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07/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My tablet went in for repair under warranty and was swapped for a BROKEN refurbished eBook reader or lesser value.
Hipstreet Customer Support Log

My tablet froze while writing an email. I contacted support via online chat and we attempted a repair. When that failed, they called voice to attempt a few more difficult things. All failed. They requested a copy of my reciept to verify warranty and was given Case #: XXXXX and RMA #: **** and told to mail the defective unit for diagnosis. Diagnosis revealed that it was unrepairable and they mailed me a "new unit". The unit I recieved was not "new at all". It was a used, refurbished, previous model with a physically defective screen, buttons that boardered on failure and a different operating system. IT WAS NOT THE TABLET I SENT IN!!!

I reported these problems and was instructed to mail the unit back for diagnostics. They recieved the unit and report the unit is in working order.

I was informed at that time that the unit I had was discontinued, this is the unit they are replacing it with. They did not notify me of the "replacement to a lesser device".

I have requested a refund if the unit cannot be repaired or replaced with the same make, model and operating system. I was denied this option entirly!

Please contact...
Peter Cameron
RMA and Customer Service Manager
560 Denison Street, Unit 5
Markham, Ontario, L3R 2M8

Desired Settlement
If the unit has been discontinued and they cannot provide me a new replacement under what I understand to be a standard canadian agreement then I herby request that full monarary refund of the device and all expences as a result of its lack of repair or proper replacement.

Cost of the original tablet $155.90
Cost of initial repair shipping $30.79
Cost of returning defective ereader $22.13
Total sought for Refund: $208.82

Business Response
The customer had contacted us June 25, 2015 with an issue with his product and after we were unable to troubleshot the problem over the phone our next step was to confirm proof of purchase to provide an RMA, which was purchased March 10 2014 (03/10/14 confirmed with store #**** date code) from ******** and was technically out of warranty as we only provide a standard one year warranty, but we sometimes go outside of the warranty to help our customers and I had approved in this case to allow a repair or replacement.
We received the device July 2 which was confirmed to be a ***** * rev 1 (9DTB7) OS 4.2 and deemed defective and we replaced with a ***** * rev 2 (9DTB7A) OS 4.4 which was an upgrade in firmware and hardware and based on the condition of the device received in we replaced with an equivalent condition model if not better condition model for a customer who had had his device for over a year.
We were contacted again that the device was received but had a list of issues and was not happy with the replacement, so we requested that the customer return the device and we would evaluate the concerns. Once back on site we checked the device per issues the customer was having and per standard spec test and tested customer issues found no issues with the device. We informed the customer that no issues were found and that the problem he had with a function required a different step to complete and that we would be returning the same tablet.
We have provided the customer with a fully functioning newer version replacement of their original product and cannot offer a refund as their device was out of warranty (purchased March 10, 2014) and also discontinued. If the customer does have an issue with the replacement product we have approved a standard 90 day warranty that we will support the customer.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The first thing I did when the tablet crashed was to go to ********* to see about replacement. When I showed them the receipt, they confirmed for me OVER THE COUNTER that the device was purchased OCTOBER 3rd, 2014 and is beyond their typical 7 day exchange policy if you don't buy the extended insurance.

After reviewing countless webpages, I have learned (though not absolutely) that the ****** is an European/Oriental version of the hardware. It was made that way to prevent international knockoffs from entering the Americas and vs versa. The replacement unit is one of those illegal knockoffs!!!

The device they sent me was not of like condition, not at all. My tablet had been pampered it existence and even had a non static mat and private charging table. The replacement screen was scratched, defective display, resistive touch, buttons soft and about to fail, and USA/China software. Basically, someone did a VERY BAD job refurbishing a USED AND DEFECTIVE unit and is now trying to dump the unit on me. I wont have this error.

I returned the defective substandard off-continent replacement with a list of problems. In their infinite wisdom, they deem that these defects do not exist and have again sent me the same defective tablet back (it has not been received) regardless of my exclamations otherwise.

I HAVE AN EMAIL FROM THE REPRESENTATIVE DETAILING... When I first attempted to report the replacements issues, I was initially told that it was in part due to the distance between us and that shipping it may have caused damage.

