BBB Changes Longstanding Business “Member” Status

July 28, 2013

BBB Remains on the Front Lines for Consumers with New Products,

New Resources and a New Look


KITCHENER, ON – February  29, 2008 – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) announced it has changed the way businesses affiliated with the organization are designated, from “BBB Member” to “BBB Accredited Business.” This change is part of a larger public outreach campaign highlighting the valuable information, resources and services BBB offers the public to help them make informed pre-purchase decisions.


The new “Accredited” designation highlights the fact that businesses affiliated with

BBB contractually agree to meet and uphold BBB’s high standards for integrity and

reliability when dealing with consumers. BBB reviews each potential accredited

business and strictly enforces its standards, rewarding only those meeting and

upholding BBB Standards For Trust.


“Accreditation clearly defines what a business has achieved, stands for and promises

to consumers,” said Ric Borski, President & CEO of BBB Serving Central Ontario. “BBB Accredited Businesses pledge to follow through on their commitments, deliver on their promises and right any wrongs if an honest mistake has been made.”


In a recent survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International

on behalf of BBB, two-thirds of consumers “say they think the term BBB Accredited

Business is a better way to identify a company affiliated with the BBB.” The survey

also showed that seven in 10 consumers (70 percent) “say they would be more likely

to buy from a BBB Accredited Business.”


Other visible changes at BBB include a new logo, a redesigned Web site and a new

tagline: “Start With TrustSM”. This new tagline describes the vision and spirit of BBB

to work with businesses and consumers to create a strong marketplace where buyers

and sellers can trust each other.


“Consumers should always Start With Trust with their BBB for reliable, objective

advice, including which businesses they can trust and which businesses they need to

avoid,” added Borski. “BBB is, and always has been, the standard for trust in

business. We want to make sure the public doesn’t lose out on all the information

and services that are available to them.”


The BBB continues to offer the same services that consumers always have

relied upon for help in every stage of the buying process, including:


• BBB reports on businesses – BBB Reliability Report on businesses help

consumers make informed decisions and find trustworthy businesses with factual and

objective information gathered by BBB.

• BBB tips and alerts – BBB provides pre-purchase advice for consumers on a

wide range of issues, and also posts alerts on the latest consumer scams and

fraud incidences and tips on how to avoid them.

• Complaint and dispute resolution services – Consumers can contact their

BBB to help them resolve disputes with any type of business.