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05/03/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Ignored concerns re. insurance coverage after a claim was filed for 4 weeks, didn't properly investigate, blamed me for causing more severe damage
A related complaint with BBB member *** ******** in Kingston, ON also is filed. An excerpt:
"This is where my complaint with *** ends. They altered a signed inventory list which negated the existing insurance coverage on a high-value item, then denied us adequate coverage for that item. The drivers were seemingly negligent in not protecting this expensive item for a cross-country move."
This is where my experience continues with Atlas' handling of my claim.
The load arrived Jan 3, 2016.The boxes were delivered without issue. The canopy (from a 2014 **** *****, 9m old, mint condition, $2,500+ value) was wheeled, unprotected, on a dolly through a townhouse complex to my garage. Why wasn't this expensive item wrapped like a piece of furniture? I immediately pointed out damage to the driver's wife. She recorded on the inventory sheet as I did a walk-around inspection. 3 of the 4 corners are chipped, including 1 gouged, there are scuff marks above the front window.
The estimate for repairs from a local body shop is $841.03. I submitted the claim, including photos & estimate, via Atlas' website on Jan 22. The response from CSR ***** ******** on Jan 26 said that it has been settled based on released valuation of 60c/lb/item, meaning $120 for this 200lb item. I immediately said that was not our understanding when we chose our coverage, and asked for her supervisor to follow up. I also contacted *** to clarify the coverage. Eventually **** at *** said to call Atlas' 1800 number on Feb 9. ***** ******** was nonresponsive to 2 emails, where I expressed we were denied add'l coverage & suggested she contact ***. I called Atlas' 1800 number on Feb 9 and was told that she'd reply "shortly" as she was still corresponding with ***. 10 days later I still hadn't heard from her, so I called 1800 again on Feb 19. Her phone manner was very curt, displaying no compassion for my situation; didn't even introduce herself either when she called back after her mtg. She stated she did all she could. I reminded her that I'd asked for her supervisor to follow up. ***** ******** was also in a meeting. On Feb 22, I elevated my complaint in writing to him and **** **** at ***. It was delegated to ******** *********.
********'s response came on March 3. She first said there was pre-existing damage. My response reminded her that no damage was noted at the time of vehicle inspection conducted by an *** employee. She then said "pictures showed a lot more extensive damages then the damage that was noted at the time of delivery". I replied that the drivers didn't conduct an inspection at the time of delivery, so how could they know the damage has since become more extensive. She then said that they couldn't confirm that the more severe damage were not a result of reinstalling the cap on the truck. She made the assumption that I had reinstalled it without attempting to confirm with me. My response included a date-stamped photo (March 6 now) of the canopy still in the garage, just as the movers described how they left it. The only contact it's had was when the professional estimator photographed it. She said that because of the pre-existing damage and more severe damage they will pay $400 settlement for the more minor damage noted at delivery. I asked her how she was qualified to make such an estimate of repairs based on drivers' 2-month old memory who didn't even look at it when it was delivered. Not to mention, there was no pre-existing damage and the canopy hasn't moved. She also said that I waited too long to request add'l coverage. We asked immediately after the signed inventory sheet was altered and emailed to us.
Her final response, Mar 15, retracted and said that I completed the inspection "along with the driver's wife". Originally she said "you completed a thorough inspection of the truck cap and had the driver's wife list the following exceptions" and maintains the damage is more severe.
c/o ***** *******