All evasion to the responsibility even then.

It is my believe that they are doing this in order to alleviate themselves of the obligation of warentee and are attempting to dump their issue onto the post office as a damaged claim instead.


Final Consumer Response
This company has finally elected to ship me a Grade #1 unit to replace my warrentee device. It has cause much greif and expence to have this completed with such difficulty that the matter should have been resolved this way in the first place.

Though I concider the matter complete and final now, I should like this complaint to remain on file as a record of these difficulties.

11/19/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

The tablet will not get past the start screen. Prior to this it constantly froze and problems with volume button.
I purchased a Hipstreet Flare2 at ******* in Edmundston, New Brunswick on December 20th 2013. I had multiple problems with it but the day came when it no longer started. Tablet froze at the start screen. That was over 2 months ago. Called customer service. I explained the problem. I submitted a form RMA with a copy of the receipt as per their request. I had to pay out of pocket the return of the tablet. The tablet itself was in mint condition. I contacted the company a week after they received the tablet to find out if they were able to fix the problem with the tablet or if they would have to replace it. To my horror I was informed that the tablet screen was cracked and that the warranty didn't cover this. I mailed a tablet that was not cracked to them. I was informed it would cost me $65 to repair the screen and I would have to pay shipping costs. I wasn't happy with the news. I paid $88 for the tablet on sale. Today I was told they would reduce the price to $45. I will not pay to repair a screen that was like new. I want the tablet fixed or repaired at no cost to me. I e-mailed them today and asked to fix the unit and keep the supposidely cracked screen and to return it at their expense. This way it should be covered by the warranty.

Desired Settlement
I would like a replacement tablet including shipping at their expense or a refund. If they return the tablet with a now cracked screen (according to them)I want the unit to at least be fixed so I can log on/get past the start screen. What good will it do to return a tablet that doesn't work. I purchased the original Hipstreet Flare and had problems with that unit also but never persued it. I figured they had made improvements with the Hipstreet Flare2. They added a rear camera, it had ****** **** ... Turns on the second version has major flaws also. I realize the tablet isn't expensive and that you get what you pay for but to deny the warranty for something that I'm not responsible for blows me away. I wrapped the tablet in the bubble paper and white spongy material that came with the tablet when it was purchased.After that I wrapped it several times in paper to provide more cushioning. I was told I didn't have to send the accessories since they were working fine. I'm unemployed so I tried to keep the shipping costs down.

Business Response
Here at Hipstreet we are always striving to bring great products to market, and when we are contacted by our customers with regards to an issue they are having with our product we take the appropriate action to resolve that issue. When we were contacted by ****, we first tried to trouble shoot the issue over the phone, and when that didn't resolve the problem we then provided her with an RMA number and per industry standards she covers the cost to ship to us and we will cover the cost to return her device and clear instructions to safely package the device to avoid any damages that could occur in shipping as we will reject the shipment and return it to the customer. When we received her RMA and the device with now broken screen, we took pictures showing what we received and informed her that we can either return her device as it was damaged in shipping or charger her to replace the screen and then proceed to repair the under warranty issue she had and returned her device for. After a few messages were exchange between **** and our team, I felt it was important for me to get involve and help to resolve this issue.
Before we knew that this complaint was filed, we had already agreed to replace ****'s device and she was satisfied with the fact that a Canadian company like Hipstreet will step up and help to make things better when things out of our control go wrong.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

06/24/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues
06/11/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues
12/08/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Hipstreet tablet was sent for warranty repair, but sent back with a cross-screen crack. And they refused to compensate.
I bought this Hipstreet W8Pro tablet on 2014-12-26 (boxing day) at ******* in Vanvouer. It was on promotion for $167.10 (tax included). My wife and I were told all sold out but I found one in the cabinet. We bought it since it worked fine, though there was an about 1cm small line/crack on the screen which not affect viewing.

