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Bill Cole Auto Mall

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Customer Complaints Summary

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Billing / Collection Issues0
Problems with Product / Service0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (2)
04/23/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Ad States That You Can purchase A Vehicle For The Same Payment You Are Currently Making ....Call Me XXX-XXX-XXXX....Not Enough Space To explain

Call Me..Not Enough room

Desired Settlement
Receive A Vehicle For A Payment As Described In The ad

Business Response
Both our sales manager and general manager have made contact with the customer and are actively attempting to resolve the situation. We will advise as we progress toward an acceptable outcome for all involved.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have been contacted by two managers from Bill Cole Auto Mall and they have failed to call me back after discussing my complaint with them. I spoke with the last manager on August 14 and was supposed to be recontacted and have not heard from them concerning any resolution. They indicated that they would offer a resolution but have not done so as of yet. Commercials are still airing that indicate you can receive a vehicle for the same payment or less (that you are currently making on a current vehicle loan) on purchasing a vehicle from them. Their last offer was for a vehicle, with mine being traded in, that is over two and a half times the payment I'm currently making. The commercials make no disclaimers whatsoever. As of this date, they have not offered to stand by the advertisement they are running.

09/18/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

When I purchased a car from Bill Cole dealership I was harassed, taken advantage of, and my privacy was invaded.
I went to Bill Cole Auto Mall on October 23, 2012 to test drive a Nissan Sentra because they were the only dealership around that had one on the lot at the time. I met with salesman ***** ***** and did a test drive with him. I had let him know that I had test drove an Altima before and liked it and how it was redesigned like the Sentra had been redesigned for 2013. A Sentra was my first car and at the time I was driving a Nissan Rogue. The Sentra that was on the lot was not the model I wanted nor had the features I wanted. I still test drove it to get a feel for it.
I told ***** where I worked at Directv call center and he mentioned that the sales manager's wife worked at the same place and asked if I knew her. I told him I knew who she was but did not know her personally. While talking with him a truck pulled up with an Altima to be delivered that were the colors I told ***** I wanted for my next car which was back on black.
He took me inside the dealership and said his manager wanted to write up a deal tonight. Right before he got the keys to my Nissan Rogue for the sales manager to look at it for trade in value. At the time unbeknownst to me they were also letting a customer look inside my car.
I told him I wanted to think about it and go to my credit union for financing options. He then said his sales manager wants a deal written up for tonight before I leave. He stated that we will go through Nissan for financing. Then proceeded to stall me to keep me there longer and get my information which I did not feel comfortable giving. He had me sign a lot of papers and unknowingly added an extended warranty to contract that added $2,254.00. He also told me That the sales manager said I could void contract if there would be an increase in my car insurance.
After signing papers I was told the car would be ready tomorrow. As I left I felt pushed into something I did not really want because the Altima did not have the GPS as requested and I was not comfortable with the deal. When I got home I realized one of my keys were gone and that ***** had kept them.
The next morning I called ***** and told him I did not want the Altima because it did not have the GPS, there would be an increase in my insurance and I would rather wait until a Sentra SEL was available. ***** said he would call me back in a few minutes. I told him I was driving on my way to work and did not have a long time.
***** called me back and said my car insurance wasn't a big enough increase and I needed to increase my deductible to $1,000 and I said no, I am not comfortable doing that. ***** said he would call me back again. He called back and said my insurance was not a big enough increase to void out the contract, and his sales manager said to drop off the car at my work and take my Nissan Rogue in a mean aggressive tone.
That scared me so I went into work and told my boss I needed to leave early. I signed up on the list to leave early and thankfully it was slow enough at work that I got to leave early and was not there long. I was so scared when I walked out into the parking lot because I did not know if they had did a car switch while I was inside because I do not have a view of the parking lot. Thankfully my Rogue was there and I went to a location where they would not be able to find me because they had my home address on file too so I could not go home.
About an hour later ***** called me and said "Where are you at? I know you are not at work. " That freaked me out. I called my boss and asked him if he had told the Sales Manager's wife that I had left early. He stated he did not but told me that she is included in the group e-mail that gets sent out that gives a list of people who leave early. Therefore she has access to see my name on the list of people who left early to tell her husband, the sales manager. I was really upset because my privacy was invaded and I was getting harassed. I called my brother in law who called the dealership to tell them to stop and that they need to stop forcing a car on me that I do not want.
Later on that afternoon I get a call from ***** that he found the Sentra I requested with all the features on it and I can come down and sign for it and he was in the process of getting the car there. He stated the Altima paperwork was voided out. He asked me to come down later to give him time to get the car there.
I get there late that evening on October 24, 2012 to the news that the car is not there and will be there the next day. I found my other set of keys on *****'s desk and put it back in my purse. I tell him upfront do not put an extended warranty on the car. When I go to to view the paperwork they said the rebate is gone. Also they lowered my trade in value to $17,800 when they told me originally they would give me $19,500. I pointed that out and in a huff the sales manager came in and changed it. I signed the paperwork and went to get in my car and ***** said no you can't have your car. I asked why and he stayed he had already sold it and the couple was there to pick up the car because they wanted it now and was looking at it last night and already signed the paperwork to purchase it.
He then told me to hurry and clean my car out. I was in shock and I asked what am I supposed to drive until my Sentra comes in. He said his sales manager was giving my a Rogue off the lot to drive. So they pull the Rogue off the lot beside my Rogue to hurry to put my items in it. I was so rushed to clean it out that I know there were still some items of mine left in it. Then they took my Rogue away to the awaiting couple. Then ***** was saying have a nice night and I told him wait this car has no gas in it. He then got huffy and took me to the gas station down the street to fill it. I asked if I was honestly legal to drive the Rogue from the lot with a KY dealer license plate and he said yes. We went back to the dealership and parted ways.
The next day I called him to schedule a time to get the car. He said it was delayed. By that evening he said it won't be there by close of business and will get dropped off that night. I told him I had to work the next day and he said he will drop it off at my workplace even though I stated I wanted to pick it up. I told him it would be hard to drop it off at work because I work in a call center and I can not take personal calls or have my cell phone out. He shot back that the sales manager said that we are allowed to text at my job, which is not true. ***** then stated that he was having someone else to drop car off. He refused to let me make arrangements to pick up the car.
So that day at work I had to get special permission from my boss for time off the phone to do a car switch. I also had to take multiple breaks to text Caleb about my insurance and when is the guy going to be there to drop my car off. I promised my boss I would make car switch as quick as possible because we have to adhere to our schedule with being on the phone which is something the sales manager knows about through his wife. So the car gets there and the guy helps my switch the things out of it into the new Sentra. I did not have time to examine it because I had to be back on the phones.
When I got home I realized it was an SV and not SEL like I had wanted even though it had the features on it. I did not call the dealership because I did not want to get further harassed or talked down to. I also found out the gouged the price of the car. The Nissan Sentra SV with the features on my car goes for $21,030 and Bill Cole sold me the car for $24,220. This is without document fees etc. So not only was I pushed, harassed, and had my privacy invaded; I was also taken advantage of on the price.
I no longer wanted to deal with anyone at that dealership so I waited to get a survey in the mail or online about my experience which has always happened every time I bought a car to report my experience. I waited a while and never got one. So I called Nissan Consumer affairs and filed a complaint.
I talked to a man named ***** who was very nice and gave me a case number of XXXXXXXX and told me a regional manager would follow up with me. The regional manager ******* called me and said she was looking into my case. I told her that since I talked to ***** the mayor moved next door to my home and my mom through him met someone from the post office and told them about me being her daughter and my name. Then I started getting mail from Bill Cole addressed to me but with wrong physical/mailing address. I looked at my paperwork from purchase and my address is correct on it. Another few weeks went by and I never heard back from *******. I called David again and he said he would put in a note to her to call me about the status. ******* did call me and basically said she was not going to do anything and I would have to deal with the dealership. Then I few days later ***** called me asking about my car. I gave him limited information and hung up on him because I had had enough of with them and what I went through.
I got a survey from Nissan about my experience with consumer affairs and gave it a negative rating. I then got a call from ***** with Nissan whose number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. She then said they just sale cars to the dealership and nothing that they will do about my experience even though they represent the Nissan brand and she advised me to file a complaint against the dealership with the BBB.

Desired Settlement
Monetary settlement of $5,000 and punishment of employees.

Business Response
June 21, 2013

BBB of Central & Eastern KY Inc.
1390 Olivia Lane, Suite 100
Lexington, KY 40511

Re: Ms. ******** ****
**** ********** ****
***** ******* ** XXXXX

Dear BBB of Central & Eastern KY;

This letter is in response to your letter dated June 6, 2013 regarding a complaint filed with your office by ******** ****; BBB Case # XXXXXXXX
Let me start by saying that we regret that Ms. **** is not happy with her purchase experience at Bill Cole Nissan. We make every effort to satisfy each customer that we sell, and will certainly do the same regarding the transaction with Ms. ****.

We agree that Ms. **** came into the dealership on, or about, October 23, 2012 and expressed an interest in a new Nissan Sentra. Unfortunately, we did not have one in stock at that time that met Ms. ****' requirements. This is not an unusual occurrence for us; in fact, we locate cars at other dealerships in an effort to satisfy customers' color and equipment preferences quite often. Before actually picking up the car from the other dealer, (because of the cost involved) we always work a deal with the prospective client, and make sure that financing will be available, before actually purchasing the car from the other dealer that the client wants. When we reach agreement on the specific car, and the final figures with the client, it is not uncommon for us to allow the customer to "Demo" one of our cars instead of driving their trade in home while we make arrangements to pick up the car that will ultimately be theirs. This is exactly what we did for Ms. ****.

