New Timeshare Scam Claims to Be in KC

August 28, 2013

A timeshare resale scam is claiming to be in Kansas City. Prestige Vacation Services has been calling the owners of Mexican timeshares and claiming that they have a buyer lined up if the potential victim is willing to sell. They claim that the Realtor is a licensed local real estate agent, but the agent is a victim of limited identity theft and has no knowledge of the scam.

Prestige tells victims that major businesses like Wal Mart and Target are acquiring foreign timeshares to use as tax write-offs and are willing to pay a considerable sum for the property. However, they will not divulge the identity of the buyer.

After the potential victim agrees to sell their property, they are asked to forward around $4,000 to a closing/escrow company in New Orleans called Provident Financial International, which, in reality, is the same group of scammers. The names of both companies are generic and common enough so that it is difficult to find information on the businesses. After the money is forwarded, the group ceases contact.

They make contact with consumers with the following information. If you are contacted by companies who uses the following contact information, you may wish to cease contact and notify your state attorney general's office.

Prestige Vacation Services

1200 Main St. Kansas City, MO



Provident Financial International

769 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130