Desired Settlement
Every step of this horrible move an *** or Atlas employee has passed the blame and deferred responsibility for all the mistakes made: altering a signed inventory document, negating existing full insurance coverage, denying us the coverage needed for a high-value item, not protecting it during a cross-country move, not inspecting damage upon delivery, not responding to emails and concerns for 4 weeks, deferring obvious and photographed moving damage from being caused by them to being the customer's fault. ********'s response never addressed why I was ignored for 4 weeks. Their offer of $400 is unfounded and arbitrary, and we must still pay $53.79 for protection coverage. A cheque for $346.21 was issued on March 16. The canopy is still sitting damaged in the garage since it arrived 3+ months ago.
I am seeking a settlement of $841.03 to repair the damage that was entirely caused while the piece was in the care of ***/Atlas and would have been fully covered in the original insurance policy that we signed and agreed to. It would be yet another slap in the face if they suggest we need to buy another insurance policy. We purchased one for this piece already, they negated it and denied us an alternative.
************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************************************************************************************************************
All documents related to this move are available: contracts, truck inspection, 2 versions of the inventory sheet (one altered by *** without any signatory's notification nor permission), damage notes by the driver's wife, photos by the estimator, email correspondence between *** (regarding adding the canopy and denying further insurance), email correspondence with ***** ********, email complaints and responses from ******** *********.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******** ********* - Mgr
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX x 274
Contact Email: **********
Thank you for forwarding the customers complaint and allowing Atlas to respond.
We have completed a review of the file and we apologize that the response to the customer's claim was not what they had hoped for.
In the initial estimate that was done, the truck with cap was to be shipped via a third party car carrier. It was explained however, that due to height restrictions that the truck cap most likely would have to be removed. Both the customer and the mother were aware that there was a strong possibility that the truck cap would have to go with the household good items. The mother, who contracted and paid for the move, chose to have the shipment travel at the released rate of $0.60 per pound per article. There was no discussion or inquiry by the mother to suggest that they may wish to ship the household goods with the full replacement cost protection if the truck cap was to be added to the shipment.
As a result the truck cap, due to height restrictions, could not fit on the car carrier and had to be removed for shipment with the household goods.
The sales representative was contacted at this time, to request that full replacement coverage be added to their goods. As the customer's mother had originally agreed to the released liability coverage, they advised that they could not make the change.
At the time of delivery, the Van Operator team (husband and wife team) arranged for the truck cap to be delivered to a piece of cardboard in the garage as the truck had not yet been delivered. The wife of the Van Operator team and the customer went over the truck cap very closely and notations were made on the delivery documents which were signed for by the customer.
The claim that was filed with Atlas was originally settled on the maximum carrier liability of $0.60/lb/article which was signed for at the time of loading.
Following the customer's email regarding the settlement issued, the file was reviewed.
We do apologize that the customer was not better communicated with during the review of the file.
While we agree that there were damages noted at the time of delivery, the exceptions noted at the time of delivery and signed for by customer on delivery did not match with the pictures submitted to us. The damages shown in the pictures were a lot more severe.
When we questioned the Van Operator team regarding the shipping of the truck cap, they advised that the truck cap was 100% padded as well as siting on pads on the floor of the truck.
The comments from the delivery crew were that the damages to the truck cap shown in the pictures were not the same damages as on delivery.
While the carrier's maximum liability had been paid based on the signed contract, we agreed to add the cargo protection to their move and agreed to deduct the premium for this protection from the settlement issued to them.
As a result, we agreed to pay 50% of the estimate submitted for the repair of the truck cap less the cargo protection premium.
While Atlas still maintains that the damage presented in the pictures is more severe than the damage recorded at the time of delivery, as a gesture of good faith and in keeping with good customer service, Atlas will be issuing an additional settlement in the amount of $350.92 to cover the cost of the repair of the truck cap. This will bring the total settlement issued on the truck cap to $750.92 which is the cost of repair less the taxes. Without an actual paid receipt showing a service/purchase has been completed, the carrier is unable to reimburse the taxes. Note that Atlas has deducted from this settlement the cargo protection premium.
We sincerely hope that this offer will resolve the matter and is offered in good faith.
******** *********
Customer Service Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Their statement that the damage has become more severe has no basis in fact. The comments from the delivery crew at the time of delivery are alpha-numerics on the side of the inventory sheet and cannot possibly accurately depict the details of the damage. How can they say the piece has more severe damage when they didn't even inspect it with me? The men left the garage immediately after placing the canopy on the cardboard and the woman stood by and made notes as I closely inspected it, pointing out the damaged areas. Since none of the moving crew inspected the piece upon delivery, they have no basis to compare the pictures, not even their 2+ month old memories. The woman did not examine the damage so there is no way of knowing whether her notes depicted the damage accurately.