In August, this tablet lost touch screen function. Anything else worked fine. I can use external keyboard to replace the touch function. I contacted their customer service by phone and online chating. A man step-by-step instructed me to reboot the tablet with external keyboard but remained same. Later they issued RMA# to me to mail it over. I sent over many pics I took showing all around this tablet, especially the small line as I'd like to make sure it would be warranty repaired before spending postage fee to mail over. The service man was polite but insisted me to mailed over for them to check if it was qualified for warranty repair. I mailed out on Sep. 3 via Canada Post expedited service with tracking# XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

In about a week they told me it was not qualified for warranty repair due to the crack and shipped it back to me. On September 17, I received My tablet but with a cross-screen crack. I contacted them again regarding this crack. After a few days communication, the service man asked me to contact their service manager, *****, directly to solve this issue. I emailed the story and photos to ***** on Sept. 21. Then we had communicaiton until mid of Octomber.

***** refused to make any compensation.

His argue is the warranty was waived as the tablet has crack on it, no matter how many cracks, small or cross-screen.

My argue is,
1. So far no one is sure the original 1cm crack is the root cause for the loss of touch screen function.
2. When I lost touch screen function, I could still use external keyboard even with that small line/crack on it. But now I lost all with this cross-screen crack.
3. Their responsbility for negaligence to make this cross-screen crack should not be waived due to they waiving the product warranty.

Desired Settlement
At the beginning with the cross-screen crack, I only asked for the compensation for the difference. But now I have spent so much time and energy, and this case has affected my life a lot. I am asking for a full refund or replacement, and shipping fee I paid.

Business Response
With regards to Mr. *** device, when he contacted us and informed us of the issues he was having with his device we performed an over the phone troubleshooting to better diagnose the issues. It was clearly explained to him that the small crack in the screen was the reason why his touch screen was not working and that based on a next step onsite evaluation we would determine if the crack would be covered under warranty and if not he was looking at a billable charge of $79. When we received and inspected the tablet it was noted that there was a crack across the screen and not a small crack initially stated, so we contacted Mr. *** to let him know that we had received his device and we could either return as is (crack screen) because physical damage of that extent is not covered under warranty or we could repair for the quoted price, as we would not be able to test any of the other features on the tablet with a broken screen. He requested that we return the device as is and we confirmed and provided a tracking number.
We have tried to explain to Mr. *** that warranty coverage of repairing or replacing his device at no additional charge can only be provided if it was a manufactures defect and physical damage is not covered under any warranty based on what we had received which had physical damage and could have been made worst by not packing the tablet safely when shipping. We clearly state the following to our customers to insure we avoid issues like this. KOBIAN CANADA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMS/BROKERAGE FEES.
Please pack the product carefully and preferably in original box to avoid damage during shipment or RMA will be REJECTED and SHIPPED BACK without repair.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1. Pics taken and provided to them before sending and after receiving clearly show the tablet was seriously damaged. They clearly knew how small the crack was when sending over.

2. Tech support over the phone just guided me to do the windows restart, nothing else. They never checked any hardware defects and other software issues except the small crack I provided to them. The process was short as the external keyboard shared the only USB port with power supply. Anyway this tablet had worked fine with this small crack for 8 months before this case. They were even not sure if this small crack was serious enough to waive the warranty. How can they declare now this small crack is the root cause now!

3. ***** tried to dump the damage to ****** **** and asked me to claim with them before. But when I asked if they notified ****** **** regarding the damage to the device/packaging when receiving, they just neglected my question. And they never mentioned to me the packaging was not properly packaged. And I received the return with the packaging in good condition. I am a logistics professional and I know it's not that easy to cause this cross-screen damage. And I don't think ****** **** would bear the responsibility without seeing any evidence, like prompt notification or pics, etc.

4. Again, their responsibility for this cross-screen crack has nothing to do with the product warranty.

Business Response
We fully understand Mr. *** frustration with the lost of investment in his product and needing to find blame for the accidental damage and we have taking every step to assist him. We have clearly explained that his small crack that he was fully aware of overtime and usage, had spread internally into the LCD (touch panel) and no longer responded to touch. The only option is to replace the LCD and we had quoted that as an option, but would look to see if the original crack was considered a warranty option and as we had received a more seriously damaged device, we informed him that it was a billable. If the tablet was packed better, it might not have cracked any further, as the same issue can happen to a car window with a chip in the glass and overtime will spread if not taken care of.
So to answer the questions.
1) The only reason a touch screen stops working is if there is a deep info break in the glass. We have not tested to see how deep a creak or break has to be before lost of functionality.
2) If the tablet was better packaged it would have been inspected, but because the request was to return we are not sure if there was any other internal damaged caused by bad packaging.
We did take the steps to properly take pictures and repack.
3)We clearly state to customers to package their devices carefully to avoid any additional damage.

Our offer to repair the tablet at the quoted price is still available. we will not replace or compensate for matters that were not the result of Hipstreet.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1. Hipstreet never said this small crack was sure the reason. They just guided me through the window reboot, then found out it was difficult to use the external keyboard to figure out the software issue, so they asked me to mail over. They told me usually 80% of the chance to cause touch issue was the software. They also told me I have to pay for the postage to mail over. To avoid spending postage without warranty repair, I asked them many times that if this crack caused the touch issue, would my tablet under warranty repair. I also took many pics of the face/back/sides of my tablet to show them that there's no scratch at all except this small crack. They didn't answer me directly. They just said they needed to test the tablet physically to figure out the issue. Now, after over a month's argument and after brought to BBB, they suddenly realized the small crack is the root cause????

On the other hand,
how they knew how deep the small crack is without inspection?
Are they sure the circuits/board issue won't cause touch function issue?
Are they sure now software issue won't cause touch function issue?

2/3. They never complaint my packaging. Even never mentioned. I have all the conversation records with them. Even their service manager ***** never said my packaging was bad in all his emails sending to me. He just repeated, besides asking me to claim with Canada Post (I explained in my previous responose), that cracks were not qualified for warranty repair, no difference to small/big crack, which meaned I would receive the same results even if they didn't break the tablet as a small crack was already there. Actually they received, opened and passed ** their repair tech. How I knew? Because the service tech called me and told me the repair tech said it was not qualified warranty as a larger crack there. And this service tech also told me he usuall showed returns to 2 different repair technicians if not qualified for warranty repair. Unfortunately the service tech never mentioned any packaging issue. Then I mentioned to him if package/packaging was damaged by ****** ****. I said if yes they provided me evidence so I could claim with Canada Post. He told me no. Now, after over a month's argument and after brought to BBB, they suddenly realized the packaging was poor?????

Personally I liked their service at the beginning. That person was nice but now I am totally disappointed. Now I'd like to provide more details here
1. At the beginning, the service tech might believe the cost to fix the issue was miminum, and therefore tried to show their warm service and careness to consumers, therefore asked me to mail over. The trick is they asked me to pay for the mailing fee and made me be the person to be responsible for the transportation.

2. They received the package from ****** ****, opened it and passed the tablet to technician. Since they didn't see any problems with the package, they didn't have the driver sign anything and didn't contact Canada Post after the driver leaving, and didn't call/email me to complaint the packaging before/after the inspection of the tablet.

3. Somehow they broke the tablet. They might find the cost to fix the issue soaring, then their warm service and care disappeared. A service tech call me and said the repair tech checked and needed $79 to repair my tablet. At this stage, he didn't tell me there was a cross-screen crack. he just said physical damage. I argued with him that my tablet only had a small crack, not big, and the conversation before mailing appeared to me it would be under warranty repair even not strictly qualified for warranty repair. Then the service tech told me the tablet in his hands and he saw a big dent/crack. He said he would usually have the returns checked by 2 different tech if the 1st tech said not qualify for warranty repair. Then he sent to another tech and back to me with the same result. He gave me 2 optons, pay $79 or they would return the tablet to me. They didn't tell me cross-screen crack. So I thought the small crack looked small to me but much larger to them. Since the repair fee was half of the retail price and I could still use external keyboard, I elected return back to me.

