Beware of Spam-Phishing Again

October 03, 2012

The Scam e-mails are Alive and Well !!
and living in your INBOX

No doubt you have been inundated lately with the following e-mails

  • Your Photo
  • Your Flight 11-5034 ARRIVING AIRPORT: SAN-DIEGO AIRPORT, (flight #changes)
  •       cannot charge your credit card
  • Phishing Scam using “Facebook notifications” as the lure
Also the BBB fake complaint e-mails are still going around. Please note that these are not from Knoxville that is your first clue that it is not real. Only this BBB would be contacting you. Not Council or any other BBB. 

We have heard of a consumer who opened one of these and immediately had 10 viruses on her computer.

Council of the BBB is working with a security firm for recommendations options to try and stop these massive Spam / Phishing attacks.

If in doubt please CALL the BBB first!! (865) 692-1616 ext 106 Jeanie Hoskins: