vehicle that are related to the rodent damage. The auto appraiser also addressed these damages during the physical inspection. The scratches in question appear on multiple areas of the vehicle, and they also vary in size and severity. The inspecting appraiser attributed these scratches to various sources, including trees/shrubs, pets, and prior unrepaired damage from an accident.

Our decision was made not to include the scratches as part of the claim based on the photographic evidence obtained during the inspection, as well as the professional opinion of the appraiser who deals with various forms of vehicle damage on a daily basis.

We are confident that our decision is sound and that the multitude of scratches that are present on multiple panels are from various sources and occurred on different occasions. That would preclude this damage from being added to the claim in question.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The appraisal is unfair. I do not drive my car through brush. Wether a rodent or other animal did the damage the damage I cannot tell but the damage occurred at the same time as the wiring. I reported both and KY National is picking what they want and not honoring their agreement.

01/19/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Ky. National Ins. Co. Let one of their agents go, but my insurance was cancelled also. I have had no late payments or clams.
I got the insurance through the agent they let go, but Ky. National Ins. Co. was taking taking the payment themselves out of auto with draw. I called KN Inc. and ask what was going on.They got rude and loud and told me over and over that it was the inc, agent that I had inc, with not them. Now I learned that my premium is going to double if they drop me.I don't think this is fair to there customers. I have never made a claim or had a late payment.

Desired Settlement
I have been with Ky. national inc. co, for years If they drop me like this through no fault of mine it will cost me over twice what I now pay. I am retired and living on ssi and simply can't afford this.I want ky. national to keep me insured or find a co. that will inc. me for the same money I feel they are breaking there contract with me.

Business Response
Kentucky National Insurance terminated their business relationship with Mr.******s agent, ********** Ins. As required by the KY Insurance Dept, we notify the customers 75 days in advance of the renewal date that we no longer have a business relationship with their agent and to contact them for other coverage.Mr. ******s coverage expires on 02/19/2015. Mr. ****** called to cancel his policy before that date and have it removed from electronic deductions from his bank account. We asked him to provide us with the necessary signed forms for the date of the cancellation and the authorization to stop taking the deductions from his bank account. These are standard procedures in the Insurance Industry as we are protecting the insured from someone else cancelling their coverage as we do not do this verbally over the phone. We do not have a means to identify if this is actually the insured or not so we asked for these signed documents to cancel the coverage. Mr. ****** declined to supply us with this information. Without this information, his coverage with Kentucky National Insurance will cease on 02/09/2015 and any bank deductions will cease in this date as well. The termination of our business relationship with **************** is not due to any actions by Mr. ******.

04/02/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Trying to make me make modifications, not required by law to my home, not disclosed at time of purchase of policy, or suffer cancellation of policy
Trying to make me put up handrails on front porch. Height of steps is 23 1/2 inches. State code says steps have to be 30" before steps are required. I should have been informed of their policy before I purchased the policy. They had photos of my home and could see these steps but sold the policy to me anyway. Demanded I put up a handrail after taking my money. Seems deceptive

Desired Settlement
I would like to make certain I get a full refund of amount paid ($1529.38)since I was not told details of handrail before I purchasing their policy.

Business Response
Kentucky National uses an outside vendor,Reliable Reports, to inspect all new business policies to report any maintenance issues or liability concerns that may be present. They identified the front steps as a possible liability hazard and on viewing the inspection, we concurred with their assessment. Mr. ******** was asked to install a handrail to mitigate the possibility of any slips or falls. Kentucky Nationsl reserves the right to ask policy holders to mitigage potential liability hazards and in some cases such as an unfenced pool or tampoline, we will decline to offer coverage due to these exposures. Each company has different underwriting guidelines on what they consider an acceptible risk for the premium that is being charged. In this case, we concurred with Reliable Reports that a handrail would be appropriate to mitigate any liability concerns associated with a slip or fall on the front steps. If Mr. ******** declines to accept the policy and submits a cancellation request via his agent, all monies will be refunded to him.

