Medical Complaints

May 07, 2010


Contact the Board of Medical Examiners

To contact the Board,call
(615) 532-3202 local or 1-800-778-4123 nationwide
or write
  227 French Landing, Suite 300
  Nashville, TN  37243


When to File a Complaint/What to Expect

The state of Tennessee is graced with some of the finest health care professionals, educational institutions, postgraduate programs and treatment facilities in the United States. The majority of health practitioners in Tennessee are competent and caring individuals and most persons are satisfied with the level of care they receive.

However, when a problem is experienced with a practitioner, you have the right to report him/her. If you believe that a practitioner’s performance or behavior is not acceptable, you may file a complaint through Health Related Boards, Office of Investigations.


Consumers with questions about funeral- or burial-related issues should call 615-741-5062 or visit