Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new and improved website!
April 09, 2014

Since November 2013, The Council of Better Business Bureaus and all BBBs across Canada and the United States have been working to develop new websites under the popular URL bbb.org. Our goal was to create a new website to be fast and effective, with a contemporary look-and-feel. The design uses a uniform layout to reinforce the BBB brand, but allows for extensive localization, giving each BBB homepage its own unique personality.

Search is the prominent feature for our new site. We have developed a powerful new search function, allowing users to easily find business information and other BBB content from anywhere in the system. This includes all BBB Business Reviews, news articles, tips, and other consumer content. In addition, the site uses responsive design where possible, making it more compatible with smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The new, powerful, search function will allow customers and potential customers to find local information first, while simultaneously providing a path to each BBB’s Accredited Businesses Directory. The site helps customers identify scams and find businesses they can trust. We hope this will make consumers less likely to patronize untrustworthy or scam companies and instead support ethical businesses.

BBB’s related websites are also featured to make it easier for users to move around within the system, without leaving the site (e.g., Scam Stopper, Smart Investing, etc.). The consistent domain name construct will boost search engine optimization (SEO) scores and domain authority scores. This will be beneficial for any Accredited Businesses choosing to use the dynamic seal on their own websites.

We are incredibly excited that the BBB’s entire digital presence is now integrated, with social media links easily available on most pages so users can follow and share with a click.