Mystery Shopper Scam - - Navistarco Company Inc.

February 15, 2013

Company sends you a check for $1,998.00. (Check is Citibank from New Castle, DE, (fake) invalid routing #). You are to deposit the check in your bank account. Keep $350 for your (job) evaluation and website "assignment" tells you to evaluate Moneygram  stores.  Wiring 2 different people in Madrid money $835 and $742.  When the check you deposited in your account bounces you are responsible for replacing the funds back to the bank. Wiring money is just like sending cash and once it is sent it is all but impossible to retrieve.

The BBB suggest the following tips:

Do not wire money to strangers or to firms that have supposedly hired you. Use entities such as Western Union and MoneyGram only when you know the person who will be receiving your cash very, very well. Remember, that while a charge made against a credit card can be disputed and a check can have a stop-payment order issued against it, once cash is out the door, it is gone forever. Since wiring money is sending cash, treat it that way.

If you have questions about the legitimacy of a job listing, contact your BBB, or the Federal Trade Commission.