Information About the 1st Annual Anti-Cartel Day

March 24, 2014

Today, March 24th, the Competition Bureau is hosting Canada's 1st Annual Anti-Cartel Day. Anti-Cartel Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the negative consequences that cartels have on everyone, and how cartels can be prevented.


Cartels are illegal agreements or arrangements to engage in one or more anti-competitive activities - such as price-fixing or bid-rigging - which deprive those seeking goods or services from the benefits of competition and the resulting competitive prices.


As part of this initiative, the Competition Bureau wants to help businesses understand how developing a good corporate compliance program can enhance a company's competitiveness. They are reaching out to business organizations to raise awareness on how to recognize and prevent cartel activity and other anti-competitive conduct. Together, the Competition Bureau and BBB hope to provide information about how to establish compliance programs within an organization.


For Anti-cartel Day, the Competition Bureau has prepared some very helpful materials to assist businesses in recognizing and preventing cartel activity, along with some practical tips to help trade associations minimize the risk of breaking the law.


Reference materials are available at the following links: 

  1. Newly published, easy-to-read pamphlets on Bid-rigging, Competitor Collaboration, and Trade Associations

We invite you to look at these materials and to share them accordingly. Let’s work together to ensure a competitive marketplace that is good for business, good for consumers, and good for the economy.


For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Competition Bureau at 1-800-348-5358; or, visit their website at