Consumer Response
I was told upon cancellation of the policy 3-17-2014 that I would not receive all monies refunded to me as agreed upon in company response to you. Ky. National statement that policy holders were asked to mitigate potential hazards such as unfenced pools, trampolines and would decline coverage if situations are not appropriately addressed is understandable since they are ask at time of quote. Their agent was given information about my porch and steps upon asking for a quote. The height, width and length of the porch and how many steps I had and was given to agent, 2 steps and a platform and dimensions of front porch along with pictures of steps and porch. I feel I should have been told about handrail at that time before purchasing policy instead of waiting nearly a month after paying premiums. This caused me to keep the policy for 1 month unaware of these request. I found out yesterday(3-17-2014) that even the Agent that sold me the policy was unaware of such handrail necessity on steps under 30 inches since that are the requirements under the law. She stated that Ky. National told her their policy on steps requirements had been in effects since 9-2013. I would not have purchased policy if I would have been told of handrail demands upfront. I still request total amount of refund $1529.38 due to non-disclosure of handrail requirements on steps before purchasing policy.

Final Business Response
Mr.******** signed cancellation forms with a cancellation effective date of 3/17/2014. Both his auto policy (XXXXXXXXX)and home policy (XXXXXXXXX) had effective dates of 2/13/2014. Therefore we had coverage in effect from 2/13/14 until 3/17/14. If there had been a claim on either policy during this time we would have paid any claim presented to us. Due to the coverage being in effect for this period of time, the refunds totaled $1295.14 on a prorated basis. The annual premium for the auto was $665.19 with a prorata refund of $547.55 and the annual premium for the home was $854.38 with a prorata refund of $747.55. If Mr. ******** can show that he had other coverage in effect from 2/13/14 to 3/17/14, we can adjust these refunds accordingly.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I feel deceived into their policy. Ky National should be required to reveal all requirements of their policies UPFRONT. Not wait until you are a customer and then give those demands along with threats of cancellation if you don't make their required changes. I have no problem with them requesting changes but feel since they had all the information about my steps on 2-13-2014, the policy purchase date, and choose to insure me anyway and then a month into policy start making demands is deceitful and dishonest practices. They need to inform their agents of changed policies. Agent was unaware of this policy standard for any steps that were under 30". They not only didn't inform me, they didn't even inform their agents. Due to the fact that I would not have done business with this company had this been disclosed UPFRONT I ask for a full refund of $1529.38

02/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Roofer reported hail damage but KY Nat denied claim. I reopened claim because I felt I didn't get fair evaluation, but I received very poor customer s
In March, 2013, we requested a roof inspection from Mr. ***** There was a leak along our bay window in kitchen & some dampness on garage ceiling. Roofing Contractor ******* ********* walked the roof & evaluated its condition. She advised there was damage to our roof, gutters & siding due to a hail storm that occurred in our area on 12/17/2012. We contacted Kentucky National Insurance & opened a claim.
Insurance adjuster, ***** ****** came by. He didn't bring the necessary equipment with him to climb up on our roof. We didn't understand why he came when he was unprepared to properly inspect our roof. He & Ms. ********* spoke briefly. He wanted to schedule an engineer to inspect our roof & would contact us when study was complete.
On 3/19, Mr. ***** requested the study be performed by ***** *********** *** On 3/26, ******** ******* ***** engineer, sent his report to Mr. ****** Mr. ********* conclusion, contrary to Ms. ************* was that the 18-year-old roof was not hail damaged, but nearing the end of its useful life. Mr. ****** & Ms. ********* never inspected the roof together.
We accepted this information & did not pursue the purchase of a new roof at that time.
In mid-September 2013, we revisited our need for a new roof, expecting to pay for it ourselves. We called Ms. ********** who was working for another roofing company - ******* ********** Although she disagreed with the insurance company's denial of our claim, she gave us a quote. We wanted to get additional estimates so we contacted ******** ************* ******* ********* inspected the roof & also advised us of obvious hail damage. He suggested we re-open the insurance claim & ask for an adjuster to inspect the roof along with our contractor.
Our insurance broker contacted ***** ***** at ** ******** about re-opening the claim. Mr. ***** had been promoted to VP of Claims & was no longer a claims adjuster. He replied there was no need to re-open claim as ***** provided a detailed study of our roof & concluded there was no hail damage. As consumers, we were caught in the middle of two conflicting views.
We contacted Mr. ***** personally to request another adjuster to inspect the roof with our contractor. He said he could only send the original ***** engineer. Mr. ****** called that weekend to schedule the meeting with roofer, but we had concerns about a conflict of interest because he had already expressed his opinion to our insurance company. We asked for a different inspector. ****** said he would tell ***** ***** about our request.
A week later, we called ***** directly to inquire about a scheduled inspection. They had no record of any communication with Mr. ****** After another week, neither ***** nor ***** had contacted us. We called ***** personally for details. He was hesitant to cooperate with us.
Frustrated with Mr. ******** poor communication & overall inferior customer service, we contacted Mr. ***** *******, ********* ** of KY National. We told him we were discouraged with ***** & refused to work with him anymore. He agreed to honor our request to send a second engineer to meet with our roofer.
On 10/24/ 2013, ***** ****, ***** engineer, met with Ms. ********* to inspect our roof together. Ms. ********* circled multiple areas of concern on the roof. He took photographs but, according to Ms. ********** did not touch any of the shingles himself.
Mr. **** sent his observations via email to Mr. ***** at 6:00 that evening. He agreed with the first engineer.
We called Mr. ******* on November 4 for an update. He had no information at that time; he would get that information from Claims ****** *******
Mr. ******* sent us email of ****'s report on 11/6/2013. He was closing the claim. We asked for copies of ****'s pictures, but haven't received them yet.
We called Mr. ******* again that day to express our total dissatisfaction with our nearly 2-month-long ordeal & very poor customer service.
On 11/7/2013, ******* ********* installed a new roof at our own expense