There was an inspection report done in Kingston of the truck/canopy that indicated absolutely no damage anywhere on the canopy. Damaged corners are highly indicative of moving damage (I have moved nine times in five years; I am an experienced mover). I demonstrated via date-stamped photo that the canopy was exactly where the movers left it (as it weighs 100+ kg, there is no way I am able to move it). How could the damage become more severe if the piece hasn't moved? Mice don't attack fibreglass.

I resent your implication (without any founded basis) that I would deliberately create more damage in order to enhance my claim and, despite photographic evidence to the contrary, choose to rely on the word of a crew who showed no interest in making a close inspection of the item but have a vested interest in minimizing any culpability.

They did not offer 50% of the estimate, another statement without basis in fact (nor mathematical aptitude). How did they reach this figure? Based on what evidence? A professional estimator from a body shop recommended the piece be repainted after fixing the corners and scuffs, damage entirely caused during the move. Partial compensation does not repair the damage.

We chose our coverage before the shipment left origin; that is the coverage we expected and signed and agreed to. They say "as a goodwill gesture" they will compensate for repairs, but they are contractually obligated to cover this piece at the full insurance we paid and signed and agreed to for the shipment of truck+canopy. How is it that you think altering a signed document without the consent of the client means you are not liable for the original signed agreements?

I expect nothing less than the full amount estimated to repair the damages. Goodwill has nothing to do with it. This incident from start to finish has demonstrated a complete disregard for the customer's needs (transferring already contracted coverage from one contract to another) and inflexible procedures oriented to facilitate company logistics at the expense of the customer. Mistakes have been made by AMJ/***** staff at virtually every step of this move. Compensating their mistakes is not an option.

Final Consumer Response
The following response was taken over the telephone by BBB Staff: The consumer misunderstood the response supplied by the business and would like to change her response to resolved.

01/05/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have been trying to resolve things with the company for months. The attached letter is a detailed outline of what occurred during my move. On top of this is the lack of response I have received in regard to these complaints. My first phone call to the company was made on August 2nd, the day after my move into my Winnipeg home. I left a message requesting to be called back as I had an extremely bad experience. This was a Sunday and I had not received a call Monday afternoon so I called again. The gentleman who arranged my move, ****** ***** (****** was no longer available so I was redirected to ***** ******** (********* I was told by him to fill out a claims form within 90 days and the matter would be dealt with. I did as instructed and filled out the forms just prior to the end of the 90 days as I had not had time to do so sooner. At this time I noticed that it said I had 60 days to put in my claim. I was hesitant to continue online as I had to agree to the terms and I was past the 60 days so I called the company. I was assured by the woman I spoke to who answered the phone that it would be fine and also left a message for ***** ******** about the issue and requested he return my phone call as I also wanted to discuss the issues not related to damaged goods seeing that there was nowhere on the form to add this. That phone call was never returned.

I received an automated message from **** ****** after putting in my claim online on October 27th that he would be handling my claim. I forwarded him my original email to ****** ***** so as not to reiterate things. I received no response to this email. 2 weeks later on November 13th I called **** and expressed my frustration as to the lack of response other than an automated message sent, especially since I had sent an email to him immediately following the automatic response. I was given an excuse as to it being so busy, etc. I explained everything that occurred during the move and that this was not only about damaged goods. He asked me to please put it in writing which I did immediately after getting off the phone with him and sent him the letter outlining the issues surrounding the move a few hours later. I asked for confirmation of receipt in the body of my email. I received no confirmation. Not at all surprising at this point as it was on par with the unprofessional service I had already been receiving. The claims adjuster came to my home a few days after I made the phone call.

I received an email from **** ****** yesterday, December 2 to inform me that they would be settling my claim in the amount of $538 which was less than half of the claimed amount. Not a word was mentioned in regard to the email I sent outlining my experience. I responded that this was not acceptable and asked if he had even read my letter. I informed him that I would accept nothing less than the total amount on my claims form with an additional $1000 refunded for the work I had to do moving my own boxes, etc (all of which is outlined in the letter) I assume at this point **** took the time to actually read the letter and told me he could only deal with the claims portion and would meet with his supervisor in the morning regarding the complaint letter. This should have been done 3 weeks ago when the letter was sent, which is why it is obvious that the letter was never read until yesterday. I informed **** that I would be filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the morning.

I find it reprehensible that this is the kind of service I received from a company accredited with the BBB with a top rating. I specifically chose this company because of its accreditation and rating.

At this point I am so upset with not only the lack of professionalism and negligence toward the move itself but in their inaptness in handling my complaint.

**** *******
Atlas Canada
Customer Service
485 North Service Rd. E.
Box 970, Lakeshore West P.O.
Oakville, ON L6K 0C1

***** ********
** ******** Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba *** ***

November, 13, 2015

To **** ******

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today in regard to my claim and complaint with Atlas Canada. I would like to start by saying that I chose your company for my relocation from Toronto to Winnipeg after much research and one of my deciding factors was your accreditation and excellent rating with the better business bureau. I could not be more disappointed with the negligent service I received.
My move was arranged by ****** ***** with AMJ Campbell on May 12, 2015. I had been in touch with ****** a few times prior to the move in regard to picking up boxes and was told that I would receive a confirmation call the Friday before my move as my move was on a Monday. I did not receive a confirmation call. I phoned into AMJ Campbell Saturday morning and left a message for ****** letting him know I had not received confirmation and was feeling anxious about the move. My phone call was not returned. It was not until the day of the move that I heard from anyone with the company and the driver did not call to confirm until an hour before he arrived. When I mentioned to the driver that I was told I would hear from him Friday or at the latest Sunday he informed me that he was not given the assignment till that morning so he could not have called sooner. I mentioned this to AMJ Campbell afterward and was told this was not true. I was so full of anxiety over not hearing from them that I was unable to sleep the night before worrying if there had been some kind of mix up, not the state someone driving to Winnipeg with 2 toddlers wants to be in.
I have since been informed of ******'s medical condition and the treatment he was undergoing at the time which made him unable to return my calls or emails both prior to and after the move when I tried to get on touch with him in regard to my dissatisfaction. While I completely understand and do not fault ****** in the slightest and wish him well, it is still part of my overall negative experience with the company. ******'s voicemails and emails could have been forwarded to someone else within the company or an email could have been sent to let the customers he was dealing with know that he would be unavailable.
If this had been my only negative experience you would not have heard from me at all but it only got worse once I arrived in Winnipeg.
The delivery was arranged for Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 9AM. The driver called to let me know he would be an hour late from our scheduled time that morning with an excuse about having to drop off a smaller load beforehand. This is not a big deal at all but it was pure fabrication as what could possibly be dropped off in that short amount of time when my move was scheduled for 9AM that morning. When they arrived it was pretty obvious that they were late for other reasons. The driver apologized for his looks as he had a busted lip from a fight he got into from his son the night before. He had 3 men with him: one a family friend who told me he was doing the driver a favour last minute as he was short a mover; one who looked to be about 18 years old, clearly not an experienced mover; another who absolutely reeked like alcohol either from that morning or still inebriated from the night before because you don't smell like that unless it's still in your system. Hardly the professional moving team one would expect with a company such as yours and for the money I was paying. The only remotely professional and competent mover was the driver's friend. The other 2 for all I know were just 2 guys he met at the bar the night before; If this is his usual team than that's an even bigger problem.
