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Oskaloosa Small Animal Veterinary Clinic PC

Phone: (641) 676-7387

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04/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Would like a refund for the poor service that was done to my cat.
I picked up my cat ******** on 3/19/15. When I picked him up my bill was $100 more than I was quoted on the phone and $50 more than it was going to be when I dropped him off. The way the bill was explained to me was if I declined all of the extra tests then the total should have been about $150. They said it was more because they added the antibiotic and pain medication to the bill. I was told on the phone that it was included in the $153 amount which was the basic amount before all the extra tests. That is why I took him there because it was about $30 cheaper than a vet 20 more miles away. They said I could not get the medication and it would be cheaper after I was told it was included. I was not going to leave my cat in pain. That wouldn't be right so I just agreed to pay it. I left the clinic with my cat in the kennel and my 3 kids. I put everyone in the car and left the cat in the carrier. He had a floppy cone around his head to keep him from getting to his feet. I got a block away on the road and my daughter starts screaming that he is bleeding everywhere and his cone was off. I called the vet to see if I should bring him back in or if it was normal. I took him back in. They took him to the back and reglued his paws.They said they could keep him another night if I wanted but I live 45 min away and had to go out of town the next day. They said it was fine to take him home. We did the same thing, got in the car, left cat in carrier and this time we made it about 2 blocks and the cat was bleeding everywhere and he also sprayed all over in the kennel. Cat spray stinks terrible and is very hard to get out of things. I let him out at that point, and pulled over to dump the kennel out. I didn't want him to be left inside and get his paws infected. So now my car reeks like cat spray and I can't get the smell out. I called them back and they said I could bring him back again but I decided to take him to my regular vet for a different opinion. When I got to my normal vet they wrapped him up overnight and wanted to see how it looked in the morning. They said he marked because of the pain he was in. In the morning they had to sedate him again because he was in a lot of pain and remove extra skin that they missed from the declaw and reglue it. They also gave him a different collar. He stayed an additional day. He was picked up from them on 3/21/15. The declaw was not preformed correctly and that is why he kept bleeding and was in pain. My husband tried to call and ask for a refund but was quickly cut off and interrupted by the lady on the other end. He never got to ask for a refund because they were so nasty to him on the phone. We decided to go to Oskaloosa because we had good luck with laser declawing in the past and our regular vet did not off it. I wish I would have gone to the place that was $30 more. I feel bad that Teriyaki had to go through so much pain and suffering. I have had 4 other cats in the past declawed with a laser and none of them had any bleeding or pain with the procedure. I feel that the service was not .preformed correctly and would like a refund for all of the procedure. It cost me $103 to have my regular vet fix their mistake and a lot of traveling for us since our regular vet is also in another town. I would like a refund in the full amount of $247.42. That would cover the money I had to shell out with my other vet to fix their mistake. I paid with a debit card ending in ***** The invoice number from oskaloosa is XXXXX. I have receipts from both vets stating what I was charged for.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a refund in the full amount of $247.42 for the service that was not preformed correctly and had to be fixed by another vet and for making my cat have so much unnecessary pain. And also since I had to pay another vet $103 to fix their mistake and all the traveling that occurred as a result of their poor service.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** *******
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *********
We Discharged ******** to owner this afternoon. Discussed that because ******** was an adult cat when declawed, his incisions are larger than a kitten's would be and that he may be more sensitive after the surgery. Recommended that owner keep him confined to a small room, preferably away from her young children, so he could rest and stay quiet for several days. He should not be allowed to jump, chew on his feet, participate in rough play or other activities that may lead to his declaw incisions opening up. He should not be bathed or allowed to swim, play in water bowls, etc for at least 14 days. It is ok to give him normal amounts of food and water. He has 2 medications to go home-clavamox drops and buprenorphine. The clavamox is an antibiotic to help prevent infection. The buprenorphine is in individual syringes with a cap and he should get a dose every 12 hours for pain. Recommended that owner not use regular litter for at least 7-10 days so that it wouldn't get stuck in the incisions. Finally, I was sending home a soft recovery collar for ******** to wear because he was observed chewing at his declaw incisions. Sent copy of instructions for post-op care and recommended that owner review them at home again, in case she missed something while her children were talking over us in the exam room. Placed ******** in his carrier with his e.collar on. While ******** was in the hospital and at the time of discharge, the incisions were closed with no discharge or blood from the incisions and he was resting comfortably. Receptionist received a phone call a few minutes after discharge because the owner's kids had taken the e collar off from ********* and he had broken open his incisions. When they arrived, we took cat back to the treatment area to examine the paws. There were two digits that had broken open and were bloody, one digit on each foot. The carrier had blood on the bottom and on the door. Used surgical adhesive to re-close the incisions. Recommended having ******** stay in hospital until it was convenient for the owner to come back to get him and perform additional laser therapy session(s) at no charge to the client, to help him rest and heal faster. Owner declined. Owner said she lived in Grinnell and it was not convenient for her to come back and get him. Put the e collar back on ********* Cleaned the carrier out before I put him back into it. Advised owner that ******** has been doing well with his e Collar in hospital and has been resting comfortably with it on. Advised owner that cats usually do better with this type of e-collar, but that there are other types that she can try. Owner asked Owner asked whether it would be better to let the cat out of the carrier on the way home if he was trying to get out. I told her I would not because the cat could jump around in the car and break open his incisions or could be a distraction while she was driving.
Dr. **** ******* DVM

When ******** picked up ******** today, she was concerned about the price. She stated she was told that the price would be $141.00. I explained that no one in the clinic gives a solid price, that we have a range for prices. I also explained that when signing the estimate I went over all costs and what could range. Such as the recovery collar, medications to go home and optional bloodwork. ******** stated that she was unhappy and wanted to know why the neuter was so much. I showed her that the neuter price did not change, it was the medication range that was in the high end that was on the estimate. Dr. *** ******** offered to take off the medications that were on their invoice and ******** stated that she wanted to leave them on. ******** also asked if an E collar was neccessary for ********* I explained that ******** had seemed to want to play with the incision and that it was recommended. ******** stated that she would leave the E collar on the invoice. ******* ********* Receptionist

******** left the clinic with ********* called back five minutes later and stated " My kids took off the collar and ******** is now bleeding". I recommended that she come back in so that we could take a look at it.
******** came to the office and Dr. ******* examined the patient.
I also offered for ******** to stay in the hospital at no charge so that he could rest and heal. ******** declined.

After seeing Dr. ******** ******** left the clinic with *********

******** then called back again several minutes later to state that ******** had "Urinated in the Kennel and was bleeding all over". I recommended ******** to come back to the clinic to check the incisions and for Teriyaki to stay in the hospital for observation at no charge. ******** declined and stated that she would just go to the vet in her town since it would be less of a drive. ******** stated that she had to go to Ankeny tomorrow and that she did not want to drive back to Oskaloosa. Offered to keep ******** in the clinic until it was convenient for her to come back at no charge. Owner declined.

**** called and stated he was unhappy with the pricing. I explained that I went over the estimate with ******** and she had to sign the estimate before continuing with care. He stated that his other clinic did not make his other cats bleed and pee in their kennel. I then transferred the call to ********************** ********

