Magazine companies cited by the state for numerous violations

June 14, 2012

The Injunction states Mountain Area Communications, American Publishers and Individual Defendants are magazine subscription agents who sell magazine subscriptions to consumers throughout the United States. MAC Defendants have operated at least two telemarketing boiler rooms located variously in Morristown, Rogersville, Russellville and Sneedville, TN, for the purpose of selling expensive, long-term magazine subscriptions to consumers through the use of various deceptive and abusive acts and practices.

The BBB has process over 681 complaints on these companies in the 3 year reporting period dealing with misrepresenting or failing to disclose a cancellation policy, misrepresenting the costs and fees of their magazine subscriptions, deceptive advertising, imposing high, undisclosed cancellation fees, and calling consumers who are on the Do Not Call list even after they have requested in the past to not call them. At this time the courts have appointed a receiver to answer complaints.

The BBB advises extreme caution when agreeing to purchase magazines over the phone. Your conversation is being recorded and your agreement to purchase magazines is as binding as if you had signed a contract. The 3 day cooling off rule does not apply to telephone sales so make sure you understand what your cancellation policy is and just how long you are agreeing to take these subscriptions and the “total price”.

Some companies claim you have won thousands of dollars for an online shopping spree or a $500 gift card, most consumers find that these “gifts” come with strings attached or you receive nothing at all. If you have to buy magazines in order to get something, then you have not won anything! It is a sales pitch to distract you from what they are really selling and how much it’s going to cost you!