Blue Hippo Funding

August 14, 2009

Update: The BBB in Maryland as of April 23, 2009 has processed 3,488 complaints on this company. According to the FTC‘s complaints, BlueHippo Funding LLC and BlueHippo Capital, LLC offered to extend credit to consumers to finance purchases of personal computers and other consumer electronics with down payments of $99 to $124 and a year of weekly or bi-weekly payments ranging from $36 to $88. In nationwide television and radio commercials, and on their Website, the defendants touted the ability of consumers with “less than perfect credit, bad credit, no credit” to finance the purchases of a new computer. Many consumers who ordered products paid hundreds of dollars and received nothing in return. In many instances, the defendants debited consumers accounts without first disclosing that consumers could not get a refund even if they cancelled before delivery of the product, and regardless of the reason for cancellation.

A full report and the FTC action is available at

Posted: June 2007

This company helps finance computers for consumers who have poor or no credit. The company requires customers to establish a record of 6 consistent payments debited directly from their checking account before merchandise is shipped.

Complaints received by Maryland BBB have alleged: 1. The company failed to deliver the merchandise in a timely manner after the required number of payments had been made. 2. Consumers did not receive or sign a contract and were unable to obtain a contract upon request. 3. Requests for refunds were denied when complaints were made that merchandise was not delivered timely. 4. The company made unauthorized withdrawals from consumers' bank accounts and once withdrawals began, consumers had difficulty getting them stopped. 5. Consumers were not clearly made aware of the company's cancellation policy.

Currently, the Maryland BBB has 1409 reportable complaints against Blue Hippo. FortyThree (43) of them are from Tennessee.