BBB Warns About Local Business, Rocky Oak Services

April 15, 2014


The BBB is warning consumers about a business that operates out of Kansas City. Rocky Oak Services is a recently incorporated business operating at 2 E. Gregory, registered to Richard F. Moseley. The company’s occupational license lists them as a “Telemarketing bureaus and other contact centers. The company has ignored the BBB’s request for more information.

Mr. Moseley is known to the BBB for several payday loan companies also operating from 2 E. Gregory that have violated multiple state consumer protection laws. Companies registered to or operated by Moseley include:

SSM Group

FSR Services

CLS Services

CMG Group

DJR Group

FSM Processing (FSM Group)

PDC Ventures

SJ Partners

OSL Marketing (OSL Group)

SSM Group and its DBAs solicit banking information from consumers who apply for small loans online. According to complainants, they were not told that they had been approved for a loan and money suddenly appeared in their accounts. In some cases, consumers did not notice the small loan deposit and only noticed once the loan company began debiting from their account.

SSM continues to debit money from the account until it runs out of funds. They also refuse to validate debts, collect on bad debts, operate in several states without proper licensing and illegally threatens consumers with arrest warrants.

According to one complainant:

“I am receiving calls at work stating that I took out a payday loan in 2011, which I never did. The person said that they represent SSM and I could either settle this on the phone or they would issue a warrant for my arrest. When I told them that I would need all documents from 2011 showing that I owe this company money certified mail they told me that they could not do that.”

Richard Moseley has run afoul of multiple state lending regulators. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Banking, sued him under the names OSL Marketing, CMG Group, DJR Group and himself individually. He was issued a cease and desist order by the state of California while using the name FSM Group. The state of Maine issued a cease and desist order against his business BMG Group.

The BBB advises consumers never to give out personal information to unknown sources. Use reputable loan companies and check with the BBB before doing business.