Because of delays in being able to locate the specific car that Ms. **** wanted, we agreed, as a courtesy, to deliver the car to her at her place of work which is out of the ordinary. At the time of delivery, Ms. **** seemed very happy, and never expressed any dissatisfaction with the Salesperson, the car, or the dealership. In fact, we were unaware that there was a problem until the Salesperson made a follow up call sometime later to see if there were any questions that he could answer for Ms. **** about her new Sentra. At no time since taking delivery has Ms. **** come to the dealership and asked to speak to management regarding her dissatisfaction.

We feel that her statements about being afraid of personnel at the dealership are baseless; if she or any reasonable person were truly afraid, I would have expect them to contact the proper authorities.
I would be happy to meet with Ms. **** to see if we can appease her in any way regarding the car that she purchased, and/or to look at options to help her trade into another vehicle that she may be more satisfied with! The last thing that we want is to have a customer driving around in one of our cars that is dissatisfied.

I would welcome Ms. **** to call me personally at XXX-XXX-XXXX to schedule an appointment for us to meet, review her transaction in detail, and discuss possibilities that will hopefully make her a happy **** **** Nissan customer!!

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

***** *****
Executive General Manager
Cole Automotive Group


Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Dear *** *********
In response to ***** ***** from Bill Cole Auto mall, I am not satisfied with his answer and still going around in circles with things that have already been addressed as a tactic to kill time.
As stated in my previous response I do not want to trade cars out nor give anymore of my finances or business to Bill Cole Auto Mall. Nor do I ever want to drive a vehicle with their business advertised on the plate to put out a false recommendation that it is an honorable place to do business.
In regard to delivering car to my work place as stated before I said I did not want to do that and was told by ***** ***** that they want their demo back ASAP. I offered to take time off from work with PTO to go get the car from dealership and was told no that it will be delivered because they want the demo back and they were unwilling to work with me to make arrangements to pick it up. As stated before the workplace delivery was forced on me and not a special request because I told him I wanted to pick the car up from the dealership.
On the car loan, when I first filed a complaint about the sale I contacted the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and went to Consumer Affairs. The agent I talked to was ***** and who gave me a case number did look over the loan and saw the excessive amount the car was financed for and was in disbelief over the representatives at Bill Cole and was apologetic. As stated before my complaint went very high up within Nissan, that they are the ones who told me to file a complaint with the BBB against Bill Cole Auto Mall.
As far as ***** ***** suggesting I call him personally for a resolution I do not feel comfortable dealing directly with anyone from Bill Cole Auto Mall. I would rather have this matter handled through **** ******** at the BBB to know it will be given proper attention and taken care of in a professional manner. As stated before in my previous complaint the resolution I would like is a monetary settlement of $5,000 or the $3,190 I was bilked out of by the dealership. I would also like disciplinary action to be taken against ***** ***** and the Sales Manager because what they did to get this sale was low, forceful and has forever given a horrible reputation and representation of **** **** Auto Mall. As just stated the settlement I feel most appropriate for what happened is already outlined and there is no other alternative that is acceptable. Under no terms will I trade vehicles with **** ****. I would like to get the monetary and disciplinary settlement above and be done with this matter; it has been dragged out long enough.

******** ****

Final Business Response
July 10, 2013

**** ********* ******** of *********************
BBB of Central & Eastern KY Inc.
1390 Olivia Lane, Suite 100
Lexington, KY 40511

Re: Complaint: ******** ****
**** ********** ******
** ******* **** ******** XXXXX

Mr. *********

I am very sorry that Ms. **** was not satisfied with our previous response to her original complaint. I also did not mean to offend Ms. **** when I categorized her feelings about being afraid as baseless. A better way to have put it would have been to explain that our organization retails approximately 4,500 vehicles per year, and Ms. ****' complaint about feeling afraid is the first that this office has ever received. We would certainly never condone, or allow, any of our employees to use scare tactics to sell a car.

As for delivering the car to her workplace; while that practice is certainly not commonplace for our dealership, it is a service that we offer from time to time. I have not be able to ascertain exactly why we delivered the car to her place of business rather than having her come to the dealership, however had Ms. **** simply said no, we would have been left with no choice but to deliver the car at the dealership.

Regarding the selling price of the vehicle, Ms. **** financed her new car with Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) who had the car financed (Floor Plan) for us prior to the sale. All lending institutions, including NMAC, have lending guidelines that restrict the amount of money that can be borrowed on a new vehicle. In other words, they will not loan more on a vehicle than it is worth. Had we, in fact, sold the vehicle for an excessive amount as Ms. **** is suggesting, NMAC would have refused to over finance the vehicle.

In summary, we feel badly that Ms. **** is unhappy with her decision. I would still welcome the opportunity to meet with her to see if we could trade her into another vehicle that would make her happy. She may call my office at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to schedule a convenient time for us to meet to try to come to a resolution.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

***** *****
Executive General Manager
Cole Automotive Group
P O Box 1810
Bluefield, West Virginia 24701

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