Desired Settlement
Installing the new roof costs us $10,900 because we received unfair evaluations of our roof damage. The poor customer service is deserving of an apology from the company. This claim, which made no payment, is affecting our ability to find insurance with another company.

Business Response
Our Insured: ******* ********
Date of Loss: 12-17-12
Policy No: : XXX-XXX-XXX-XX

This will serve as our response to the above complaint. I have reviewed the Complaint Form completed by ******* ********.

This claim was reported to Kentucky National Insurance on February 22, 2013. I was in the area on the date the claim was reported and contacted Mr. ******** the same day and arranged to meet with him that day. When I arrived a contractor (Mr. Roofer) was present .I was able to inspect and photograph the interior water damage in the dining room. I was not able to access the roof that date due to the pitch of the roof. The contractor indicated that there was hail damage to the roof and I advised Mr. ******** that we would contact ***** Engineering to inspect the roof to determine if there was hail damage. ******* A. ******, P.E., Forensic Engineer, with ***** Engineering inspected the roof on March 19, 2013 and concluded that there was no hail damage. He determined that the granular loss experienced by the shingles was a result of normal aging.
We shared Mr. ********* findings with Mr. ******** and we received an email from Mr. ******** agent on May 1, 2013 that Mr. and Mrs. ******** would like to close out the claim without payment. In September of 2013 Mr. ******** contacted our office and indicated that other roofers had inspected his roof and indicated that he did have hail damage. Mr. ******** requested that the roof be re-inspected at a time that he could have his roofer present for a joint inspecting with the engineer. We agreed and contacted
***** and asked that they contact Mr. ******** to arrange the meeting with his roofer. When Mr. ****** contacted Mr. ******** to arrange the meeting, he advised that Mr. ******** told him that he wanted a different engineer to inspect. That had not been requested or discussed when we spoke with Mr. ******** initially. We agreed that ***** could send a different engineer , and Mr. ** ***** ****, P.E., C.M.I., Senior Forensic Engineer with ***** met with Mr. ******** and his roofer on October 24, 2013 and determined that there was no hail damage to the roof.
We have requested the photographs that were taken by ***** **** at the time of his inspection and will send copies of those photographs to Mr. ******** as soon as we receive them. We have spoken with Mr. **** regarding the photographs and he is encountering a problem sending them by email because of their size. We anticipate receiving these within the next few days and will immediately provide them to Mr. ********.

If you have any questions or should need anything further upon review of our response, please do not hesitate to contact me.


