Scheme Targeting Job Seekers Claims Indiana Address

June 11, 2014

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For Immediate Release: June 11, 2014

ALERT: Scheme Targeting Job Seekers Claims Indiana Address

Indianapolis, Ind. – A company claiming to be located in Greenfield, Indiana gives its potential victims a fictitious address that leads to an empty field and empty promises. The Job Search Scheme targets individuals seeking jobs who have posted their resumes online and then asks for money to be wired to “vendors” for the purchase of work materials.

Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana became aware of the possible Job Search Scheme on June 4, when an individual called to inquire about an alleged company that claimed to be based at 422 Apple Street, Greenfield, Indiana. Investigators at Better Business Bureau immediately went to work and learned that 422 Apple Street does not exist.

“Job Search Schemes target people who need jobs and often include offers to work from home,” said Tim Maniscalo, President of Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana.

In this case, the individual had posted her resume on an online job site, where she believes the alleged company found her contact information. After two online interviews, they offered her a job that promised to pay $28.40/hour. An offer was emailed to her with the Greenfield address listed on the letterhead. (See offer attached.)

Within a few days of accepting the offer via email, the woman was surprised to receive a check delivered via Fed Ex in the amount of $2,800. The company instructed her to deposit that into her account and that it would be used to purchase work materials. She successfully deposited the check on a Saturday. On the following Monday, she was asked to wire the money to a “vendor” for the materials. That is when she became suspicious and called the Better Business Bureau.

“Overall, banks do an excellent job at detecting fraud. However, it is possible for fraudulent checks to be deposited initially without incident. It can take a few days before the bank learns the check is not good,” said Mr. Maniscalo. “Had our team not worked as swiftly as they did to help, this woman could have lost $2,800. Helping this woman and others like her, while protecting businesses that are legitimate, is exactly why our team members do what they do and come to work every day.”

Investigators from Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana said the people behind this scheme used the name Sage Healthcare Group. A company by the same name is located in the United Kingdom. Better Business Bureau is in the process of contacting the Indiana Attorney General’s office as well as the UK-based Sage Healthcare Group to alert them to the situation.

“This situation is an example of what our team does best. If you have a question about a business you want to work with or work for, give us a call or go to our website, and we will do everything we can to help answer your questions and give you guidance,” said Mr. Mansicalo.

As of June 10, 2014, an additional 10 inquiries have been made to the Better Business Bureau regarding the alleged company.

When applying for jobs online, Better Business Bureau recommends being cautious and offers these tips:

• Once you find out about a job opening, check the website of the actual company to verify the job posting is listed and check a business review with Better Business Bureau.
• Don’t give out your personal information before you are hired such as your Social Security and bank account number.

• If you are asked to deposit a check and wire money, be cautious because once you wire the money it is gone and if a bad check is deposited the consumer will have to pay additional charges.

• If you deposit a check from a scheme similar to this notify your bank immediately.
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