4. I received my tablet and found the cross-screen crack. I called them and argued with them through the phone and online chat. They never complained packaging. After a few days they passed me to their manager, *****. Then I have lots of email back and forth with *****. Up to the last email ***** sent to me, he never complaint packaging. He insisted me to pay $79.

5. Since their manager didn't care, I brought this case to BBB. Now they started to say the packaging XXXX because they used up all usable excuses but this one. Unfortunately this is not as well.

My logic is simple:

Package delivered to HIpstreet? Yes
Hipstreet accepted the package? Yes
So the liability of maintaining the tablet safely has transferred from ****** **** to Hipstreet? Yes
The tablet was reported broken under Hipstreet's possession? Yes
The broken caused damage or further damages? Yes
Who's responsible for the repair? Hipstreet!

Touch function workable? No
All other function excep touch function workable? Yes
Possible software issues fully tested? No, noly windows OS.
Possible hardware issues fully tested? Not at all.
So root cause found or confirmed? No
So qualify for warranty repair? Not sure as most of the test missing.
Warranty repair should be waived without tests? No!

A small crack on the screen? Yes
How long has the small crack been there? 8 months, since bought it.
The table worked perfect with the small crack? Yes
The small crack is now deep enough to break the touch function? Not tested yet.
Other hardware issues, like circuits/board, have been tested and excluded? No.
Software issues fully tested? No.
So the small crack is the root cause for sure? No.
If the small crack is not the main cause or has nothing to do with touch function loss, the warranty repair should be waived? No!

Final Business Response
Hipstreet has always been a strong believer in Customer Care and had provided Mr. *** with a fair solution to his problem, which was to replace his non-functioning screen for $79. Per the comments and notes regarding this case, we do not want to get into a blame game with the customer or the courier, but the fact stands that he had purchased a device over 8 months ago with a known crack in the screen which over time had worsen to the point that it no longer functioned and shipping an already damaged screen has one of two out comes, it will either be fine or get worst like driving a car with a chip in your window. We received an item that requires us to notify the customer and he choice to have it returned to him, as we cannot work on physically damaged products per policy and safety.
We can look at each point and respond, but we are more interested in having the customer getting his device up and running again.

**** *****
Escalations Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The fact is Hipstreet sent me back a totally broken device. I have nothing to do with this damage and I never expected this damage, but was required to bear the loss of the device.

Final Consumer Response
Before sending my tablet in, I sent all the pics to your service tech and emphasized several time that I would not have it repaired if it was not under warranty repair, which meant I wouldn't even mail my tablet to your service department and was ready to live with external keyboard. Unfortunately your service tech didn't say that, instead he urged me mail my tablet over for repair. Your service tech is professional and he looked at the original small crack but still not sure. I believe you are not sure as well, are you? If yes, I doubt the purpose your service tech asking me to mail over. Just to make me some trouble by wasting me $15 shipping fee?

Actually there are 2 difference cases here. One is touch function loss and needed repair. The other is the tablet was broken to death. You may refuse the 1st case for any reason. But you can't neglect the 2nd case.

My tablet did have a small crack but it didn't affect the display as it was on the upper right corner. From my conversation with your service tech (I have a copy from your online chatting system), you can clearly understand my hesitation to mail over. If your service tech told me, after viewing the pics and hearing my description of the situation, that I had to pay for the repair anyway, I would not mail my tablet over and therefore I at least have a tablet to do my banking, though with an external keyboard. I bought this windows tablet mainly for banking purpose as I didn't want to use my desktop/laptop for security reason. But now what should I use for banking? I lost my tablet due to your service department's negligence.

I don't know why Hipstreet didn't care its service quality and customer's feeling at all. Not say the root cause for the touch function has not been identified. At least, Hipstreet is accountable for the death if not for the touch function loss.
Please think it over from my view and give me a reasonable explanation.
My want is reasonable: replacement or refund. I may accept 2nd hand replacement or half price plus paid shipping fee if you believe your policy is "warranty waived for any physical damage, no matter it's related or not related to the issue".

