Good News From Your BBB

January 07, 2009
With all the negative press lately, are you ready for some good news?  If you have called your BBB or logged on to our web site, you will notice several important changes.

First, companies are no longer called members but are now called “Accredited Businesses”!  This is a much better description of what you actually are.  Accredited businesses have met stringent standards to qualify for this status.  It reassures prospective clients that you are a reputable, trustworthy company with which to do business.

Also, each accredited business will no longer have satisfactory or unsatisfactory ratings.  This type of rating is very ambiguous and many people did not fully understand it.  Now every business will have a rating from “A+” to “F”.  All accredited businesses must maintain at least a “B” rating to remain an accredited business.  This change has been positively received by everyone.  Now just by looking at your rating anyone can automatically see that your business is reputable.

When the economy is shaky, the tendency is to look for ways to cut expenses.  Every business should periodically review all expenses; however, be careful not to go overboard to the detriment of your bottom line.  Remember what has made you successful.  During slow economic times, our workload increases as more and more people use our reports to reassure them that if they do business with your company they are dealing with someone reputable.  People still will buy, but they are more careful with whom they do business.  This is a primary reason you need to let your BBB accreditation work for you.  Proudly display your plaque, use your MIP logo and/or your online logo, if you participate in these programs.  Remember over 70% of Americans prefer to do business with BBB accredited businesses.  If we can be of service to you in any way, please let us know.  Have a great 2009!

    Jerry A. Tipton