I, ****** picked up the phone and said hello sounds like you have some concerns, lets talk about them. He asked me why he was "quoted" a solid $141 and he paid double for the procedure? Asked why is he paying that much money for a low quality clinic? He also asked why in the past when he has had cats declawed that they have never had to have antibiotics or pain medications nor did they pull out their incisions?
I proceeded to tell him that they way we do things here is to give a high and a low price for the estimates so we dont run into these problems. I asked him if he personally was given the quote. He said no. I then asked him if he was the one who dropped of the cat in the AM for surgery, he said no. I let him know that at time of drop off we go over the estimate with whom ever drops off at that time and a signature of those concent forms is stating that the owner understands the estimate and consent and we can proceed accordingly. **** responded stating again that he was told $141 even and we must have someone new working here that doesnt know what they are doing. I let him know that we do not have anyone new on staff and we are all very well trained to go over costs of items/surgeries with clients.
I moved on to the next complaint. He asked why he was paying that much money for a low quality clinic, I let **** know that we are an AAHA accredited practice since 2012, and the only practice in the surrounding area with such high credentials and assured him that we do everything here at top shelf and go above and beyond to make sure the health, safety, and comfort of all the animals are met to the highest standard. **** then responded asking if that was the case why in the past when he has had other cats declawed that they didnt have to go home with an e collar, antibiotics, pain medications, or pulled their incisions out. I told him that you cannot compare one cat to another, they are each their own, one cat is not going to act or react to the same procedure the same. We sent home the e collar due to the fact that Teriyaki was very interested in his incisions and was pulling at them, so we told ******** not to remove the e collar untill all was healed up. He then asked "why if you are such a high quality clinic that they cat had to come back cause it was bleeding all over?" I told him because when the kids got into the car they took the e collar off to play with the cat and ******** pulled at his incisions. I went on to the antibiotics, I let him know that since ******** is an older cat and weighs more than a kitten, we send home antibiotics as a preventative measure and the pain meds were to alleviate the pressure and pain in the paws. Explained that since the older cats are heavier, all the weight is bearing down onto the paws and if by some chance an infection were to become present that it poses a high risk of going into the bone and if that is left untreated, it could lead to amputation. I also let him know again that Dr. ******** offered to remove the medications off the invoice, and he interrupted with "NO YOU DIDNT OFFER THAT". I assured him again that we did but ******** stated to leave them on. At this point he was getting very upset and said that I was bullshitting him and that they were quoted a solid $141. I again said sir that is not how we do things here, he responded "Listen here you dumb ***** you are not listening to me, you are not listening to me (SCREAMING in to the phone)" I let him know that if he wanted to speak any further about the situation that he could come to the office and hung ********* ***** Office Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After we picked up ******** and was given the instructions I loaded him up still in the carrier and my 3 kids. 1 Autistic boy age 7, a 6 year old girl, and a 5 year old boy. After I got them all buckled up I put ******** in the seat next to my daughter and drove down to the stop light. I then had to call about his bleeding. When I called about him bleeding I said "My daughter said he got the collar off and now he is bleeding everywhere". I never said the kids took it off to play with him. My husband was told on the phone that I took it off my self. When would I have had time to do that or the kids and get him into the carrier before I came back? I was barely gone. Just down to the stop light. He is harder than heck to get in there in the first place. So I don't think I need to be blamed for something we didn't do. It says on the receipt from the other vet that they had to remove extra skin from another declaw at another clinic. That is why he wouldn't quit bleeding. The second time I called I got to the stop light and turned left and was not even out of town before it happened again. And I asked if I should let him out then because I was afraid of letting him sit in his pee that his paws would get infected.
The price I was quoted on the phone was $153.45. I asked if that included medication and was told yes. When I arrived the paper I signed added $42 for the medication and I declined the other testing. I went ahead and said ok because I was already there. I think that was my sign I should leave but I didn't see it. When I paid for him they also added the collar for $11.15. The only reason he was trying to bite his paws was because they hurt so much. I have never had a cat need the collar after a declaw. After the other vet fixed him he did not try to get after the paws and only wore the collar 1 day. I paid for the collar because they said he needed it. Yes she offered to take the meds off but why would I let my cat be in pain and they recommended the antibiotics so I figured I better get them too. I felt backed into a corner. They declawed my cat and I was told that included meds, I couldn't just let my cat be in pain because I wouldn't pay for them. I took him to my regular vet after the bleeding because I didn't trust the Oskaloosa vet after it happened 2 times. I am glad I did because they took really good care of him and they took wanted to get him out of pain. I declined letting him stay in Oskaloosa because I asked if it was really necessary and the Dr. said no as long as he doesn't get at his paws and was in a quiet room. I said that was fine. I was going out of town the next day and I already lived 45 minutes away. Yes my husband called and was upset but he got even more upset when he kept being interrupted and not allowed to share his frustrations and did say an inappropriate word then hung up. I have included the receipts from both clinics and you can see that they had to sedate Teriyaki and remove extra skin from a declaw at another clinic. He wouldn't have had the bleeding and pain problems if it was done correctly the first time.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did sign a paper that I declined all the extra testing that could have made my bill over $400. It estimated around $150 not $247. My husband and I do not have a pattern for not paying for services. If you look up our name on we have a bankruptcy on our mortgage and refinance company from quite a few years ago, some speeding tickets and a utility bill. None of those are services from a business. It looks like you have a few cases as well. ***********************************************************
A lot of people have some things on their credit. We have never filed any chargebacks with anyone or BBB complaints before. We did not fail to follow any instructions that we were given. The cat was not let out of the kennel until he peed in it. He was bleeding before then. I was told my cat was ready for pickup. My kids have nothing to do with his bleeding. I drove 45 minutes to pick him up because I was told he was ready. I was given verbal and written instructions on how to care for him and did nothing wrong to cause his bleeding. He could have stayed in a separate room to heal since my kids are "chaotic" as you say. You said that would be fine after I brought him back the first time. However I am just asking for my money back since the service was not preformed correctly. I have a receipt from another vet that says they had to remove extra skin from a declaw at another vet. That proves that it was not done right. It is why he kept bleeding. It has nothing to do with healing time. We didn't even get far enough to let him heal at home. The service was not done properly and I am unhappy. I would just like a refund but it seems like you are just going to fight it. Now you have brought in my personal life with my kids being "chaotic". One of them is autistic and cant control his body actions or behavior. And plus they are kids. They are wound up. They did not even touch the cat except to pet him through the carrier. And you have brought in my credit history. A lot of people have unpaid bills. All of those cases have been resolved. This all has nothing to do with your bad service on my pet. I will make sure that all of my friends, facebook friends, and co workers and any strangers know about what you did to my cat and how you refused to solve the problem. Also I will make sure I leave reviews for your business any where I can. I just asked for my money back for a bad service that I had to have fixed else where. I will share this case on my facebook page. I am asking that you refund me my money and quit attacking my personal life.

Final Business Response
Feel free to contact our attorney ****** **** at XXX-XXX-XXXX, if any further action, retorted from this matter can go through his office. The clinic does not have time nor the patience to be involved in these type of scenarios. We are insured for malpractice and if the client feels that way, then we should test the circumstances in the court room. We are a very highly awarded, certified, accredited veterinary clinic. The trivial nature of this does not fit into our schedule. Thanks for the inquiry, our internal checks and balances have established no wrong doing on the part of the clinic.

Dr. *** ******** DVM

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