My boxes were all colour coded and clearly labelled as to where they belong. I had made one switch in rooms informing the movers that anything labelled upstairs office was to go in the main floor room and anything labelled downstairs bedroom was to go in upstairs room and I made sure to redirect them on these boxes throughout the move as it was my own doing and would be easy for them to mix up. All other items were to be put away as labelled. The fellow who reeked of alcohol continuously asked me where I wanted boxes that were clearly labelled BASEMENT and I kept telling him anything marked basement goes in the basement. After the move was done there were a few boxes marked basement and kitchen that were upstairs on the second floor and a few boxes in the basement that were clearly marked office or bedroom; boxes I had to move myself up and down the stairs.
I was very surprized to see that the movers had chosen not to disassemble a few of the items, in particular a stainless shelving system that I had, I even commented on this and mentioned that they are extremely hard to put back together to which the driver agreed. This shelving system is completely broken. The shelves came apart from the black plastic pieces which keep them together. I had to disassemble the entire system with a mallet and piece it back together with duct tape because all but 4 of the black plastic wedge fasteners were broken. This took me about 4 hours and strength I really don't have. It needed to be put together right away because I couldn't continue to unpack without the shelving to hold items. I did not have the time to call around to see where I could get those tabs as the system was purchased at a store on Toronto. This system is not pre-fab like the ones sold at ****-***** and ******** ****. It was purchased at ********* ********* ****** Store, the pieces are all sold separately and it was much more costly.
They also chose not to disassemble my twins' toddler beds and my son's bed was broken. They are small beds and easy to move so understandable that they didn't take them apart, however the movers would have absolutely seen that they broke the bed when they pieced together the slats and put in the mattress but they said nothing. I had to use brackets to keep the bed together; Again time and effort on my part and certainly not the bed in its nice new condition.
The furniture that they had chosen to disassemble also became an issue as the driver did not have any of his tools. He said that he had switched trucks and his tools were in his truck. Luckily I keep my Allen wrenches and with some digging through boxes was able to find the one for my office desk ; my kitchen table was put together with pliers as I couldn't find the wrench for that one. I also had to fish out my electric screw driver and bits so that the movers could take apart the railing in order to get things upstairs. If all this wasn't bad enough as I was organizing my children's things and went to move their toddler table the next morning I realised it had only been put together by hand and was completely loose and unstable; a danger should my children have gone to use it before I had noticed. Absolute negligence to not use tools to tighten the nuts on any piece of furniture let alone one used by small children.
The movers also made a hole in the wall when laying down the box spring in the basement and strategically placed an item right in front so it wouldn't be noticed. It is the purposeful covering up and not owning up to things that is most bothersome because they surely noticed it.
Lastly were the boxes clearly marked fragile that were completely squished, one even completely broken on the side. There was no care taken whatsoever of my fragile boxes, I watched them dump them carelessly, one actually tumbled right out of the young movers hands and onto the floor. It was truly pitiful. I took pictures of the squished boxes that I had taken such care in packing; luckily only 1 not so expensive non sentimental item was broken.
This sums up my experience with Atlas Canada. In all honesty I feel I should be reimbursed my entire fee as this is about so much more than a few broken items; this is about absolute negligence that cost me stress, anxiety, physical exertion and my time. I paid for a service to move my boxes and ended up moving many of my own; I paid for disassembly and assembly of furniture and ended up assembling broken furniture that should have been disassembled prior to moving. As a single mother of 3 year old twins, it was absolute chaos for me dealing with this; I had much more important things I needed to be doing with my time.

