BBB Warning about: "IRS" Calls

August 15, 2014

Better Business Bureau Serving Central Indiana recently received several calls stating that the “IRS” called them leaving a voicemail and threatening legal action if they don’t respond immediately. This is NOT the IRS. If the IRS contacts you, it will be through mail, not through phone calls, according to the IRS website.

Schemers are posing as IRS officials and making calls threatening legal action and loss of property. The phone callers are saying it’s urgent and must respond immediately or else there will be consequences.

BBB offers these tips if you receive one of these calls:

  • Hang up the phone – Don’t give out any personal information to these callers.
  • Protect Your Personal Information - Never give out personal or financial information such as Social Security number, financial information or any passwords.
  • Remember that the IRS Contacts via U.S. Mail
  • Look out for Spoofing – Part of schemers’ sophisticated tactics includes “spoofing” which happens when the caller masks their own number and causes the number of a well-known service, like the IRS, to appear on caller ID.
  • Contact the FTC – File complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Once on this site, select Other and then Imposter Scams. When you come to the notes section, please include IRS Telephone Scam.
  • On the IRS website, they state that you should hang up and not press any buttons when you receive one of these calls.

If you have a question about a company or want to find an Accredited Business you can trust, visit BBB’s website at: or call 866-463-9222.