05/04/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We sent our Hipstreet tablet for repair in early January, Our case number is ****....My son ***** contacted the company in feb and was told the product had been shipped jan 29th and signed for jan 30 but to Mississauga, Hipstreet tells me they are in markham, we live in welland Ontario and hipstreet has the correct address for our home in welland so Im confused how they shipped the tablet to mississaugua. Hipstreet number...X-XXX-XXX-XXXX

I stepped in and called today (April 20) to receive the same information from Hipstreet, although we have been without our tablet, Hipstreet has our proper address and shipped the tablet to Mississauga. They asked me to contact Canada post, I told them this was there issue. They proceeded to check the website of Canada post and found the information from Feb., that the tablet was delivered to Mississauga not welland. This info is more than two months old and they have done nothing to solve the issue or get us a tablet that we have paid for.

I asked to speak to a supervisor(*****) and asked if she indeed worked for Hipstreet, she confirmed she did. Since, they have been unable to solve the shipping issue in two months and I am uncomfortable with the condition of a tablet that has been shipped and kicked around "wherever", or who knows where. I requested to solve the issue in short order that Hipstreet replace the item and send it directly to the correct welland address.

She responded very vaguely, and would not guarantee when I would be contacted or what may happen. I think, and stated that a complaint of this nature should be handled promptly and expected to be contacted well before days end she gave no guarantees. I have zero confidence that Hipstreet will do anything in this situation. I fear this company is a scam and has at this point in fact stolen my money. Not to mention has wasted a significant amount of my time, my sons time and caused significant frustration.

Desired Settlement
I requested to solve the issue in short order that Hipstreet replace the item and send it directly to the correct welland address.

Business Response
First of all let me start off by apologizing for the disappointment and frustration that you have experienced with our product and the process in resolving your issue. We have since processed a replacement and it will be shipping to the correct address as per our earlier phone conversation. Sorry for the delay as we have been investigating our shipping system to insure that we had not made any other error in shipping and waiting on the status of a claim with the courier. We hope that you enjoy the replacement and thank you for your business.

04/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased the ******* tablet (Model # ************) at ******* on 12/17/13. As per included documentation, the device is covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. On approx 02/28/14, the device experienced a continuous boot-loop issue - it would freeze on the loading screen when turned on. On 03/07/14 I contacted Hipstreet's Tech Support line. After 2 unsuccessful attempts to resolve, Tech Support emailed a warranty form for completion and instructed me to return it with a copy of the original sale receipt; upon receipt, Hipstreet would issue a return authorization number (RMA), without which it could not be returned for service. These were emailed to Tech Support on 03/11.On 03/18, having recd no response, I called Tech Support again and was advised my email had been recd. I was told my request would be expedited to the appropriate dept, and that I would have a response within 48 hrs.Several calls to Tech Support between 03/18 and 03/25 to inquire re: the status of my request, were not answered. On 03/25, having not recd a response, I emailed Tech Support and advised if I didnt receive an RMA by end of day, I would escalate to the BBB and media. I recd a response advising my completed form and receipt had been rec'd, and that I should continue to wait for the RMA #. After complaining on Hipstreet's ******** and ******* pages, Hipstreet contacted me on ******** to confirm the device is still under warranty, and advised that my request would be expedited. I have since heard nothing. I called Tech Support again on 03/27, and was informed my request had been expedited to the dept responsible. I was also advised of a backlog in obtaining RMA #s, but that my case has been given priority. However, no ETA for an RMA # can be provided.
Product_Or_Service: 9" Hipstreet ******* Dual Core 8GB Tablet

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that Hipstreet honour the warranty included with the tablet and either service or replace the defective unit.

Business Response
Replacement device shipped out to the customer April 1st.

04/14/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Kobian (Hipstreet) has not fixed my Broken tablet.
I have tried to contact them several time during last two week but no response. They have my claim details and necessary information but failed to issue RMA.

Desired Settlement
My broken Tablet should immediately be replaced.

Business Response
Contacted Mr. **** this morning to confirm details of the case. We will be sending Mr. **** a brand new unit and will include an accessory at no charge. Mr. **** was satisfied with this resolution.

05/21/2015Problems with Product / Service

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