***** ********

Desired Settlement
I will not consider this matter resolved until the full amount of my claim is reimbursed to me with an additional $1000 refunded for their overall incompetence.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******** - Director
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *********
Thank you for provided Atlas with the complaint and allowing us to respond.
We have reviewed the damage claim submitted. There are a total of 8 items on this claim regarding damage to the client's possessions or dwelling. Atlas assigned a reputable inspection company in the Winnipeg area to assess all damages being claimed. It was determined through this inspection, that 5 of the line items being claimed could be repaired. The client was presented with the option to have the items repaired, which was declined. The client was then advised that the carrier's maximum liability would be to either have the items repaired or to receive the cost of repairs as final settlement. For the three remaining items, Atlas has either settlement based on the amount claimed, the fair replacement value or requested that the item be replaced and the replacement receipt be submitted for full reimbursement.
It is our opinion that the claim has been processed in good faith and well within the terms of the contract for this relocation.
As for the request for punitive damages, we discussed the services provided with the participating agents. It is agreed that this relocation did not go as it should have and for this reason, Atlas is willing to provide a refund of $500 as full settlement for this portion of the claim and complaint.
A cheque in the amount of $500 will be issued from Atlas within the next 5-7 business days and mailed through ****** **** to the client.
***** ********

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I accept the $500 refund for punitive damages, however there are 2 items that they have given me the replacement cost of that I are below replacement value and I will provide you the link. I received $108 for replacement cost of my ***** ********* vacuum cleaner and its current value is %179.98 http://www.*******.ca/en/ip/*****-*********-lift-away/XXXXXXXXXXXXX I received $150 for my stainless shelving unit but this is not its replacement cost as it is only similar to but not the same as ones sold at ******** **** and **** ***** as it was a customized purchase. I have a attached a link from the Toronto store where it had been purchased. it was actually more expensive than this one shown here but they no longer sell the butcher block shelves that my rack has which are more costly. https://www.******************/control/product/~category_id=030/~product_id=SC010 I was given $150 replacement cost and I should be given $320. In total this is an additional $242 from what I received. I will be satisfied with the additional amount of $242 on top of what I have already received for the claim and the $500 for punitive damages.

Final Business Response
The cheque for $500 was issued and mailed. We will issue another cheque for the amount of $242 to resolve this complaint.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

02/12/2014Problems with Product / Service
11/15/2013Problems with Product / Service
10/08/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Misrepresentation of superior service, lack of communication, unfair settlement and disregard for customers experience.
The Atlas Van Line truck arrived in Fredericton NB on June 24, 2015. The items packed were not being transferred or removed until delivery in Kelowna BC on July 12th. Furniture (bookcase, hutch, computer desk, bike,) was taken apart into several pieces in order to get it onto the truck resulting in parts not being tagged and itemized. End result was several missing pieces not being delivered. Because furniture was not reassembled at delivery, the hutch top slid off the bottom and fell over into the wall creating 2 large holes to be patched, sanded and painted. Right support side of desk is missing so not stable and unusable. Folding clothes rack, childs gate, box of dry goods, large indoor/outdoor carpet did not arrive. 18 boxes were not tagged - they fell off! It was a guessing game to correspond detail of a box with listed item as BOX. Several items were damaged, one being a large corner of wooden queen headboard broken off, upright storage bin cracked and busted, wooden Xmas tree lights broken off, several scratches on wooden items. The driver acknowledged the damage to the headboard and upright storage box and advised to submit a claim, a rep would come by to take the headboard away and repair. I emailed my dissatisfaction to customer service on July 31st. Then I submitted a claim same day and received a standard reply on Aug. 14th advising I would receive a cheque for $141.00 in 7-10 business days. No compensation was made for missing clothes rack, childs gate, missing box, computer desk. The cheque arrived late August but hasn't been cashed. Several visits to the local Atlas agent were sympathetic but could only check status. Two telephone messages were left on Aug. 14 and 17th with customer service rep looking after the claim. No response. Another visit to local agent and I was given the person in charge. Another email on Aug. 19th to him. No response from any of the calls or emails. I am very unhappy with their version of exceptional customer service. That was the reason I chose Atlas as they appeared to be the better of the large movers. Their customer service is appalling. I don't feel compensation of $141.00 is adequate. The contract I signed in Fredericton NB clearly states that items disassembled will be reassembled at delivery. Atlas did not fulfill their contract obligation. If items had been reassembled at delivery the missing computer desk support side would have been noted and hopefully found and the hutch would not have fallen into the dining room wall and caused damage. The headboard damage was noted at delivery and advised it would be repaired which hasn't happened. Extreme stress was added to my move and time and energy has been spent in trying to communicate with this company. At the very least I would like a professional furniture repair company to remove my wooden headboard and repair it to original condition at no cost and I would like compensation to replace my computer desk. That is the least they can do to compensate.

Desired Settlement
Repair of wooden headboard and replacement cost for computer desk

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ********
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *********
Thank you for forwarding the customers complaint and allowing Atlas to respond.
We have completed a review of the file. We understand that the customer's interpretation is crucial to any potential service that is being received. Clearly our van operator did not complete the relocation in a way that left the customer with a good impression.
As for compensation through the claims process, they customer has been paid the maximum liability as per the signed contract. The customer signed and acknowledged that they did not want the replace cost protection coverage, but rather choose to have the shipment travel at the released rate of $0.60 per pound per article. All moving has inherent risk of damage that occurs under normal circumstances.
We do value our client and want to make this right. Although we will not agree to assign a repair company as requested, we will provide the customer with the value claimed for both the headboard ($100) and the desk ($100) for a settlement of $200. This is in addition to the settlement they have already received.
We sincerely hope that this offer will resolve the matter and is offered in good faith.
***** ********
Director - Customer Service