***** ****** ***** ***
**** ********** ******

Consumer Response
Second submission:
We, as consumers, are not satisfied with the response from Mr. ****** Vice President of Kentucky National Insurance Company. His response included a chronological order of events that occurred over 2 months after the initial claim was reopened. His did not address our issues.
Initially Mr. ***** came to our home to meet with MR ROOF contractor. We expected him, as Claims Adjuster (at that time) to physically inspect our roof while he was there. He arrived unprepared to get upon the roof with the contractor. He wanted to send an outside company's engineer to do an inspection instead. As consumers, we were unaware of the usual process for roof inspections.
The contracted engineer, Mr. ******* inspected the rood without consulting with the roof contractor. We closed the claim - with no payment made - after Mr. ********* report advised of no hail damage.
In early September, we contacted the professional roofing contractor to get quote for replacing our damaged roof at our own expense. We asked a second roofing contractor or a second quote and he advised us of obvious hail damage and to reopen the original claim with our insurance company. We contacted our broker who spoke with Mr. ****** ***** refused to reopen claim because the ***** engineer's report did not indicated hail damage. Only after filing a complaint did ***** agree to reopen the claim.
After many unsuccessful attempts to contact *****, we finally got an agreement for another inspection by an engineer. He wanted to send same engineer back to meet with roofing contractor, but we requested a different one since the first one had already formed his own opinion.
The second engineer, ***** ****, did meet with our roofing contractor for second inspection, but only had the contractor circle the damage while he took pictures. He never touched or lifted a single shingle, although in his email to ***** he stated there was no damage to the mat. How could this be considered any type of inspection from only taking pictures? We asked for pictures after second "report" was emailed, but we only received them after a month had passed. The second engineer sent email to ***** on same day as meeting with roof contractor (October 24), referencing an earlier conversation the two of them had regarding the outcome of the inspection. He stated, "Per our discussion, this email will be my only written correspondence regarding my observations at the ******** property." He went on to say, "Even so, localized areas of granule loss without mat bruising will not affect the service life or functionality of the shingles, and are not considered to be hail damage." (How did he know there was no mat bruising when he did not look at the mat?) He said he agreed with the first engineer's assessment.
Mr. ****'s comment regarding "per our discussion" and "only written correspondence" imply there had been some collaboration between the him and Mr. *****.
The email sent on October 24 from Mr. **** to Mr. ***** was not forwarded to us until November 6 when ***** *******, Executive Vice President, forwarded it to our email. Customer Service from Kentucky National Insurance during our 2-month-long ordeal was very poor: phone calls not returned in timely fashion, disrespect for us a s consumers/customers. We were stuck in the middle of two conflicting professional opinions. We do not believe we received a fair evaluation of our roof condition by Kentucky National Insurance.
What are the appeal rights for customers in this situation? We believe we are entitled to compensation for the cost we incurred for a new roof because the professional roofers advised us of hail damage and our insurance company refused to pay.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Since KY National's position has not changed, it appears they are unwilling to work with their unhappy customer toward a resolution. The 2 roofers' position did not change either, but we, as consumers, are stuck in the middle.This complaint is not about the money as much as it is about the poor customer service we received. We would like for this complaint to remain as unresolved on the BBB site for other potential customers to review as they consider doing business with this insurance company.

Final Business Response
Kentucky National Insurance has retained the services of two forensic engineers, both of whom would qualify as experts on hail damage, and both of the engineers state that the damage on Mr. ********' roof is not the result of hail, but the result of normal wear and tear. We understand that Mr. ******** is frustrated, but based upon the inspections of these two experts, coverage is not afforded under Mr. ******** policy.

09/11/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Billing and refund issues
Chase sent them our house insurance payment out of our escrow account, they said they never received it. Chase confirmed it was sent and to the correct address also. Chase then sent out a second check to the same address which they received but sent us a late fee. We recently switched our automotive insurance to another company,they have continued to take payments out of my checking although they have stated my automobile policy with them has been canceled. We've been told a refund was sent out but never received one.It's been several weeks now.

Desired Settlement
The money from my canceled automotive policy and the extra payment that was taking out without my authorization

Business Response
Kentucky National Insurance Company's Customer Service Department received a fax on 7/31/13 requesting to cancel the above policy effective 7/3/13. The note with the signed Cancellation Request states that this is the 2nd request. We are unable to locate 1st request from the agent.
The cancellation was processed on 8/1/13 to be effective 7/3/13. The insured ****** ******** is set up on Electronic Funds Transfer and a payment drafted on 7/29/13 for $113.26.
Mr. ******** contacted Customer Service on 8/19/13 to ask why the refund has not been sent to them. The Customer Service Rep stated they would advise the supervisor and ask that the check be processed. The Supervisor received the email from the CSR on 8/19/13 at 3:07 pm and the refund payment was issued, but would not be printed until batch print on 8/20/13,
On 8/20/13 weI received a call from ****** ******** asking where his check was and after reviewing the file we advised him the check would be mailed this date. We confirmed that the address we had on file was the correct address. He requested that we email him to confirm the payment was mailed. The check was mailed and the CSR emailed the insured to confirm that the check was mailed to the address on file. The amount of the refund is $209.78 which includes the amount of the EFT drafted on 7/29/13.
We are unable to confirm receipt of the 1st cancellation request but once customer service received the 2nd request the cancellation was processed the next day. Cancellations are handled as priority processing.
***** ******* Manager, Customer Service
***** ****** Vice President, Claims

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