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I sincerely appreciate finally receiving communication from an Atlas representative. While he acknowledges the van operator did not fulfill his obligations, the fact of the matter is that the computer desk/hutch would not have to be replaced if it was assembled at delivery and the desk support side located at that time. I realize that I did not purchase replacement coverage but, once again, it would not have to be replaced if it had been assembled at delivery. Compensation of $100 for the desk is not adequate and does not allow me to purchase a replacement. In fact, I am not certain the headboard can be repaired at the compensation offered. However, I am willing to accept $300. in addition to the earlier payment to resolve this matter. I am not trying to be greedy but feel this will allow me to at least purchase an equivalent computer desk and repair other damage.
Thank you. ***** *******

Final Consumer Response
On Sept. 21st I received a response from Atlas and BBB forwarded my subsequent response on Sept. 25th where I did not accept their further payment of $200. They indicated $100 was for my wooden etched headboard and $100 for the computer desk. However, I did advise that I was willing to accept $300. to resolve the issue. That would allow me to replace my computer desk with an equivalent product. BBB advised the customer had until Oct. 8th to respond. Today I received a cheque for $200 allowing me $100 for the computer desk and $100 for the headboard. Once again they have shown their communication and listening skills are lacking. I am not happy with their response and after checking out computer desk prices, I cannot replace my desk for $100. Therefore, I am asking for the additional $100. I felt would allow me to close this file.

Final Business Response
The consumer did not purchase coverage for the relocation. The maximum liability of the carrier has been paid based on the contract. In addition to the maximum liability, we have paid the full amounts the consumer requested on the statement of claim submitted to our company. Now that we have paid the maximum liability and in addition the full amount claimed for the items, the consumer is still requesting additional compensation. While we appreciate the BBB's involvement, please look at the facts that have been presented and that we have provided in good faith fair compensation. We have not only met the terms of the contract, but have exceeded these terms based on what should have been paid. There will be no further compensation issued and we are closing our file. We expect that this file be noted as completed and that we attempted to resolve this matter in good standings.

03/24/2014Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Damage and bad practices on delivery
Fit movement from Fredreicto, NB to Kitchener, ON, was agreed on January 29, 2014 with the company Atlas Canada, once agreed motion were collected items fit in mention, all in perfect condition. The movement was received in Kitchener On the 11th of February 2014 in the afternoon, after receiving the movement is that the TV 46 "and Headboard child are broken due to mishandling, to which the annotation is in paragraph 12 of the "Additional Services Performed" on blade inventory tag # 398 and 403. refer to these items are received in poor condition (broken).
I proceed to contact the company Atlas Canada to report the damage to these items by adding photos.
I receive a notice via e-mail where they told me these elements were already in poor condition. I reject that assertion.

Desired Settlement
As a user I'm seeking the true and the replacement of my items,

Business Response
We confirm that **** ***** file a claim for two items that he deemed as damaged during the relocation.

Tag 398 - Head Board. At the time of loading our van operator listed the headboard description as headboard with multiple chips, scratches and rubs prior to loading. Based on the documents and the review with the van operator it was determined that the damage to the headboard was preexisting and not caused by the relocation. The claim was declined.

Tag 401 - TV. This item was packed in a ****** TV carton and was not packed by the carrier. It is stated on the bill of lading that the carrier is not liable for any loss or damage for fragile items that is not packed or unpacked by the carrier. As the TV was packaged/prepared for shipping by the customer, we should have declined the claim. Instead we offered to provide a settlement based on the customers selected coverage.

Selected coverage - Customer did not pay to have replacement cost protection and instead opted for the free option of $0.60 per pound per article. The TV has a weight of 85lbs which resulted in a settlement of $51.00.

Atlas is sorry that the customer is not pleased with the settlement, but we have already acted in good faith and provided a goodwill settlement for the TV. No further action will be taken at this time.

05/30/2016Problems with Product / Service
04/26/2016Delivery Issues

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